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Grow Your Roots

No description

Christina Embree

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Grow Your Roots

So, how do we make it grow?
What strategies of communication can we use in our home to encourage healthy, strong, deep roots of faith?
Deep Roots, Healthy Tree
How we interact with our kids at home will determing how far they will grow in their faith (Deut 6:4-8)
Strong Roots, Lasting Legacy
Our communication with our kids must be Real, Relevant, and Regular (1)
Deep Roots, Deeper Faith
Our stories, personal, ancestral, and biblical, coupled with faith in action will "write" God's Word on their hearts (2)
The Story: Give and Take
The Story
The metanarrative of Scripture, God's great rescue plan, is a continuing in our lives.
When we connect our kids to God in the everyday, we build faith that lasts (4)
Each member has a voice
Active Listening: Listening your child's unique voice with intentionality
Active listening is not just hearing, it's "being fully present"
Active listening says "YOU are an important piece to our plot."

Validation: Letting your child know they have been heard
Validation is not agreement, it's acknowledgement
Validation says "YOU are a part of the story!"
The Story: Receiving
Participating in God's Kingdom
Faith Talks - Intentional thematic conversations using Scripture as your guide

God Moments - Providential daily-life moments where biblical principals come to life

Celebrations - Pauses in time to share joy over spirit growth in a family member's life
The Story: Identity
Who Are We? Forming a "Corporate Identity"
In the business world, this personifies a company

For a family, this explains to us and others who we "are"

When asked to describe their family's faith, youth did not say what the family
; they described what the family
. James 2 (5)
Grow Your Roots

Faith Formation at Home
Ultimately our faith will grow because the Father is on our side. He is
us, He is
our kids, and He is
to save to the uttermost.
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