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Timeline of Forrest Gump

APUSH post-AP exam assignment

Jodutt Basrawi

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Timeline of Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump --> The Timeline 1951-1952 Forrest Gump heads off for his first year of elementary school. During those days, admittance to a "regular" elementary school was based on an I.Q score.

Today, such scores are not considered, and many American schools try to integrate all sorts of students in their campus.

How did Forrest get in with such low I.Q scores? Well...I know why... Forrest's mother made money by hosting guests in her house, like a bed & breakfast. One of the guests was King of Rock: Elvis Presley. 1952 Even as a youngster, Forrest Gump made history by giving the signature dance moves to Elvis Presley's song "Hound dog".

Elvis Presley obviously defined the meaning of rock. His music shaped the mood of the 50's, 60's, and 70's, and created a large aspect of American culture. John Lennon became a musician due to the inspiration from Elvis. Today, rock is arguably considered the most popular genre of music. 1953-1956 Forrest meets his best friend, Jenny. Things seem quite well until we come across Jenny's father. Southern U.S culture got lots of parents into bad conditions, resulting in child abuse. It is cases like this that got the temperance movement to start in the first place. Today, it is debatable on whether prohibition is really beneficial, especially when considering situations like this... Then there was some ugly things in history, too... Elvis becomes the King of Rock... Child Abuse 1961 Forrest Gump and the All-American team meet JFK "I gotta pee..." Forrest Gump became a local legend by being the fastest runner for his college football team (University of Alabama).

Forrest Gump not only just played football, but was coached by "Bear" Bryant, who today is revered by some as the best college football coach in America. Forrest one day got his leg braces broken by running away from some bullies. He was such a fast runner that he earned a football scholarship at the University of Alabama. 1963 Desegration of the University of Alabama In the Supreme Court case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansase, it was ruled that laws relatating to segregated facilities were unconstitutional. The University of Alabama then had to initiate desegregation, causing an uproar by thousands of whites and by George Wallace. This event brought governor George Wallace to the spotlight and exhibits how America was moving closer to becoming the land of opportunity that it is today. Things got more exciting when it was time for African-Americans to receive their rights as actual Americans. Ofcourse, Forrest Gump was there to observe the whole thing...and be a part of it too Then came along that war...wait...what was it? Oh yeah, the Vietnam War. And wait, why were the Americans fighting this war? This question is what got many people to hate on the U.S government. 1966 Forrest Gump enters the Army and is deployed in Vietnam Things got better for Gump after the war. 1969 Forrest Wins Medal of Honor. Armstrong and Aldrin step foot on the moon. Forrest Gump receives the medal of honor for his heroic feats at the war. At the same year, America achieves the milestone of bein the first nation to send astronauts to the moon. This created a turn in events and accomplished the American goal of showing that capitalism and democracy were better systems than Communism and totalitarianism. For some reason, Gump was natural at the game of Ping-Pong. This came in handy with "Ping-Pong" Diplomacy. 1970 Forrest Gump once again participates in history by joining the Armed Forces and fighting off communistic forces in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam molded American foreign policy and set the tone for 60's and 70's culture in America. Not many people knew why Americans were fighting in Vietnam. Forrest Gump goes to China as part of the All-American Table Tennis/Ping Pong team Not only did Forrest Gump simply join the Ping Pong team because he was naturally good, but it was an effort by the U.S government to start better diplomatic relations with communistic China. Nixon termed it as "Ping-Pong Diplomacy", where a mutual sport can achieve mutual respect. Gump achieved much fame (remember the cardboard figures?). Nixon would soon go to Beijing as a result. It was also forrest gump that got Nixon to resign...how much does this guy do? How much has he accidentally shaped America? Wow... 1972 The Watergate Scandal...starring Richard M. Nixon and Forrest Gump The Watergate Scandal was figured by Gump! Well, not really, but the movie does a good job in incorporating such a significant historical event. The scandal led to Nixon's resignation, the presidency of Gerald Ford, and the changing ideals of Executive privilege. The scandal also brought hate towards the Republican party, most probably causing the election of Jimmy Carter about 5 years later. And then, all of a sudden, Forrest felt like taking a little run... 1977 Forrest runs across the country...more than once...and Twice Forrest Gump very well demonstrates how taking a "simple" run can change things. He made history with his "**** happens" quote and the smiley face (have a nice day). This initiated the jogging craze of 1978-79. Running for awareness was also quite popular during such times. Today, such demonstrations are held to raise awareness and publicity for certain charities and events. With Forrest Gump, you must always expect the unexpected 1976 Forrest Gump invests in Apple Computers Well, Forrest doesn't invest it himself. Lieutenant Dan was the one that really did it. Forrest Gump didn't need to worry about money anymore! The whole point of this scene was to further demonstrate the changing times in the 70's, where the soon to be popular Apple macintosh was made. The making of this computer further lead to today's computer technology, such as the internet, video, pictures, and ofcourse, video games. 1981 Outbreak of HIV/Aids Jenny ends up getting the horrible HIV retrovirus, resulting in AIDS. The outbreak of the disease during the 80's caused much catastrophe. It was thought to be as contagious as the common cold! The outbreak of AIDS can be related to how the Swine Flu scare was around, however, AIDS still is around today, but thankfully efforts are being taken to prevent it. The change of decades also came along with a change of pathogens. AIDS had come to ruin the 80's. As usual, anything to do with the Vietnam war involves...those Hippies. 1969-1970 Hippies...from Forrest's perspective We all know the hippies. They were a big influence force in getting the soldiers out of Vietnam, a war that much of the American people did not understand. Forrest Gump, as a war veteran, ended up having the superior knowledge over the war movement, but his speech was cut off by some naughty general-kind of guy. In the end, the movie emphasizes the importance of the hippie movement, and how it lead to people like John Lennon and those guys that like to smoke marijuana. Peace...yo.
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