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Factoring Polynomials in Everyday Life

No description

Jenna Montgomery

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Factoring Polynomials in Everyday Life

Factoring Polynomials
in Everyday Life! By: Jenna Berry, 8B Some Examples! Swimming with Polynomials Bibliography Gardening with Polynomials http://www.reference.com/motif/science/real-life-application-of-polynomials If you want to make a garden and know the amount of soil you have and the width of the garden, how would you find the width? Let's say you have 165 ft2 of soil, and the width of the garden is going to be 25ft. What is the length? You are planning a swimming pool. Its length is twice the width(x). You want a brick decoration 4 feet around the pool. What is the area of the pool AND
the brick? What is the area of the brick only? You have 200 ft2 of bricks, and want to use all of it for the pool.
How big should the pool be? To Solve:
Just divide the total amount of soil (165) by
the width! Since 165 divided by 25 is 4 with a remainder of 15 feet of soil, you would have a 25 by 4 feet garden with 15ft2 of soil left. Congratulations, you have just solved a very basic polynomial! http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_polynomials_used_for_in_a_real_world_example
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