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Red-shouldered Hawk- Food Chain

BY: sydney

Sydney Soberal

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Red-shouldered Hawk- Food Chain

Producer Grasshopper:
Primary Consumer Snake:
Secondary Consumer Hawk:
Consumer Fungi:
Decomposer Water Sun Food Chain By: Sydney Ngo
Room: 103 This is a Red-shouldered Hawk. Hawks are carnivores and they have sharp vision and very good hearing . The Red-shouldered Hawk usually sits on a perch and once they see it's prey they swoop down on the prey. They feed on Reptiles (especially small snakes), some slightly larger mammals(ex. rabbits), amphibians, moles, mice etc. Some other types of hawks are extinct(ex. but the Red-shouldered Hawk is not, but if they were extincted the population of the Reptiles, slightly larger mammals and amphibians will grow larger and larger. Resources:

https://www.google.ca/ Thank you for watching!!
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