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Year 6 camp to Hpa An

No description

Network School

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Year 6 camp to Hpa An

Year 6 camp to Hpa An
By Anna and Victoria

The start of the trip
On the start of the day all of the year 6 students all arrived to school at 6:30 am. While they were waiting for the bus to come they were taking pictures, play games and talk with their families and friends.
On the Bus
We arrived on the bus at 7:00 am. We sat in pairs half of the trip. On the bus we were listening to music, playing games,eating snacks and chatting with friends. Teacher Rosie and teacher Rita were with us on the bus for the whole time.
Toilet Break
On the way at Bago for a toilet break at a restaurant.
Feel restaurant
For lunch we stop at the Feel restaurant. We can order whatever we want. The food taste very delicious. After eating we went to toilet break.
Groups and sleeping buddies
On the bus teacher Rosie announced who we are sleeping with and which teacher groups we are in.
Arrival of Hpa An

When we arrived to Hpa An we went to Bayint Nyi cave with our groups.
Hotel Gabbana

After all those tired things we finally arrived to our hotel. It was a very good hotel. Every one rushed into their rooms.
The Lake
We walked to the lake with our groups . We were taking pictures too. We walked on the bridge.
The dinner

After we came back we washed our hands and get in line for dinner.
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