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No description

Tori Galindo

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Geotropism

How Does Geotropism Work?
How does geotropism work?
In a negative geotropism.
Root cells have an opposite response to auxin. This represents positive geotropism. A high concentration of auxin causes root cells to grow more slowly. So the cells in the upper part of the root grow longer, resulting in the root bending down.
The Gravitropism in the geotropism roots
Lateral branches in higher plants are often maintained at specific angles with respect to gravity, a quantity known as the gravitropic setpoint angle
*The more-sensitive roots are stimulated by lower levels of auxin
*Higher levels of auxin in lower halves *Result in less-stimulated growth in downward curvature
because the plant needs the sun to survive and it will do any thing to get sunlight so thats why some plants grow negative
Examples of...
Negative: Positive:
What is geotropism?
There are two kinds of geotropism: negative and positive.

Is were the plant stems grow upwards t0towards the sun light.
Is were the roots of the plant grow away from light and down in the gravity of direction.

By: Victoria Galindo
Joanna Hernandez
If a plant were lying on its side, gravity would cause a buildup of auxin on the lower part of the plant's stems and roots. This high concentration of auxin causes plant stem cells to grow faster.
Why does the plant grow towards the sun ?
What can we do to prevent
negative plants
we could try to point the plants to the sun to make it a positive plant.and give it water to support the stem
why is it bad for plants to grow negative
Because the stem will break if it keeps leaning on one side
why do negative plants grow negative ?
because if the plant cant reah sunlight while its growing it will curve to reach the sunlight
Thanks for wath
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