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Copy of "Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong"

vocabulary, grammar, comprehension skill and strategy, phonics, build concepts, and more; review with quizlet.com

Shannon Pitts

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of "Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong"

Comprehension Skill
The End
Luke Bergeson
University Place Elem
follow us @mrbsclass1
an area used regularly by
aircraft to land and take off
strange; odd; unusual
very pleasing or satisfying;
delightful, especially to the
taste or smell
told in words how someone looks, feels, or acts; to record the most important things about a place, a thing, or an event
parting; last
very sad because you
are far away from home
persons, things, or events
that you can remember
the water that falls in
drops from the clouds
feeling excited and positive
about something
things that you own,
that belong to you
This week's story is about a girl who moved
from her home in South Korea to the United States.
She misses her family and friends back home. As we read this week, think of the ways she deals with being homesick.
Let's watch a video clip of
life in South Korea.
You can watch the rest of
this series on YouTube. It is called
"South Korea: A Nation to Watch".
A New Girl in Class

Keiko is a new girl in school. She moved here from Japan. She is learning to speak English.

Our class is learning about people from other countries. Our teacher told us to choose a country and find pictures of that country and its people to share with the class.

One day, Keiko surprised the class. She came to school wearing a bright blue dress called a kimono. It was different and beautiful! Then she shared some food from her country. Everyone tasted it. The food was delicious.

That was our most interesting class and the most fun!
Sequence of Events
The sequence of a story is the
order in which events happen.
Clue words, such as
, are often used to signal the
sequence of events.
also be clues. Sometimes, no clue words
are used at all.
Let's watch the story of
"The Three Little Pigs" and
practice sequence of events.
The wolf blew down the
house made of hay.
The wolf blew down the
house made of sticks.
The wolf tried to blow down
the house made of bricks.
The wolf burned his tail on the
soup and ran away from the pigs.
Say this word.
Then say "ball" before
each of these words.
Are the vowel sounds you hear in the words the same or different?
Are the spellings of the vowel sounds the same or different?
When a is followed by
, or
, it usually stands for the sound you hear in
vowel sound in
The taxi
An adverb is a word that can tell how, when,
or where something happens.
Adverb that tells how.
Adverb that tells where.
Many adverbs end in...
Difficulties people face in a new culture
Turn to p. 254-255 and look at the photos
If someone is new to America, what difficulties might the person have with a subway map?
He or she might not know how to read it.
When you go to a new country, you might not be able to speak the language or communicate with other people. Let's add
to the concept map.
What forms of transportation are the children using?
subway, bicycles, bus
Depending upon where you live, there are different customs, or ways of doing things. Let's add
to our concept map.
What kinds of places do you see in the photos?
There is a dry, dusty place. There are places with trees and roads.
Different countries have different climates. Some people might leave a rural area and have to learn how to live in a city. Let's add
to our concept map.
p. 258-259
p. 256-257
Day 2
Day 1
Day 3
Day 4
Choral read each word:
draw because taught
always almost talking
brought false
Choral read the sentences:
I feel awful about the way I treated you.
The recipe calls for one stalk of celery.
My daughter thought our new walkway looked nice.
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Realistic fiction
is a made-up story with characters, a setting, and events that seem real. The characters in a realistic fiction do and say things that real people do. The settings and problems are ones that readers will recognize from real life.
Purpose for reading: To gain knowledge of the difficulties of adapting to a new culture.
I was eight years old, old enough to keep many lovely memories of my birthplace alive in my heart forever. But one very sad memory stays with me too. The day I cried, "Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong!"
What are memories?
things a person remembers
what context clues help you understand the meaning of memories?
the words lovely, alive in my heart forever, one very sad, stays with me too
What does Jangmi mean when she says that she will keep many lovely memories of her birthplace "alive in my heart forever"?
She means she will never forget what she remembers of her birthplace
a au aw al augh ough
Sort the following words on the chart based on their vowel patterns:
sausage pause thought haunt
taught applause caught
straw awe scald
stalk almost daughter
bought recall awkward

Which part of a map tells you what the symbols stand for?
the legend
What can you use to determine the distance between two places on a map?
the scale
Which symbol indicates a city?
a black dot or star
To our surprise a parade of neighbors waltzed in carrying plates of curious food. There were pink-and-white iced cakes and warm pans containing something called casseroles.
What other words could we use in place of curious?
How would you describe what it would look like if a person "waltzed into a room"?
We read that Jangmi was conscious of how different things in America are compared to Korea. She notices things about the buildings and people that show how strange America is to her. This makes her
of how out of place she feels.
What was Jangmi consious of as she walked through her new home?
how different the home is from her home in Korea
What words are synonyms for the word conscious?
aware, know
Homophone 1 Homophone 2

allowed aloud
patients patience
mussel muscle
presents presence

Look at the Homophone chart on your whole group discussion questions. Complete the second column of the chart by writing a homophone for each word in column one.
Spelling does matter.
Check to see how well you did!
Poetry is a creative expression of language, usually written to entertain or express feelings.
Many poems have rhythm and rhyme, much like music.
Poems use imagery, or sensory language that helps the reader picture the way something looks, sounds, feels, tastes, and smells.
Amazing Words
native impolite
homeland habit
aspect manner
advantage conscious
sponsor insult

ou sound - same in good

ough - long o sound
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