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Benefits of Being in a Combined Class

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Melissa Saint-Hilaire

on 6 June 2015

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Transcript of Benefits of Being in a Combined Class

Our Teachers
Mrs.Lopez and Ms.Joe-Anne have made an impact in our lives in many ways. For example, both teachers taught us right from wrong and how to show respect and discipline, not only towards them, but towards everyone we meet.
Knowledge Growth
As a class, we've achieve many goals, such as,
Model Class for Accelerated Reader 2014
Master Class for Accelerated Reader 2014
Honor Class for Accelerated Reader 2015 (100%)
Individually, we've achieve many goals, such as,
AR Breakfast
Million Word Shirts
Point Club
High Star Reading Levels
High Star Math Levels
Spiritual Growth
We've grown as a class spiritual and physically because of Mrs.Lopez strong faith and belief in God. Without Mrs. Lopez we wouldn't know the values of having Jesus in our lives and the miracles he can do. She also taught us ways to get closer to God through a retreat every Friday.
Tatyana Baptise 2011-2015
Delicia Brini 2013-2015
Keona Cherry 2011-2015
Carolane Content 2011-2015
Angelica DeJesus 2012-2015
Shenard Lafrance 2011-2015
Christel Latortue 2011-2015
Aubinson Lexine 2011-2015
Pedgyna Paul 2011-2015
Yvens Piard 2011-2015
Daffmarlie Pierre 2011-2015
Melissa Saint-Hilaire 2011-2015
Yazmin Watson 2011-2015
Shamar Wylie 2011-2015
Our experience in a combined class has been amazing throughout our 4 years. We've earned somethings that we couldn't have learned without you.
You've been important people in our lives. Once again, this journey has been amazing but, sadly this is our last year with you guys. Both of you have helped us so much in all of our achievements that there is no way we could say thank you for all you'd done.
We You!
We made it!
Benefits of Being in a Combined Class
Made by your kids since 2011-2015
Each year, each of us have shown progress and work in our Star Reading and Star Math Assessments. One of the benefits of being in an combined class is that you can learn things grades ahead of you and get a preview of what is in the next grade.
Mrs.Lopez & Ms.Joe-Anne
You guys are the best teachers ever throughout these four years. We are sad that we are leaving, but it's for the best!
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