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My Dream Job

My hopes in becoming an a emergency doctor. This presentation will show all I want to do and what I need to do to get there.

David Rodriguez

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of My Dream Job

By, David Rodriguez My Hopes and Dreams in becoming an a Emergency Room Physician. This presentation will show my goal in reaching my dream job. It isn't easy to reach but it is sure not impossible. I really am really happy with my choice. Introduction I have always wanted to become a doctor, but they're so many different types of doctor. As I look through the choices of doctors I've realize the importance of being an a emergency room physician. I will really enjoy helping others. My dream Job So I have finally decided what I wanted to do and I want to become an a emergency room physician. Emergency room physicians are doctors who helps patients with an emergency so they never know what they will encounter. It is one of the most hard positions for a doctor. I believe this is for me because I really love to help others especially in emergencies. It show kindness and love to everyone. Emergency Room Physician
Of course to become an ER Physician you have to study in the medical field but there is so much needed to be done. You have to study emergency medicine, anatomy, diseases, etc. Not only that but I would have to practice working with others because I will be leading and making the decisions through operations and emergencies. What kind of education is
needed for my career In-State Residents have to pay $16,650 per year according to the American Association of Medical Colleges and for non-state resident it will be $34,900 per year. It will take me about 10 to 15 years to finish and earn my degree. The Typical Cost
for Colleges Bright futures
Hans Wilk Scholarship
Dr. Julia A. Delehanty Memorial Scholarship
Dr. John and Mrs. Mary Constantine Scholarship Are there any scholarships
for my career in school. The salary for this career ranges from almost $150,00
to $300,000 per year. It all depends on how much experience you have in that certain position. What is the average salary
for being an ER Physician This has always been a big dream of mine besides having a wife and kids. Becoming a doctor means so much to mean and I believe getting into the ER will be fun and challenging. But most of all my destiny in life is to help others. I was born to love and serve others. Now I'm going to make this dream come true. Conclusion What is my back up plan Due to the fact that the career I have chosen takes 10-15 years and the price of college is high. I have also considered in getting my masters in nursing. Another goal I can accomplish and that relates to what I want to do. It also is shorter to accomplish.
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