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Lit Circles

"The Revealers"

Hannah DeVito

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Lit Circles

The Revealers Illustrator By Alex Goodyear Hannah DeVito, Will Ebeling, Alex Goodyear Discussion
Director By: Will Who do you think this is ? What did you think of this chapter? Why did Richie stick up for Russ? What's the revealers? January 15, 2013
Today's Work What does everybody think of their principal? Alex Goodyear Do kids appreciate the revealers? Answers for Illustrator

~Bullies playing b-ball
~Basketball ANSWERS FOR DISCUSSION DIRECTOR ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It was ok, but when elliot got bullied it got bad. Text-to-Self Connection: My text-to-Text Connection is that I get bullied almost everyday like Elliot. My sisters some-what bully me like the people of "Darkland" get bullied. I get bullied like Elliot because we both get physically, and verbally bullied. I just don't get bullied as harsh as Elliot. Text-to-Text Connection: My Text-to-Text Connection is other things that I have read on my free time. Kids getting bullied is all over newspapers and the internet. I read and listen to a lot of other stories about kids all around the world who get bullied. Text-to-World Connection: My Text-to-World Connection is seeing kids, and my friends getting bullied. Russell said that he watches kids get bullied in his school in the hall, and outside. I also watch people in my school, New Hope Solebury Middle School, get bullied. fortunately the kids at my school do not get bullied as bad as the kids at "Darkland" Middle School. Connector My predictions on the next chapters is that Richie might possibly start helping Russ and sticking up for him more. I also think that maybe kids might start sending mean messages to Elliot, Catalina, and Russ through kidnet because of the revelers. What game are they playing? Where is Elliot at this time? ~ -Hannah DeVito ~ ~ ~ DECISION DIRECTOR Russ wants to ask Richie questions so he can understand more on why and what he does. Richie tells Russ to meet him in the boiler room the next day 8th period. January 18, 2013
Today's Work Russ borrows his moms tape recorder to tape what Richie has to say. Character Sketcher Next day Russ meets Richie in the boiler room 8th period he starts the tape recorded, then he asked questions. Richie got mad at one of Russ's questions and then smashed the tape recorder on the ground. Elliot Richie left the room and Russ had nothing. Characteristics: 1. Small 2. Smart 3. Caring Russell Literary luminary : by Alex Goodyear Characteristics: 1. Brave 2. Friendly 3. Intelligent Supporting Example Supporting Example Page#112 it was good history because

Paragraph#3 the Paragraph is his Grampa telling about World War 2 Catalina Characteristics: 1. Quiet 2. Shy 3. Sensitive Supporting Example Obsessed, knows, and studies
everything about dinosaurs. 2. Hung, then eventually dropped
off a bridge by bullies. 1. Page: 60 Page: 17 3. Gets really upset over mean
notes written to Catalina. Page: 53 1. Stood up to Richie,
and asked him serious questions. 2. Wanted to become good
friends with Catalina. 3. Very good with computers, and
is a very good communicator. 1. Wrote, instead of told her story
about herself, and her early life. 2. Did not want to do, or say anything
about a mean note written to her. 3. Cried in front of Russell's Mom,
because she missed her mom. Page: 26 Page: 43 Page: 77 Page: 69 Page: 53 Page: 115 Page#98 it told me alot about becuse

paragraph#5 the reavelers

page#110 kidnet

paragraph#6 it was in formatinal

Page#99 elliot dinos

paragraph#1 he talks about all of his dinos http://prezi.com/eg8y-r2g8h2q/edit/#9
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