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7th grade - 9th hour

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Gymnastics

Gymnastics was originally from Ancient Greek.

Some little kids participate in gymnastics when there 2 or 3. Grandmas and Grandpas can not participate. The oldest gymnasts are the Olympians. Some gymnasts get the opportunity to compete in college gymnastics, some of which are older or younger then Olympians.
Where does it take place
Gymnastics takes place inside. It also take place at any gymnastics gym. Gymnastics meets can take place at any gym. In order to do gymnastics, you need to have the right equipment.
Health Benefits

Some health benefits from gymnastics are strength. We know from personal experience that gymnastics is all about strength. Also to do gymnastics, you need to be mentally strong. When you start doing crazy skills, you can't have any negative thoughts whatsoever. In gymnastics, you work a lot of muscles that you usually don't work on a everyday basis. Another health benefit is flexibility, you need to be super flexible to do gymnastics, you work on flexibility everyday in gymnastics. Balance is another benefit for gymnastics, you need balance for everything in gymnastics. Study's show that gymnastics increases self esteem.
Calories Burned

Injuries are very common in gymnastics. You can get concussions, break your arm, break your foot, break your leg, sprain your foot, etc. You can pretty much break or sprain anything!
For example if you weigh 84 pounds and practice for 4 and a half hours that night you will burn 734 calories.
By: Maddy, Vanessa, Kamryn, Emma
Facts or Myths
One fact about gymnastics is most major gymnasts start there career at 2 or 3. Another fact is that the first women's olympic competition was in 1928 at Amsterdam Games.
Another fact about gymnastics is that most of the best gymnasts start at 2 or 3.
The End
Front Handspring
Aerial to Back

Cartwheel to back tuck
Front Handspring and two kip ups
Back Handspring
Back Handspring to back lay out
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