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Achievements 2012 and Plans for 2013

No description

ute pomorin

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Achievements 2012 and Plans for 2013

Our Journey in 2012 and going forward Competition Team Retail Intermediary Team Retail Intermediary Team Plan for 2013 Retail Intermediary Team Tour Expedia
Move Licensee from net to retail rates Competition Team Licensee Countries Competition Team Roll out Warloc to DK, SE, NO Role our Warloc to
IS, GR, RO, TR, MA Expedia
Move additional Countries to retail and add new Countries on retail / net as decided by the Country Tour Corporate Country support New in 2012 Alerts defined and implemented Improved speed of Quick Search Tool Implemented new connectors License support Avis New look CARS Dashboard New countries signed up for CARS Lebanon Oman Serbia Malta Croatia Tunisia Partnership support Tap report KLM report Air France New reports created Plan for 2013 Orbitz , Travelocity, Billiger Mietwagen, Travel Jigsaw, Gold Car, Expedia, Auto Escape, Auto Europe- US, UK, IT, ES Ancillary report UAE Iceland One way shop Regular reporting for CARS Countries Role out Alerts to additional Countries Corporate Country support Implement new connectors Auto Europe IT,DE,ES Broker report Improve look and feel of QST Partnership support Lufthansa report ADAC German wings Sign up more Countries to CARS Review and improve current reports For Avis For Budget Israel Oman Cyprus Jordan Serbia ZA outbound report Reports Revenue Performance Report - RPR
created until end of October Budget Israel Serbia Cyprus Malta, Finland, Greece, Tunisia Alerts Portugal Test available data sources for GDS shops Season set up, Cluster Discounts: Coordination of Autumn and New Years Sale Sales Ongoing Partnership Ongoing Country support Online training Country training Rate program linking AVIS UAE, Qatar, Bahrain,
Greece, Turkey Budget Oman, UAE, Qatar,
Lebanon AVIS Budget Dubai 2 day session Muscat 2 day session Bracknell one day workshop Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Romania, Morocco, Hungary Lebanon, Romania,
Hungary,Egypt US sales coordination Rate Program First point of contact
for pricing support New in2012 Warloc training and support Ongoing tasks Retail Intermediary Team Plan for 2013 Pricing Workshops Online sessions Warloc training Create easy rate request form
for Licensee Countries New in 2012 Croatia, Czech Rep
Denmark, Iceland,
Israel, Luxembourg,
Norway, Poland,
Romania, South Africa
Sweden, Turkey Ebookers
Move to retail and add new Countries on retail / net as decided by the Country Analyse and create proposals for generic tour programs. and wait for Countries approval Propose, agree rates with Avis Countries and submit tour tender Advise on best practice for Tour Support Sales Team Set up Tour rates
for Budget Ongoing tasks Tour Countries completed Thank you Ongoing tasks High level, Weighted trends, Scan OB, Asia outbound, Japan OB, US OB Russia OB, 360 and other Ad-hoc requests Partnership BA, Monarch Daily pricing report - DPR Weekly Dashboard for licensee Countries: BG,CH,CY,BE,EE,FI,GR, IR, LV, MO, LI, NO, NA, PT, RE, RO, SE, SG, SL, ZA, TR, UAE Corporate Country support Fleet matching Prepare all data / rate load for Warloc and Wizard BSC transfer
project successfully completed Trouble shooting Budget BCD loading Budget Rates Budget set up in Warloc for dual brand Countries Domestic one way report Manage the big data increase The Future? Concentrated Country support
faster task execution more capacity for the team 1 Head for Avis 1 Head for Budget support 2-3 Countries at the time per head Maximise revenue opportunities Build solid relation ships with the Countries Concentrate on both brands at the same time Support Sales Team on new contract negotiating
and renewals Increase portfolio of Countries
included in generic tour programs
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