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Sweden criminal justice system

No description

Mia Anderson

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Sweden criminal justice system

Scandanavian nation
Capital: Stockholm
9.8 million people
Liberal system
Eighth highest per capita income in the world
Low unemployment rates, high life expectancy, strong economy.
Immigrants make up more than 10% of the population
Social Democrat/Green minority
Liberal attitude on prison treatment and rehabilitation
Sentences Available
The death penalty has been abolished in Sweden for over a hundred years.
Short prison sentences are avoided as far as possible with much more focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment
Sweden was the first European country to introduce the electronic tagging system for convicted criminals.
Response to Crime
It is popular public opinion that rehabilitation rather than punishment is a more effective way of dealing with crime.
In Sweden the focus on rehabilitation has been effective as reoffending rates are half that of the UK.
Prisons have had to close as incarceration rate is low even though crime has overall increased.
Drugs rehabilitation, behavior management for those with violent convictions and education and training for offenders are all believed to reduce reoffending rates.
In Sweden they try to prepare criminals for life outside of prison
Crime Rates and Common Types of Crime
Drinking age is 18
Tough Drug Laws but focused on prevention, treatment and control
Crime increased in the last 3 years
Nearly 40 percent of all reported crime is theft and burglary.
Almost half of all reported crime involves various kinds of theft and vandalism.
Crime categories that showed the largest decrease in 2013 included vandalism, theft and offences against the person.
During the same period, there was an increase in the number of reported road traffic offenses, fraud offences and narcotics offences.
Sweden: criminal justice system
Young Offenders
Age of criminal responsibility: 15
Only at 21 can people be given life sentences
As much as possible is done to keep young offenders out of prison
Level of Inequality
The formal nobility in sweden constitutes around 0.2% of the population.
10% of the richest Swedes are members of the nobility. By contrast not a single one of the richest Swedes was a non-European immigrant.
It is estimated that the top 1% richest Swedes own 25-40% of the total wealth
Gini coefficient: 0.27 in 2012
Belongs to the group of most equal OECD countries
Large surge in income inequality since the 1990s
The healthcare system is mostly government-funded through county and municipal-level tax.
Controversy surrounding the prison system
Controversial as the nordic system is often seen as being too 'soft' and providing criminals with too many rights and freedoms.
However, this is countered as this style of system is shown to be effective due to lower crime rates etc...
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