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Favela Gangs of Rio De Janiero

Introspective Look at the Favela Gangs of Rio de Janiero

Greg Gullion

on 5 April 2018

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Transcript of Favela Gangs of Rio De Janiero

Hello Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro Facts:
* Population 6.3 million (Favelas not counted)

* 50 million citizens live below the poverty line ($5.50 day for family of 4).(Ins of Geo and Stats, 2017)

* Deep Inequality!
* 6 billionaires = 100 million lower pop.

* Vast Drug Epidemic! Crack!!!

* Danger in various forms.
-Gangs, Homicide, Water, Disasters
One of the highest crime rates in Latin America

* Home to over 300 Favela (ShantyTown) Gangs

* Statelets (Little Police Presence)

* Murder rate in comparative perspective (2010)

Brazil = 26.9/100,000

United States = 5.5/100,000

* Overcrowding and dire prison conditions

* Prison population (360,000) (4th in world)

* Brazil comes in 2nd in highest gun-related deaths

* 96% of crime is unsolved . Why?

*Typical Crime Targets: Tourists (Hello 2016 Olympics)
Perspective: How bad is Crime in Brazil (Urban Centers)?
Daily Life in the Favelas?
Gang Recruitment:

* Target young children- 8 yrs old to teens* Why? Get out of jail sooner because minor

* Three main jobs
Look-outs Dealers Soldiers
Rocinha is the biggest favela in Rio De Janeiro
135 gangs
The Daily Life.
Watch out for Danger and Caged Animals.
Death rates in Rocinha are 3 times higher than rest of Rio.
High Rates of Drug Addiction!
Ranked #9 in the World
#1 Crack- 2012 (Broke Rank)
#2 Cocaine
#3 Marijuana
Infant Mortality Rate (2010)
21.17 per 1,000
Rank 81 in the world!

* Murder rate in comparative perspective (2010)
Brazil = 26.9/100,000 (Non-developed)
United States = 5.5/100,000 (Developed)
* Terrible prison conditions. (Overcrowding)
* Prison population (360,000) 4th in world
* Brazil comes in 4th place for country with highest gun-related deaths
#1 Country??? Be Careful! :)
#1 City??? :)
*The Poor are forgotten.
-No way to make ends meet or move up.
-Deep Inequality

* Poverty
Water Insecurity
Food Insecurity

* Social deprivation
75% have no access to gov. services
55% have no library access
62% have no access to school -
8% illiteracy rate

*Hence, a rather intelligent pop with no opportunities. Crime and Vice
Socioeconomic Causes of Crime in Rio
* Gangs Function like "statelets" in Brazil

* No Fear! They own the neighborhoods

*Citizens typically stay quite and do not trust politicians, police nor the military.
Gang Recruitment :
Target young children- 8 yrs old to teens
Get out of jail sooner because minor

Three main jobs:
Five Major Gangs in Rio

Red Command CV
Pure Third Command

Amigos dos Amigos
First Capital Command
Capixaba Mafia
"God Heals, Frees and Saves"
Favela Gangs Fighting for the People?
No Robin Hoods!
Have you been there?
*Lost Bullets (balas perdidas)
Culture of Fear is Strong, hence Culture of Violence
*Perception of favelas as war zones!
* Insecurity and Uncertainty Pervading!
Pacification Programs
Commando Vermelho
Massive Police Incursions since 2012
"The residents who are just trying to live a normal life."

Victims of the "
3 Front War
Home of CV
6000+ Teens Involved in gangs
80% dead before age 21 (Rio Stats, '12)
406 Murdered in August 2017 alone in Rio.
*Brazil has the top 22 cities out of the top 50 in the world for highest capita murder rate.
" Watch out for uniformed gangsters!"
Lets put a face to the label - Favela Gangster
Major Events Back to Back!
Call of Duty
Favela Wars
Fast Five
Reality of the Favelas.
How much unplanned Infrastructure?
*92% of favelas have "0" Urban Planning.
Over 700 in Rio Alone!
*Gang Wars!

*Drug Wars!

*Law Enforcement Pacification Wars!
Death Rates 3 Times Higher!!!
Everyone is Suspect
Daily Life
Evangelistic Movement!!!
Daily Stream of Life!!!
Rio Officials Worried Leading up to Major Events.
Each Favela has "Protectors"
How Many?

One is too Many!
Congrats to Andre!!!
23 3/4 Pound Baby!! Nice!
Civilian Guns...Total 16-17 Million!!!
(Brazil Gun Policy 2014)
* Established 1565
established 1565
Antonio Conselheiro
Folk Catholicism
-Northeastern Canudos
Proved to be a bit too popular
Central Gov. Sends Army to Crush the Northeastern Population
* Authoritarian Gov. up till 1970
-Why? Drought!
Last known Photo of Conselheiro
Brazil's Pop Explosion
Outcome - Death in the Streets
Provide Patronage
Favela Drug Den for the Herd
2010 Rio Favela Mudslide
-200 Killed.
2012 Mudslide
-558 Killed
Land Slide of Mud and Garbage
Gov. help if lucky
Worried with good reason.....
*Gangs unsettled
The Favela Problem...
* Hard Life- Collective Efficacy exists
* Law of the Hillside Reigns
* Lack of Regulation/Codes
How is urban planning important to CRJ?
"The Community has to work together in the hours of need."
Balas Perdidas!!!
160 civilian deaths a day. (2016 Forbes)
-Rivals Syrian daily death count for 2016.
Canudos Army Returned and Never Left
Most Hillsides are just trash
Growing Population
30 million Pop. growth in 6 years.
coupled with reduced mortality
Fertility + Migration = Explosion
Massive Explosion Coupled with GDP
Nuclear Explosion when all the preceding is coupled with climbing inflation.
The Dogs of War!
+ Brazil has 22 of the top most violent cities in the world. (Measured by murder rate)
1.) The Hopeless:
2.) The Gangsters
The Hopeless
The Gangsters
"3 types of people in Rio living the system of control" (Carlos Rafina, 2016)
Daily Life
"The Streets Run Red. Save our Children!"
Daily Life
"Do what you must to survive"
Daily Life
Daily Life
Daily Life
Balas Perdidas. Be thankful for every single day
Daily Life
"Beware the Doca de fumo!
Daily Life
God Heals, Free and Saves!

Daily Life
"There are those that matter and those that do not."
Lets put a face to the label, "Favela Gangster"
3.) The Residents that Survive
Choices, Choices....
Take a look at Rio's hidden underworld.
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