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Emilio Auguinaldo

No description

robert stanton

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Emilio Auguinaldo

EMILIO AUGINALDO (1869) (1964) First youngest Presidant This is where Emilio was born Emilio Aguinldo was the youngest ever to become presidant This is where
Mr. Auginaldo was born Filipino Food Shortage Filipino was led to
food shortage for the filipino
Philippine American
War Philippine Revolution The Philipine Revoltion
started in August 1896-1898
by the spanish
The Philippine war is known for the Philippine
war of Independence in 1899- 1903
Philippine Revolution Then in 1868 war broke
out in Spain and United States and
the Philippines won and recieved encouraged Crops Crops such as sugar at the
expense of basic foods crops Mr. Auginaldo was the leader of the Filipino Natioalists Making a promise The United States promise the Philippine
people that they will built building in needs Life and Death Mr.Auginaldo died of Feburay 6 1964
he died at age of 94 Mr. Auginaldo on a
five dollar peso Emilio was put on a five dollar
bill for his great work that he
U.S. Territorail Period At 93 year old Presidant
Diosdado change the date
of Independance from July 4 to July 12 1896
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