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Music XL

star wars

Connor Roberts

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Music XL

For my music XL task I have chosen the film Star Wars.

I have chosen this film because John Williams composed the music for it. Also, it was my favorite film when I was younger. Music XL Task John Williams Introduction John Williams was born on February 8 1932 and went on to become one of the most famous composers in the world.
He conducted some of the greatest and best known theme tunes for blockbuster movies such as:
-Indiana Jones
-Harry Potter
-Jurassic park
-and Star Wars! By Connor Roberts Star Wars Theme Tune John Williams is most famous for conducting the opening theme tune in the Star Wars saga.
It won Baftas and a Golden Globe for
the best film music. Sadness Happiness Fear In the film there are a lot of scenes that display certain emotions. In almost all of these scenes a piece of music is played to emphasize the emotions and to make the scene more effective.
For example... Atmospheres/Emotions Star Wars What is the purpose of film music? Music is what makes a film more atmospheric by enhancing the emotions felt by the audience. Certain scenes would be far less effective if a film had no music.

For example, when music is played to accompany a sad scene the sound would be softer and the tempo would be slower so viewers would react better because the music emphasizes the mood. Sometimes, its the music that makes a film
more memorable or likeable.
The Star Wars theme tune is instantly
recognised all over the world.
Its likely that most people still remember the music
just as much as the film.
Its amazing how many people would recognise the Star Wars theme tune from hearing just the first few seconds. Film music is very important because it makes the whole film more special.
In fact, it would be hard to imagine any film could be really succesful without a great sound track. To Conclude
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