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F.A.S.T 1 Review

No description

erin Schlauch

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of F.A.S.T 1 Review

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Indicator 3.5.1 Students will analyze the relationships between biotic diversity and abiotic factors in environments and the resulting influence on ecosystems. Indicator 1.1.4 Students will recognize data that are biased. Fast Review Scientific Method and Ecology The student will identify appropriate methods for conducting an investigation Indicator 1.2.6 The student will modify or affirm scientific ideas to accumulate data. Indicator 1.1.2 The student will recognize safe laboratory procedures. Indicator 1.3.2 ARE YOU READY? The student will analyze the
interrelationships and interdependencies
among different organisms and explain how
these relationships contribute to the
stability of the ecosystem. Indicator 3.5.2 The student will investigate how natural and man-made changes in environmental conditions will affect individual organisms and the dynamics of populations. Indicator 3.5.3 The student will illustrate how all organisms are part of and depend on two major global food webs that are positively or negatively influenced by human activity and technology. Indicator 3.5.4 Controlled Experiment
Independent/Manipulated Variable
Dependent/Responding variable
Constants Abiotic
- Soil
- Sun(light)
- Water
- Temperature

- organisms
- plant/animals
- predator - prey
- parasite - host
- Commensalism
- mutualism
- competition Diversity
Pyramid (energy,biomass) Tropic Level
- Producer/autotroph
- Consumer/ Heterotroph
- herbivore
- omnivore
- carnivore
- scavenger
- decomposer - depletion of food
- destruction of habitats
- disease
- natural disasters
- pollution
- population increase
- urbanization oceanic food web
terrestrial food web - Eat Well
- Get a good nights rest
Follow directions
Safety Procedures
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