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Croydon Technology History 1800-2013

This is a Prezi about Croydon's Technology History since the 1800's up until 2013.

Zain Hashmi

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Croydon Technology History 1800-2013

Croydon Technology History 1800-2013
Croydon Central Library Computers
This computer had no hard drive, so people had to use a floppy disk to save files. This computer tells us that in the 1880's they still had technology to use.
First Colour Television
this was one of the first colour televisions that were created. It was made by a famous brand, Phillips. The curved screen would lit up first and then it would show something new.
The copiers really got better because it became electricity powered. by this happening, people only need to insert the papers and put in what number they want of the original copy. This suggest that copiers was a hard thing to use in the early days, whereas now it really easy to use.
Music started changing from about 2000. Now you can get music on computers, phones and more. Music players now have a small disk to play music instead of a big one. This suggest that people needed more space.
By Zain Hashmi
used in libraries for 9 years
As time passed, technology had developed a lot. For example in 1882 they had computers with no hard drive to save stuff, but now they have a mass amount of storage. This suggest that technology developed quickly because it was needed for everyday life.
The Phillips K500
After about 50 years televisions got reinvented. Now its a flat screen and you can record the programs you've missed or watch it later. Now you don't have to wait to see whats on because its so easy to know by tv guides and more, also if you missed a bit, you can rewind it. They also comes 3d today. This suggest that we needed something more exiting to watch and we needed information. So it has developed.
Copying Machine
This is a photocopier machine. This could make 100 copies from one original sheet. It was use for houses and schools. This copier was slightly hard because you had to put the paper in and turn the stick to make the copy.
Record Player
This is a picture of the first record player. It was used for entertainment
and for dancing. This was popular because it was the only thing that produced music.
ALAn's RaDiO
this was created for people to listen to:entertainment, shows and news. This radio tells us that before televisions were invented, these were used.
the radio changed a lot because people wanted a hand version to carry around. The medium version was for moving around the house.
The Gee Camera was the camera that was the first. it was really big and heavy. people only used it in special occasions because it was really heavy.
the camera still had the same name. but it is better. Now you can carry it around because it was small and lightweight. this can be used in every day life because its east to transport it.
Telephone of 1500
this is how people use to communicate in the 1500, the used a telephone. it was not portable so nobody had a telephone when they went out.
Smart Phones
this is a phone of the year. people wanted a smart phone that was portable and a all in one. It has games, news, entertainment and many more.
This suggest that people needed a phone with everything in one.
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