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Fact Family Fun

A math lesson all about basic math facts

Torrie Atkins

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Fact Family Fun

Fact Family Fun + Addition, Subtraction,Missing Addends & Subtrahends - - Plus

The sign used when
adding numbers together Addition sign Minus

The sign used when subtracting
(or taking away)
numbers Subtraction sign - Equals

The sign used to show that the equation
or number sentence is the same on
both sides of the equal sign. Equal sign = An equation is a
mathematical statement
that shows that two expressions
are of the same value. Equation The sum is the total amount
resulting when two
or more numbers
or quantities are added together;
the answer to an
addition problem Sum The difference is the amount
by which one quantity is
greater or smaller than another;
the answer to a subtraction problem Difference An addend is a number
that is to be added
to another number Addend A subtrahend is a number
that is to be deducted,
or subtracted, or taken away,
from another number. Subtrahend A missing addend is the part of an addition sentence that is missing; one must use the sum and the given addend to find the missing addend.
2+ ___ = 5

3 is the missing addend.
You must subtract 2 from 5
to find the difference of 3. Missing addend + + + + + + 2+3=5 6+4=10 8+5=13

5+3=8 7+1=8

8+3=11 9+3=12 1+1=2 Addition 5-3=2 10-6=4 13-8=5

8-5=3 8-7=1

11-8=3 12-9=3 2-1=1 Subtraction Activity #1 Activity #2 Activity #3 Activity #4 Activity #5 More about Fact Families...
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