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Comparing and contrasting Greek and Chinese Myths by AustinC

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Austin Corkran

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Comparing and contrasting Greek and Chinese Myths by AustinC

Comparing and contrasting Greek and Chinese Myths by AustinC
Comparing Greek and chinese heros
Greek hero's
The heros in greek mythology are Zeus and his siblings. They took down the Titans, and restored peace and tranquility. They were never seen again by any normal person.
Chinese heros
Comparing Greek and Chinese Villians
The chinese heros in this myth are 4 dragons. They flew over the see and never did any harm to people. After they hear about a drought thats been happining, they get water in their mouths, make clouds, and sprey water on the crops. They later get crushed by a mountain by and create the 4 rivers. They where never seen again
Greeks Villian(s)
The Villians in Greek mythology are the titans. One of the titans was zeuses father, which zeus killed, and freed his sibilings from his stomach. They later fight the titans in deadly battles, which the gods won. That had led the titans to be terminated
Chinese Villian
With the Dragon hearing about the drought, they needed permission to help. They went to the jaid temple and asked him to give the people rain. He said no, and refused to help.When the dragons disobeyed their orders, the person smashed a mountain of them.
What do the myths explain?
The myths explain why the greeks and chinese respect the heros of their myths. The reason why is because in the greek myth, the heros took out the titans and brought peace. In the chinese one, the dragons saved the people from a drought and brought 4 great rivers. This is why the chinese symbol is a dragon.
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