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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

No description

Corinne Barr

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Outcome 3
Outdoor Education Stand Up Paddle Boarding What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding? How much does Stand Up Paddle Boarding cost? What natural changes can affect Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Basically it is what it says, you stand on a surfboard and paddle yourself around. Stand Up Paddle surfboards are much longer, wider and more buoyant than 'normal' surfboards, enabling you to comfortably balance on them and move yourself along with the paddle. Where can you do Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be conducted on any form of water. If you are a beginner it is best to start on a relatively flat beach area, such as a bay. There are lots of places that you can hire SUP boards from that also offer lessons. In Melbourne they are offered on the Yarra River and St.Kilda beach. Check out this website for more information on how to book a lesson: http://www.supb.com.au/ To buy a SUP brand new can cost you anywhere between $800 - $1000 and the oar will cost between $50 - $200. However, if you are not ready to buy one yet, you can try a lesson. Most companies offer a 2 hour lesson which will cost about $50 and some also offer SUP tours which can cost up to $250. Australia is home to some of the best SUP conditions in the world. You get warm weather, rivers, perfect surf breaks, meaning plenty of opportunity to give it a go. But, there will be days where the weather patterns don't line up so well,
Wind is the biggest factor in when it is best to paddle board. Strong offshore winds are not suitable to beginners, while strong sea breezes are ideal for more experienced paddle boarders. Sustainability Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a very eco-friendly activity. However, the materials that make up the board are not so eco-friendly. Foam, Epoxy, composite cloths like carbon and kevlar etc, all consist of synthetic materials.

Our culture in this millennium has been the 'eco' movement. Companies are now trying to minimise the use of these materials by replacing them with natural materials and they can in some cases produce products that are superior to previously used technology. Even the resin used in laminating the exterior can be made from sustainable ingredients.. Paddles are also getting the eco treatment by a few companies and in a couple of different methods. Simply by choosing a wooden blade is a great way to reduce the impact on the environment. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the latest craze in paddle sports to hit Australia this year. The first board originated in Waikiki in the 1950's and was popular in post-war times. But, with the introduction of the water-proof camera and as surfboards thinned and became lighter, stand up paddle boarding disappeared from the surf culture. In 2000, after a long flat spell in Hawaii, stand up paddle boarding was resurrected and ignited a new found way to enjoy the ocean.
Due to the recent introduction there have not been any major developments technologically. It is a relatively safe sport, as long as you can swim and have a basic level of fitness it can be enjoyed by all. The impact technology has had on the safety and enjoyment of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. References: Stand Up Paddle Boarding, 2013, retrieved 2nd April 2013, <http://www.seabreeze.com.au/Articles/Stand%20Up%20Paddle/What-is-Stand-Up-Paddle-Surfing_3227107.aspx>

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