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Emergence and evolution of modern sport

No description

Rachael Clark

on 4 September 2017

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Transcript of Emergence and evolution of modern sport

Society and sport
Emergence and evolution of modern sport
You will need to know:
How social and cultural factors shaped characteristics of sports and pastimes in pre-industrial Britain.
To give you context: Pre-industrial Britain
What are social and cultural factors?
Our community, in this context.

the set of beliefs and customs that leads us to behave in a particular way within our community.
Examples of socio-cultural factors and their impact
Pre-industrial revolution for the purpose of the specification will be confined to before the mid-eighteenth century.
Sport and Society

6.1- Emergence and evolution of modern sport

6.2- Sport in the twenty-first century

6.3- Global sporting events

What are social and cultural factors?
What factors affect their sporting performance?
More specifically for the specification...
Socio-cultural factors and you...
What sport do you play?
How long have you played?
What level do you play at?
How often do you play?
What impacts on your sporting participation?
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