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Rock And Roll

rock and roll timeline

Kiana Wu

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Rock And Roll

Rock 'N' Roll Fifties 1951- "Rocket 88" considered the first rock record is released. 1952- Little Richard's first album debuts. 1953- Elvis Presley makes his first private recording. 1954- Ray Charles starts his own band. 1955- Blackboard Jungle is released featuring 'Rock Around the Clock' by Bill Haley and The Comets 1957-Chuck Berry releases his first number one hits. 1958- Elvis Presley is drafted into the U.S. Army Sixties 1962- The Supremes' first record is released by Motown. 1963- Surf music starts to play over the radio. 1964- British invasion, The Beatles hit America. 1966- The Beach Boys' first album "pet sounds" is released. 1967- The Beatles release another album. Cream unleashes two albums. Seventies 1970- Jimi Hendrix dies. Also, the Beatles break up. 1971- Death of Jim Morrison 1972- Smokey Robinson records solo. 1973- Led Zeppelin tour, Pink Floyd releases album. 1975- Rod Stewart quites The Faces. 1976- Stevie Wonder releases an album that wins 5 Grammy awards. 1977- Elvis Presley dies. 1978- Van Halen releases their first album. 1979- The Who releases two movies and go on tour. Eighties 1980- John Lennon is murdered. 1984- Jackie Wilson succumbs to a long illness. 1985- "We Are The World" is recorded in support of suffering people in the USA and Africa. 1986- The Rolling Stones are awarded The Lifetime Achievement Grammy. 1987- Billy Joel tours and records an album. Nineties 1991- Guns N' Roses release an album. 1992- Seattle, Nirvana and Pearl Jam become popular. 1993- U2 finishes up a two year tour. 1994- Kurt Cobain dies. 1995- Neil Young and Pearl Jam perform and record together. 1998- The Rolling Stones give concerts in Russia followed by Ringo Starr's Fourth All-Starr Band. 1961- The Marvelettes "Please Mr. Postman" becomes the first #1 Pop hit released on a black owned and operated label 1965-James Brown makes a startling and abrupt shift from pure soul to a rhythm-based new invention of his own making called "funk" 1983- Phil Rudd from AC/DC is sacked from the band in the middle of the recording sessions. His drug taking abuses and personal problems with other members of the band lead to his firing 1988- Aerosmith wins 3 MTV Music Awards. 1995 - The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum opens in Cleveland. 1979- Ozzy Osbourne is fired from Black Sabbath because he was 'unreliable' and goes solo. In early 1982, Metallica recorded its first original song "Hit the Lights" 1987: Bon Jovi's album 'Slippery When Wet' was named the top selling album of the year by Billboard
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