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Of Mice And Men

the novel of mice and men , is filled with classic beauty ,a short outstanding ,heartwariming book.

lexiss maan

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Of Mice And Men

(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr “Guys like us that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They go no family. They don’t belong no place…With us it aint like that. We go a future. We got somebody to talk to us that gives a damn about us. If them other guys get it jail they can rot for all anybody gives a dang. But no us because I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you.” The novel of mice and men written by John Steinbeck, is
a short, heartwarming book,
filled with classic beauty. George and Lennie are an odd pair who want to find work. George who is a small quick gentlemen ,who looks after Lennie.Who is a tremendous size that has a mind of a child ,he manages to mess things up ,so they hustle to look for work all around the country.
They have formed a "family" of them two ,who are in face of loneliness.George and Lennie have a dream ,and it is to live of the fatta of the lands someday ,to have an acre of land all to themselves ,and of course with rabbits. George is a well defined witted man who cares for lennie.He speaks how better his life whould be without lennie through anger ,sadness ,but most of all loneliness.
most of Goerges hard work is devoted on looking after lennie.
george is over all a hard worker who has dream of owning his own land ,and having a family of his own.
he tends to get strained into many emotions making his anger to patience to depressing to pride and hope for the future. "When I think of the swell time I could have without you, i go nuts. I never get no peace." "Do i still get to tend em' rabbits?" Lennie , who is large and a very strong worker who looks up to George and depends on him to look after him.Lennie has a mind of a young child ," Although hes not that very bright hes a hell of a good worker" just like George says, he doesn't understand how good his strength is with surprises others . Lennie loves petting soft things which causes problems.Throughout the whole story all he worries about is petting the rabbits. Curley is a quite small man with a very short temper ,He's known as the boss's son and the husband of the "tramp". Curley often picks on Lennie ,because "Curley's like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys". Curleys Wife os the only girl in Salinas Valley and is known as many things ,"tramp" , a "tart" and a "looloo".Throughout the whole book she is the temptation for the other characters.She has broken dreams of a better life ,which leads her to unhappiness. "What's the matter with me? Ain't I got a right to talk to nobody?" Not to mention it’s the name of my favorite band… One of the books major themes, and most of the symbols revolve
around candy ,an old kind ,friendly man who fears that his age will
make him useless ,through the book he’s starts sharing the dream of
George and Lennie. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr "You seen what they done to my dog tonight? They says he wasn't no good to himself
nor nobody else. When they can me here I wisht somebody'd shoot me..."
This book is filled with loneliness of life that not even the strongest can avoid it, the characters in this book show symbols of loneliness, and isolation… they believe that there are open doors for them ...
they all have there own dreams of making them happy of a better life…. As for others..they are unhappy with broken dreams… Not to mention it’s the name of my favorite band…
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