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Dominican Republic

No description

angie avalos

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Dominican Republic

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By 1921, the four teams (Tigers, Eastern Stars, Eagles and Lions of the Chosen One) which, today, are considered the founding teams of the Dominican league, had all been created to establish the island's premier professional baseball league.
Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!!
The Dominican Republic is known as the bread basket of the
Caribbean because it grows, farms and catches almost everything that's
served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now you know a little more on The Dominican Republic Culture
The island
The Dominican Republic
By: Angelica Marie Avalos


Entertainment widely known
to people of poverty.
The Three P's
History: Bachata is based off Bolero Rhythm and originated on the idea of romantic music; Bachata is very popular with lovers and serenades.

The first Bachata recognized was recorded in 1961 by Jose Manuel Calderon.
Bachata in its Origins began to be associated within another world, it was widely associated with Poverty, Prostitution and Delinquency. because of the conflicts within Dominican Society around poverty and wealth. People of wealth and others in the Dominican Republic had such a strong stigma against Bachata that only one radio station would play it. Bachata began to tell the world the experiences of lover and prostitute.
While professional baseball disappeared, amateur baseball on the island was nonetheless still flourishing. Despite a plane crash in 1948 that killed half the team, A determined Dominican Republic squad went on to dominate its international competition and took home its first amateur championship.
The Three P's
Some of the best players are from the Dominican Republic
Sports, although baseball was not originated in the Dominican Republic the sport has a big impact on the culture.
The oldest Cathedral in the world is situated in Santo Domingo. The first stone for the Cathedral was laid in 1514 by Diego Columbus, Christopher Columbus' son.
It is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, begun in 1512 and completed in 1540.[citation needed] It is the Cathedral of the Archbishop of Santo Domingo who has the honorary title of Primate of the Americas because Santo Domingo was the first Catholic diocese established in the New World.
The Three P's
Products: Catholicism and this vast emergence of the already known cathedrals and churches. (religion)
Practices: Oldest Cathedral in the Americas; religion and the continued practice.
Perspectives: Christopher Columbus's first son Diego Columbus set down the first stone, in the process of building the cathedral. (1512-1540)
The Three P's
Products: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Practices: The Dominican Republic use their own products, which in return creates their own practices of traditional food,
Perspectives: Maybe they have rich soil, the land is beautiful?

If you want to learn stand up!
its a short clip on the basics (:

Dominican Republic
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