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RealVision Stereo 3D offerings

In this talk, we will look at Stereoscopic 3D intergration for Venues and 3D@Home

clyde desouza

on 11 October 2011

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Transcript of RealVision Stereo 3D offerings

About Real Vision Consultancy

Our core area of work is Creative Use of Technology to produce solutions that are targeted toward markets for Engineering, Culture and Heritage awareness, Real Estate and Entertainment.

Real Vision provides clients with solutions for "Experential Marketing" using know-how in Stereoscopic 3D and Augmented Reality.

On a timely basis, we release new concepts, creations and share knowledge that form the seeds for new ideas.

Real Vision "grows" from 2 people to a crack team of international experts numbering 8 or more, when undertaking a project, and then disband untill the next stimulating assignment comes along. Stereo 3D Multisensory Experience Room Server Room, DMX ambient lighting, 5.1 surround sound
..upcoming: low fog machine synced to rainy+cloud scenes in the movie. Innovate when doing Stereo 3D World's most expensive French Flag? THANK YOU! Visit www.realvision.ae/blog to learn more... Medicine and Engineering Visualization in Universities? Stereo3D not only for Movies 3D Media Production not only for Movies Board Members and Investors don't understand Formulas and Technical Details
They need "multimedia" movies to understand Oil and Gas investments

Geologists and Scientists themseleves need Stereo 3D visualiztion to visualize scans
before drilling

Power walls? - 3 and 4 Sided Caves? what are they
Culture and Heritage (Education Market) Make Education interesting
Digitize your Culture and Heritage; Preserve it...
Create Realtime tour movies in Stereoscopic 3D
Molecular / Chemical Visualization Create Digital Assets for S3D rendering (show Realtime Heritage Movie if Time allows) Case Study 2: 3D in Universities... Setting up the 3D Theater with Staff Students of NYP - passion for S3D The "ET" gets a Stereoscopic 3D makeover Installing the S3D enabled PC at the ET. The Active to Passive Converter that made S3D possible in the ET. In-the-field hands on Stereoscopic 3D with Cameras School of Interactive Design and Media (SIDM)
..encouraging the professors to think in Stereo 3D ..tomorrow's Cinematographers will Script and "think" in 3D ...Enabling 3D in classrooms , with realvision.ae knowhow Setting up a 3D camera rig, genlocking, pre-visualization Realtime Stereoscopic 3D for gaming and Virtual Cinematography 3D design software, MAYA running in real-time in Stereo 3D Stereo 3D is the logical evolution of Visual Communication 3D markets for A/V Integrators Bulky Mirror rig or parallel rig? Beam Splitter - or - Mirror box rig Case Study: Stereoscopic 3D AV installation for Marketing Dolby 3D (Infitec) projection system Nurturing Local Talent Market for Schools and Eduction with low cost
DLP 3D projectors. Brief Plug for Realvision Digital Signage goes 3D Autostereoscopic 3D Displays: Advantages:
Eye catching Signage
No Glasses needed
Limited "sweet spot" viewing zones
3D "cross talk"
Content creation difficulties (5 - 8 views or more needed)
NO 3D GLASSES NEEDED Creative Use Of Technology Realtime 3D Visualization Right Tools for the Right Job Corporate Lobby
Reception Area
Trade Show Booth Feature Film: Paani by Shekhar Kapur SteadiCam mountable 3D rig 2K realtime video editing in 3D Oil and Gas Industry Education in 3D 3D content needed for education
3D is not only for the movies
Advertising in 3D at Cinemas and on 3DTVs Notice how all ads play in 2D at 3D movies?
The AD industry has been caught unawares
Creative depts in AD agencies will need 3D media Events in 3D Real Vision's "Think in 3D" Workshops
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