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Earth's landforms research project

Blood falls

Liz Axberg

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Earth's landforms research project

Blood Falls Where is Blood Falls Located? How old is Blood Falls? What minerals are found in blood falls? Created by Helen S, AmmeraeS, and Liz A Blood Falls is in Mc Murdo Dry valleys (a region of no snow) of Antarctica, and located on Taylor Glacier. Blood Falls is approximately 2 million years old. Iron oxide is found in Blood Falls. The iron gives the falls the bloody color. FUN FACTS! 1. Pioneers originally thought that the red color
was from red algae. Life on Blood Falls? Professors from Harvard University found bacteria life (About 17 different kinds) in a sub climate eco system that have been receiving life by recycling energy , and extracting Iron from the brine/water using sulfate. Blood falls
source of water The Conditions:
Very Salty
No Light
No oxygen
Cold But these bacteria still survive on their recycled energy. Taylor Glacier Blood Falls Fissure in Glacier Rocks? 1. The oldest rocks found in East
Antarctica (where blood falls is
located) is estimated to be about
3 billon years old.

2. These rocks are metamorphic
rocks overlaid with by younger,
flat-laying ocean deposited sediment. HELEN AMMERAE LIZ HELEN LIZ HELEN 2. The falls does not effect the ecosystem in any bad ways How was Blood Falls really created? Blood Falls was created by an outbreak in the Taylor Glacier, which causes the Iron brine to come out. 3. Blood Falls was discovered in 1911 by Griffith Taylor Blood Falls was a interesting
land form to learn about.
Thanks for watching! Sources enviormentalgraffiti.com/news-bleeding-glacier tierneylab.blogs.nytimes.com/thedarksecretatbloodfalls aem.org interesting-amazing-facts.blogspot.com/20101 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood-Falls mentafloss.com/blogs/archives/45981 microbewiki.Kenyon.edu/index.php?title=Blood_Falls
._Antartica&action=edit 4. Unlike most glacier's Taylor Glacier is not attached to the ground, because of salts on the round. www.sciencedaily/com/releases/2003/11/031105064856.htm 5. The McMurdo Dry Valleys still has evidence of a 5 million year old sea that used to cover it!
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