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Pecos Bill (Widow-Maker's Piont of View)

No description

Kyra Griffin

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Pecos Bill (Widow-Maker's Piont of View)

Pecos Bill: Widow-Maker's Point of View How we met One day at the rodeo,some low lifes' tried to ride & tame me.No good.Out of nowhere they send me back in my cage(Like always) & yell at me.They say I got my name (Widow-Maker) because sometimes when a guy rode on me I would accidently kill him & make his wife a widow.They are just to light weight.It was 5 minutes left when a huge guy walked in.He wanted to ride ME! I was surprised thinking it was gonna be a piece of cake until I knew I met my destiny.His name was Pecos Bill.He got on top of me & just my kind of size.We rode around of the whole rink in amazement.That was the day he took me home. Adventures Pecos & I went on great adventures. Texas was my kind of place. Sunny,dirt,pretty horses,great hay. It was paradise. On our way back from Austin colony we ran across a attacking happening with a herd of snakes & colonists.After we scared everyone off we saw a hurt snake. When we fixed him up he kept shaking so we called him Shake.Pecos saw how long he was & started using him as a whip. From that point on we was the dominating trio of the westward & south. Slue Foot Sue Then one day came.I used to hate this day but now i don't.After coming from a hard long job we went to a bar.Then we set for our way home.Once we passed by a gate, we saw a girl riding a huge orange catfish in a pond.In my eyes it was a ugly scene ,but Pecos was attracted to her; I was totally cool with that. During the next two weeks they spent time with each other 24/7 ! No time for me & Pecos to practice for a rodeo. Wedding Eventually they got married. Of course I went that was my buddy. At this point I was mad & didn't care about Sue. She knew it. Now, I don't know why this girl thought she was gone ride me after the wedding.Ohh she was up for a surprise. SO after the door opened she came & sat on me. I kicked her up & flying she went.Gone.But.No.Here she was again.That was when we noticed she was bouncing because she weighed so much. The Truth That morning Pecos confronted me about what i did.I told all my feelings including the way she talked to me.Pecos & I made up & asked Shake to get Sue down. She was extremely tired from bouncing around all morning.She was happy & sad.While they ate breakfast she told Pecos that she didn't love him anymore.It was just a phase.So after Sue left I told Pecos,"Bros before slows". & that's how the saying got around.
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