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Oberbroeckling and Correll tundra

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Oberbroeckling and Correll tundra

TUNDRAS animals that live in tundras
duck , elk , fox , bunny , oxen , wolves , caribou , and birds. natural resources:
*ice cotton grass , other grasses , cranberry
sedges ,lichens , and wildflowers. cold amd dy- inches of snow/rain per year
tempeture -
in winter -30
in summer 59f people plant crops in this ecosystem
animals can eat the crops for food facts about tundras
there are about 1700 different plants in the arctic and alpine tundras.
tundra begins where forests end.
tundra sometimes is called arctic desert.
arctic animals fur turns white.
caribu face dangers during migration continents were tundras are in: North America , Green Land , Russia , Sail Board, Europe , South America , Africa , and Central America. size of ecosystem:
tundra covers 20% of earth
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