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the great

Mayuresh Khot

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of mit

Mitsubhishi where did mitsubhishi logo came from and what does it means? mitsubhishi was first started by a man
called Yatro Iwaski (1834-1885) in 1870 the name mitsubishi was given by Yatro Iwaski.
the name mitsubhishi is connected by two japanese
words having their own meanings. the word "mitsu" which means three and "bishi" which means
water chestnut are reflected in mitsubhishis famous logo "the
three rhombuses" known as "three diamonds + = what position is mitsubhishi now on? mitsubhishi is the sixth largest automakers in japan and sevent largest in the world by global
vehicle production mitsubhishi motors reached 1.3 millioncars of total
production in 2007 in 2007 mitsubhishi corporation
a member of largest trading company in japan with the most advance technology. mitsubhishi have 200 bases of operationin 80 different
countriesworldwide. mitsubhishi employes atleast
54,000 billion people. what makes the mitsubhishi so popular mitsubhishi invented a model A japans first series automobile a hand built seven seater and was expensive to buy in both America and Europe. mitsubhishi now capares with car companies like
Toyota and Honda. the new 1998 mitsubhishi eclipse
was most popular and brought up
the economy of mitsubhishi up. mitsubhishi honda toyota japanese cars
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