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Ben Lovelady

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Galatians

Paul's Understanding
and Defense
Take Away
"Christian righteousness is, namely, that righteousness by which Christ lives in us, not the righteousness that is in our own person. Therefore when it is necessary to discuss Christian righteousness, the person must be completely rejected. For if I pay attention to the person or speak of the person, then, whether intentionally or unintentionally on my part, the person becomes a doer of works who is subject to the Law. But here Christ and my conscience must become one body, so that nothing remains in my sight but Christ, crucified and risen. By paying attention to myself...I lose sight of Christ who alone is my righteousness and life."
Martin Luther
The Agitators
Mutation of the Gospel
The Law
Begun by faith, finish by what?
Earlier occasion of conflicts
They've bewitched the Galatians
Seeking to win to no good
A contrast
(6:12-13, 15)
Beginning & finishing
Paul's hope
(3:10; 5:3)
The Cruciform Life
1:4 & 6:17
6:2 & 5:13-14
How was Abraham saved?
(3:6-9, 15-18)
The Law must be kept in its entirety
(3:10; 5:2-4)
What did Habakkuk teach?
Why the Law?
To lead us to faith
(3:12, 19-29)
Guardians and sons
A reminder
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