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Robb Permison

on 21 March 2010

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Transcript of Independent_graphics_project_presentation_1

Independent Graphics Project
By Robb Permison
The Project
Recreate the work of Iñigo Quilez featured in the Elevated DemoScene
Learn DirectX
Create a real-time procedurally generated infinite terrain simulation
What did I just see?
Real-Time Procedurally Generated Infinite Terrain Rendered using:
Fractional Brownian Motion (fBM) for terrain generation
Raymarching for texturing
What did I start with?
What should I end with
So how am I going to get there?
Start with an empty project
Get DirectX up and running
Get my game engine up and running
Get my camera working
Generate terrains using:
Heightmap Files
Procedural Perlin Noise
Procedural fBM
Get my Pixel Shaders up and running
Start Raymarching
Texture my terrain
Add Motion Blur
Where am I now?
Risks (or I haven't even gotten to the hard part yet)
I work a full time job
I've never done DirectX coding
What's this pixel shader thing?
Did you SEE that image? That's CRAZY INSANE good
I might work a full time job, but look where I work
Iñigo Quílez left me a trail of breadcrumbs
Pixel Shaders are well documented
Demosceners like showing off
Let's see a demo
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