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Friedrich Ratzel – Organic Theory

No description

Nick Pellett

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Friedrich Ratzel – Organic Theory

Friedrich Ratzel – Organic Theory/ Lebensraum
•Lived from August 30, 1844 to August 9, 1904

•German geographer

•Created key concepts that were further developed

•One of the founding fathers of geopolitics

•Developed theory of lebensraum

Biography Cont.
•Developed organic theory

•First developers of anthropology

• Ph.D at University of Heidelberg

•Was seen as an environmental determinist by other geographers

•Major contributions to the study of ethnography and world cultures
Organic Theory Explanation
The organic theory is the idea that the country is like a human body with several parts that perform different tasks.
Workers would be the cells, the factories they worked in would be the tissues, the company that owned these factories would be the organs, and so on.
Made individualism not key to running the country.
The German version of Organic theory
Said that they were superior to other races of people.
Wanted a racially homogeneous country because it would make the country more stable.
Germany wanted other countries to develop their own Lebensraum.
Impact on the World
Convinced Hitler that Germany needed Living Space
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Lebensraum = Living Space
Development of countries is determined by adaptation
Migration is the Factor in that causes Cultural Change
Countries must continually expand
Conquering Other nations would be necessary
Persuades Nations in WWI to fight for more "living space"
Gave Hitler the idea that the Aryan Race was Superior
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