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The prezi for the uglies

Hannah Van Sickle

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Uglies

Other Books In Tally's city, they have many customs. For example, when the kids in ugly town turn 16,
they have an operation to become pretty.
Then they move to new pretty town. And when they hit the right age again (The book doesn't tell us the age) they get a smaller operation and turn into middle pretties. The middle pretties are no longer in the city but in the suburbs. There they get to have a spouse and children (they only allow one child every 10 years because they don't want them to know what siblings are like). Then when they hit another age they get another operation and go to crumbles which is another city for the older pretties live until they die. Customs The Uglies
By:Scott Westerfeld Family Tally Youngblood is an only child.
Her parents names are Ellie and Sol.
Tally never gets to see her parents since they are in middle pretty town and she's in ugly town.She doesn't call her parents mom and dad; she calls them by their real names. Everyone in Tally's town knows about the outside world. Or at least they think they do. All they know is that the generations before them, otherwise known as the Rusties, almost destroyed the world. The Rusty Ruins, what they call the old abandoned Rusty town, is often visited by Uglies that are sneaking out to have some fun.What they don't know is that there are other town besides theirs. Before there were Pretties and Uglies, there were the Rusties. The Rusties were basically the same civilization that we live in today. They died out because of a bacteria that caused fuel to explode when it came in contact with oxygen. The Rusties are now the laughingstock of the current society. History Presentation by: Hannah Van Sickle, Olivia Schultz, and Hannah Rupp Published: February 8, 2005 Food In the book, Tally gets food whenever she wants. All she has to do is tall her room what to make her and in a matter of seconds she has it! But, when she goes on her adventure to find the Smoke, she must cook her own food with packets and a thermos type thing. The only food packets that Tally grabbed was Spagbol, or spaghetti bolognese. At the end of her trip she was sick of it and longed for the food at home. When she got to the Smoke, though, she discovered that they hunted and killed animals for food. The idea was revolting to her but she soon adapted to their ways. Symbolism In the book, there is a lot of symbolism. For example, the Smoke symbolizes rebellion, New Pretty town symbolizes ignorance, the Specials symbolizes control and fear, and Ugly Town symbolizes insecurity. Key Terms/ Words Interface Ring- a ring that monitors where you go and what you say

Littlies- Young uglies

Clear Cutting- cutting down trees in order to make a clearing

Lesions- cells in the brain that change the way you think Power In this book, the Specials have all the power. If you want power, you must become a Special. Dr. Cable is the leader of the Specials. She holds the most power and controls the whole town. Individuality vs Sameness In Uglyville, they are all different and individual people. They dream of being pretty and the same as everyone else. They even play games to see what they might look like as a Pretty. Once they turn 16 and get the surgery, they blend in with everyone else and fall into sameness. No one stand out and is recognized for anything special about them. Anything they had before that defined them is stripped from them and replaced with things that everyone else has. Physical Appearance Uglies: The uglies look like we would look today, with everybody looking different, features and clothing.

Pretties: After the operation you turn "pretty." Pretties have the ideal image of what we would consider pretty (perfect eyes, mouth, height, and everything else). Pretties usually are dressed up because of all the parties they go to.

Specials: Specials are made to keep order, so they have features designed to also be used as weapons.
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