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Similar Figures And Proportions

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Cameron Maynard

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Similar Figures And Proportions

Vocabulary Corresponding Angles- two different polygons that are in the same relative position and the corresponding angles of similar figures are congruent Corresponding Sides Example We are goinng to show how they are proportional Corresponding Angles Example Turn the smaller triangle to make the measurments Resources www.google.com/images/corresponding angles Similar Figures and Proportions Corresponding Sides- two different polygons that are in the same relative position and corresponding sides of similar figures have lengths that are proportional. Similar Figures are figures that have the same shape but different sizes. BA=
DF 6=3
10=5 They are similar because if you divide both proprotions by 2 thats the same answer QR=MN
QP=ML 18.4=9.2
10.8=5.4 It's proportional because if you multiply the second group by 2 and it will add up. www.google.com/images/corresponding sides First, Identify the corresponding sides or angles. Then, write the ratios using corresponding sides or angles. After that, substitute the lengths of the sides Then Simplify!! Similar Figures Process By: Cameron Maynard Work It Out Video Examples http://my.hrw.com/math06_07/nsmedia/lesson_videos/msm2/player.html?contentSrc=6146/6146.xml http://my.hrw.com/math06_07/nsmedia/lesson_videos/msm2/player.html?contentSrc=7928/7928.xml my.hrw.com/vidoes http://my.hrw.com/math06_07/student/osp/msm2/data/chap05/section07/practice_b.pdf You only have to do 1-2 Only if needed Click on the website its a Practice B
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