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What Makes Something Scary?

No description

Hanna Sheldon

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of What Makes Something Scary?

By Melinda Sevilla, Daniela Flores, Remi Linbaclk, Lauren Daugherty
What Makes Something Scary?
Biology of Fear
Why do people like
getting scared?
What makes a horror movie scary?
Flight or Fight Response
Creates another world;
Use of imagination and description;
Elements that stay in your mind;
Mess with your head;

Elements of the Extreme;
The Soundtrack;
The Unexplained;
Places Where You Feel Safe;
Response speeds up heartbeat, more blood and oxygen to prepare for fuel.
-late teens into 20's
-physiological need (satisfaction and
sense of relief)
-physical response
-adrenaline seekers
(type t-thrill seeking personalities)
-Ex. sky divers, police officers, firefighters (risky and intense jobs)
Real Life Examples
-Fear withing a controlled setting:
-watching scary movies

-Haunted Trails/Haunted Hotel

-Design your own abduction
Stuff to think about....
What scares you? Why?
Why do we think its fun to scare other people?
Why do people have anxiety about being scared?
Do you think one's past has a correlation with what they fear?
Are we born with the fear instinct or is it developed?
Thanks for your time!
Amygdala, Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland, ACTH, epinephrine, norepinephrine
Increase in oxygenated blood prepares body
to run or fight the source of fear.
Reasons for Fears
Conditioning: Associating Fear with something
that's not. Ex: Jaw's Music
Misinformation: Told that something is scary.
Ex: Scary Stories
Modeling: Scared because parents are scared.
Ex: My mom's scared of snakes so I should be.
Survival: Rational fears helped our ancestors survive.
Ex: Poisonous Insects or deadly animals.
Elements of the Extreme
The Unexplained
The Soundtrack
Places Where You Feel Safe
Phobias and Fears
-strong irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger
-many specific phobias e.g. :
*Acrophobia ->fear of heights (many be able to ski the world's tallest mountain but be unable to go above the 5th floor of an office building )
*Agoraphobia -> fear of public places
*Claustrophobia -> fear of closed-in places
-other common phobias:
*highway driving
*blood (etc.)
-Spiders are most of the time more connected with fear than with phobia
-spiders might be poisonous or toxic, so our reacts with fear so we can stay away
-people with phobia try to avoid what they're afraid of. If they cannot, they may experience:
*panic & fear
*rapid heartbeat
*shortness of breath
*strong desire to get away

- people that have phobias are always scared, even if someone experiences something many times, they will still be just scared as they were as the first time

-people with phobias need most of the time a therapy and/or medication to avoid it
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