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hop frog

No description

tina do

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of hop frog

By:Edgar Allan Poe Hop Frog Author Biography • Early 1800s
• Courtroom
• Ballroom Setting PRESENTATION BY: TINA ZACH AND NOLAN THE END Characters Birth: January 19, 1809
Death: October 7, 1849
Author, Poet, and literary critic
Story was published in 1849 Two fools, Hop-frog and Trippetta, are forced to entertain an unruly king who constantly dis respects Hop-frog as a person for being a paralized little person
• Trippeta, also a little person but beautiful, became very close with Hop-frog and used her popularity for the benefit of him
• The king had forced Hop-frog to drink wine. Knowing how much he hated wine, Trippeta told the king to stop so he hit her and threw the wine in her face
• Hop-frog became agered but did not show it, instead he had the king and his ministers to participate in a masquerade
• As they hung Hop-frog lit them on fire and escaped with Trippetta Hop Frog Trippetta The King King`s Entourage Theme Mood and Atmosphere Conflict Climax Point of View The main theme of the story is revenge.
Another theme of the story is empathy.
Hop frog shows a lot of empathy towards Trippetta although he is angered by the king and his friends picking on him and forcing him to drink wine what really sets him over the edge is when the king splashes wine in the face of Trippetta. This is the final straw and hop frog decided to murder the king. This empathy hop frog feels is his main reason for revenge thus combining the two themes Third person narrative

Prevents hidden information from being given away from the mind of hop frog. Since you are unaware of what hop frogs intentions are you are pulled along through the story unknowing just as the king and his men are.

Since this is a short story the point of view fits in well because you don’t need to know any more then what the character show you. There is little purpose of going in deeper to the characters because it wouldn’t have helped the story along. Literary Devices Social Science Criticisms Symbols Imagery Alliteration The death of the King Plot •King is a bad person. Treats Jesters badly ( Person V.s person)
•Hop Frog has to deal with his disability ( Person V.s Self)
•Hop frog had to deal with the King’s entourage (Person V.s Society) •Dark and eerie
•Mood is lifted slightly at the end
•Anger and Hatred towards the king
• Resentment towards the King by Hop Frog
•Hop Frog is Hopeless. 3500s BC are the earliest known years of slavery
Later slavery became more prejudice towards select races
Like in Hop-frog, slavery throughout the ages resulted in many revolts and rebellions and wars Monkeys metaphor irony repetition
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