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Love Re-hab

No description

Laquan Williams

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Love Re-hab

Double click anywhere & add an idea Addicted to: Chemicals involved in Love La'Quan Williams
Mrs. Foreman
English 4
Cocaine Chocolate And...Love? Thesis:
Stages Of Love! Dopamine
"The Pleasure
Love is a form of chemical addiction! Stage 1: Lust
Stage 2: Attraction Stage 3: Attachment
"Serotonin is a chemical that influences practically every aspect of the brain life helping to shape mood, energy level, memory, and outlook on life" (Richard Pestak, "The Naked Brain") Serotonin Females have half as much present in their brain
Drug addicts have lower levels of Serotonin

Both causes dopamine to surge through the brain

Both causes adrenaline to surge through the body

Both will lower Serotonin levels

Both stimulate the Caudate (Reward System)

Oxytocin Vasopressin Norepinephrine
Causes Sweaty palms
Racing Heart
Loss of Appetite
Focused Atention Experiments
Helen Fisher's Experiment at Stony Brook University
Dr. Anna Rose Experiment at The University Of Pennsylvania
"No Wonder Lovers talk all Night or walk till dawn, write extravagant poetry and self-revealing emails, cross continents or oceans to hug for just a weekend, change jobs or lifestyles, even die for one another." (Helen fisher, Your Brain in Love) Love Re-Hab! Dopamine Caudate Serotonin Norepinephrine
Love is a form of chemical addiction
3 key chemicals are involved
FMRI Studies show that Romantic Love and addiction have the same brain patterns
Natural Means of Reproduction

Conclusion: Work Cited Small, Gary and Vorgan, Gigi. "Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind". New York; Harper Collins, 2008

Pestak, Richard. "The Secret Life of the Brain." New York; The DANA Press, 2001

Pestak, Richard. "The Naked Brain." New York; Harmony Books 2006

Romero, Joshua. "Helen, Fisher Tells Us Why We Love + Cheat."


Jean, Carper. "Your Miracle." New York; Harper Collins, 2008

Fisher, Helen. "The Science of Love." 2009

Now Get Out there and get that Dopamine!!!!
The Natural Way!!! So How is Love and Addiction Similiar?
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