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UICCOM Match Day Superlatives

No description

Matthew Stier

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of UICCOM Match Day Superlatives

as voted by the class Class of 2013 Superlatives! Health & Fitness Famous Time Management Most likely to be found at the gym Most likely to study the last 5 minutes before
an exam and still ace it Medical Education And finally... Most likely to rock a bowtie better than Dean Azar Infamous Most likely to be "Doctor of the Year" in an in-flight magazine Funniest Person Nominees:
JohnMark Derryberry
Ryan Fields
Osamah Abdallah Winner: Ryan Fields Most likely to laugh inappropriately in front of a patient Nominees:
Itamar Latin
Aisan Raisdana
Sarah Joseph Humor Winner: Itamar Latin Nominees:
Jake Marganski
Chris Eden
Matt Stier Winner: Jake Marganski Most likely to invent a new device or procedure Most likely to win a Nobel Prize Nominees:
Josh Finkle
Tom Caradonna
Tom Wubben Winner: Josh Finkle Nominees:
Tom Wubben
Tom Caradonna
Matt Markese Winner: Tom Wubben Nominees:
Dan Choi
Ronald Roiz
Matt Markese Winner: Dan Choi Hard Work Most likely to retire before age 50 Nominees:
Daniel Hart
Andrew Bandy Winner: Daniel Hart Most likely to never retire Nominees:
Dempsey Hughes
Matt Markese
Tom Caradonna Most likely to fall asleep during lecture Nominees:
Dan Choi
Matt Stier
Sarah Joseph Winner: Sarah Joseph Most likely to never leave the UIC institution Nominees:
Andrew Thompson
Anjali Gera
Celeste Cruz TIE!:
Anjali Gera & Celeste Cruz Most likely to be the dean of a medical school Nominees:
Dempsey Hughes
Kali Cyrus Winner: Dempsey Hughes Nominees:
Ahmad Parvinian
Ryan Fields
Justin Fiala Winner: Justin Fiala Conclusion So many diverse and talented individuals in the class of 2013
All those at UICCOM are honored to have worked alongside you
For the future, the sky is the limit! Congratulations!! GOOD LUCK IN RESIDENCY! (and see you in May) Winner: Tom Caradonna Most Likely to host their own "Doctors" TV show Nominees:
Alli Yang
Steph Gallitano
Ryan Fields Winner: Alli Yang Most likely to use the "I'm a doctor" line at a bar Nominees:
Alex Smetana
Luis Grau
Dan Choi Most likely to be updating their Facebook
during lecture Nominees:
Summer Appling
Alli Yang
Osamah Abdallah Winner: Summer Appling Nominees:
Komal Prem
Stephanie Chen
Sarah Joseph Winner: Stephanie Chen Most likely to pimp students relentlessly as a resident Nominees:
Eden Pappo
Jennifer Peacock
Stephanie Gallitano Winner: Eden Pappo Most caffeinated student Nominees:
Ali Crawford
Ivana Brajkovic Winner: Ali Crawford Winner: Luis Grau
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