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Sleep Project

104 final

Robert Moran

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Sleep Project

Ball State Needs Sleep:
Sleep deprivation Drive A Sleep Deprivation Drive Hyperbaric Chamber Tempurpedic Pillow Concert/Refreshments The soft-sided versions go for around $20,000. Hardshell: $150,000 and up. If you want to rent one for 90 minutes at a time, treatments go for $200. Doctors generally aren't so sure, citing a lack of scientific data. But they concede visual evidence.

In a typical athletic injury, healing occurs at a rate 20 percent to 30 percent faster than normal. Hyperbaric chambers can improve sleep Pillows will be given away every half hour. Hyperbaric chamber will have 15 minute sessions We want to be informative, fun and different. Dave Matthews Band! with speaker informing about sleep his music is relaxing one way to draw a large crowd and spread awareness plus free pizza! Solutions Ways to get more sleep! College health guru Exercise Set a good sleep schedule Only sleep in your bed Eat healthy All the information in the world about sleep does not mean you will
make time to get enough sleep here are a few solutions to that
-Manage your time -Do not rely on coffee -Put a notebook near your bed -Settle discussions before sleep http://prezi.com/kafbgnfyzayw Visit this website often as a reminder of what you learned at our Sleep
Awareness event. Try to make goals about improving your sleep instead of
tackling everything at once. Thank you and goodnight. PROBLEMS!
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