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Attendance Software

No description

Harsh Malewar

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Attendance Software

The tradition system 1. Inefficient A lot of time is wasted in maintaining records Calculation errors Human Errors 20 mins/ day invested

200 working days

4000 mins/year/teacher

50 teachers/college

200,000 mins/year invested in maintaining records Too many records become a headache for teacher

Errors in calculations lead to extra efforts later 2. Slow retrieval Retrieving records is slow 3. No data mining No substantial inferences can be concluded as the students data is too much

No presentable evidence can be provided 4. Test Records Test records have to be maintained separately Progress tracking is poor Guidance to the needy student is flawed 5. Cost of stationary Keeping all this in mind 6. No universal access Students cannot track their
own progress and records
to make self assessments We designed a software which is Robust Secure Efficient Comprehensive Expanding Flexible Universally accessible The power is in your clicks now Features 1. Mark Attendances 1. Subject Attendances

2. Regular Attendances

3. Practical Attendances Procedure to mark attendances 1. Select Absent roll numbers by Ctrl+click 2. Select date 3. Hit GO! & you are done ! 1 2 3 easy steps Isn't that easy? Just a few clicks 2. Display Attendances 1. Monthly Roll number wise attendances

2. Class attendance for a date

3. Overall attendance of a student What is new? 1. Dynamic graphs 2. Dynamic data 3. User friendly interface 3. Faculty Management 1. Teaching staff

2. Non-teaching staff 4. Subject Management 1. Add/edit subjects and practicals

2. Keep a track of the subjects

3. Subjects added are taken for attendance 5. Test Analysis 1. Create tests

2. Enter scores

3. Perform analysis Quick-friendly Track class progress with charts Summary reports
sort records as you want Print records Edit records as you want 6. Digital Report cards 1. Digital report card for every student

2. Track student academic performance

3. Perform analysis of a student

4. Academic ratings 6. Alumni Management 1. Account for all the alumnis

2. Keep a track of your alumnis 7. Ratings 1. Automated ratings to classify students

2. Rating is based upon 1. Academic rating 2. Attendance Rating 3. ECA rating! 7. Notifications 1. Send notifications to students

2. Display them on your front end 1. By Email 2. To student's account ADMINISTRATOR 8. Search Comprehensive search 1. Search by caste 2. Search by name/roll 3. Males to Females ratio for
every search There is more Let us talk about student features Editable at anytime Student Account And lot more Contacts Addresses Contains
marks Unique logins One time
registration (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Student Features Every student will have their

accounts throughout their

term Track all information 1. Attendance

2. Report cards

3. Test scores

4. Ratings 9. Defaulter's list 1. Make your own criteria

2. See defaulter's list

3. Send defaulter's letter in a format 10. Generate roll 1. New registration

2. When the class is promoted So what is this system? Software Features 1. No compatibility issues Can run on any system 2. Universal Access Can be accessed from anywhere in the world 3. Mobile Access Can be accessed by mobiles 4. Remotely maintained Any problem? It can be remotely fixed There's some more you need
to know System Features A web interface Requirements 1. Internet Connection
2. Lab with LAN network
3. Faculty Assistance
4. A software committee in your institution ` we call it TriEvon TriEvon The power is in your clicks now So why this software? The real question is Why not? Give us a call for a presentation and demonstration

at your institute.

For more information and offers , log on to



facebook.com/triconsis Thank you for watching Our package includes 1. Free upgrade to the next version of the software

2. Faculty training + registration assistance

3. Updates for the first 6 months after set up

4. 1 Year maintenance contract

5. 1 Year web hosting for the entire system included
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