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Keira Pierre

No description

Susan Baker

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Keira Pierre

Keira Pierre
The Dinka
The homes in the Dinka tribe!
Usually 4ft above ground, windowless, warm/coldish despite the temp , circular. The modern are more rectangular.

Life revolves around cattle, one man needs around 300 cows to pay bride price.

cultural factors

Sorghum or millet,crushed, water used to make bread then is put with veggies or milk, sorghum porridge cow milk fish meat beans.

Robes/tops, tunics,1800's - 1950 Woman could not go in the street with face covered
South Sudan
A lie to a murder, might be an occasion for a sacrificial propitiation of the divine.
Fun Facts
Manute Bol was a basketball player. 7 feet 7 inches tallest player in history
Sites I visited
Team, Glogster. “The Dinka of Sudan.” The Dinka of Sudan: the Dinka of Sudan | Glogster EDU - Interactive Multimedia Posters, edu.glogster.com/glog/the-dinka-of-sudan/1roqilfj5rf.

“Where?” Dinka Tribe, dinkaworld.weebly.com/where.html.

“Sudan's Unifying Fashion.” YouTube, 19 July 2010, youtu.be/oif8QBDSLho.

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“Manute Bol - Basketball Warrior.” YouTube, 8 Aug. 2017, youtu.be/75ezo9SO0vs

South Sudan, www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ss.html#flag.
Northern Sudan said that everyone in their country should be their religion. 1985, 23 years ago.
Black represents the people of South Sudan, red the blood shed in the struggle for freedom, green the verdant land, and blue the waters of the Nile. The gold star represents the unity of the states making up South Sudan. White represents Sudan peace for which many lives have been lost.
Fun Facts
The Dinka take up 38% of South Sudan
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