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Level3 Sales Manager 30-60-90

No description

michele Thomas

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Level3 Sales Manager 30-60-90

30-60-90 day plan to Sales Management Success
Foundation for success as Sales Manager
Purpose of the plan is to clearly identify and communicate my objectives, processes and goals in order to successfully perform results as a Sales Manager for Level3 Communications
First 30 days
Meet and discuss with upper management to prioritize what is expected of me within a specified time frame. The goal would be to focus on bringing in new logo business sales and growing existing custome'rs revenue leading to positive growth for the region.

Set up communication/data network (phones, fax, email, computer, office and business cards). Submit all HR/admin. paperwork required by company

Learn and master all Level3 internal processes, procedures, tool box, systems etc. Focus on intimately learning the Level3 product suite, product training, pricing and competitive differentiators and strengths and key advantages vs. competition.

Meet with my entire support team i.e. SE's and SE Manager, Billing, Customer support manager, my management team to discuss best practices, work flow, and expectations.

Begin process of transition to be able to handle issues (customer problems, tickets, billing, etc) & remove road blocks from my team to keep them focused and selling.

Ask for mentorship from Allison

Begin to meet personally with each sales representative on my team to get to know them and become familiar with sales process:
Identify top performers
Identify struggling team members
Discuss successes
Discuss challenges (i.e. competitive threats etc.)
Discuss expectations of me
Discuss my management style, strategy, & expectations to ensure we "start on the same page".
Discuss his/her goals.
Discuss my goals
Identify target accounts and together establish a game plan to exceed goals.
Identify key decision makers who I need to meet immediately in their territory.
Get in the field with my sales team as often as possible
Conduct one on one meetings with all sales representatives
Discuss sales funnels to ensure accurate forecasting to GM

Submit report on progress to my management team.

Get feedback from Management team on my progress and suggested adjustments needed.

The sales manager is a:
Strategic planner
Cold caller that can open doors
Relationship builder
Days 31-60
Meet with Business Leader (direct report) to review and assess first 30 days sales progress and make adjustments to insure success moving forward.

Continue to work on funnel and forecasting accuracy with sales team and management

Continue personal education and training

Continue to become more actively involved with all accounts for revenue growth and potential referral opportunities

Continue to maintain open communication with sales representatives and address immediate needs to establish a level of trust, communication, and sense of teamwork. "Your needs are my needs. Educate and develop rapport to ensure support, comfort and sales success.

Conduct one on one meetings with all sales representatives

Go on as many field sales calls as possible

Sit with team members while cold calling and observe and coach

Handle issues (customer problems, tickets, billing, etc) & remove road blocks from my team to keep them focused and selling.

Maintain high level of contact within the sales leadership, customers and client to form positive strategies as a team

Fine tune processes and maintain training and coaching sessions

Revisit stack rankings, alignment of progress with sales team and management team

From discussions with sales representatives and company managers, formulate a plan to maximize sales of existing product line and ensure representatives are exploring new opportunities daily, weekly and monthly.

Ensure all plans for first 30 days are completed.

Report on progress for this 30 day period and gather feedback from sales and management team

Days 61-90
Meet with Business Leaders (direct report) to review and assess last 60 days progress and make adjustments to insure success moving forward.

Continue with all steps from first 60 days that have been successful and contiune to learn, grow, and adjust things that have not.

Establish next 90 day plan based on the results and performance of first 90

Meet with Leadership team and develop a future game plan. Listen to leaderships expectations. Set realistic goals for the next month, quarter, year. Figure out and address steps needing to be done to obtain those goals

Begin to develop a network among fellow regional managers and top sales representatives across the country. Tap into their experience and opinions from the field and implement ideas and information that would keep the SW region # 1 in the nation. "Success breeds success".

Based on input from the field, Sales Engineers, and senior management, develop strategies designed to defend against competitive threats. Communicate with the team where strengths and weaknesses are to approach, combat and win against our competition and win new logs

Continue to handle issues (customer problems, tickets, billing, etc.) & remove road blocks from my team to keep them focused and selling.

Continue to fine tune pipeline and funnels with sales team for accurate revenue forecasting

Continue to help sales team grow existing business with strategic products and customer education

Continue going on sales calls in the field and joining calls with sales team

Review recruiting process for areas with "new hire" opportunities if needed

Continue personal training & education

Continue to be a part of and helping to continuously grow the #1 ranked region in the nation

Result of successful 30-60-90 day plan...
Prove my ability to successfully manage my team.
Have month after month success growing and maintaining revenue.
Manage the most successful team in the nation
Help Level3 increase its direct enterprise market share by steadily acquiring new logos.
Continue to be the # 1 region in the nation by a landslide.
Thank you!
Michele Thomas
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