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Back-to-School Night

No description

Kelly Taylor

on 12 August 2018

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Transcript of Back-to-School Night

Standards Based Report Cards
Back-to-School Night
Classroom Management
Behavior Plan:

Purpose: to facilitate students in their ability to self-monitor their behavior and to be accountable for their choices.
The homework that is assigned is
The homework will be announced during the subject that it is given, AND the teacher will take a moment at the end of the day to update the homework board as students update their agenda book.
Typical homework: read for 20+ minutes, math, spelling.
Homework will be posted on the classroom website.
Homework should NOT be frustrating. If it is, please put it aside, and write a note to me in the agenda.
Agenda Books
Will be initialed by teacher every day.
Eventually if a student is responsible enough, the teacher will no longer initial the agenda book.
Please take some time to initial the agenda book too, you may also write notes, ask questions, etc. I will check it every morning.
Friday Folders-

They are sent home every Friday.
Should be returned by Monday.
Science/Social Studies-

* Start with Science: Ecosystems/ Watersheds
* Science Fair Project
* LeTort Field Trip/* Gettysburg Field Trip
* EveryDay Mathematics.
* 90 Minutes of Math.

* SSR (Sustained Silent Reading)
* HWT (Handwriting Without Tears)
*Whole Group
*Small Group
*RTII (Intervention Groups)
*Integrate social studies

*Each list will be given every other week and will be based on a M-F schedule.
*Spelling final test every other Friday.
*Words their way lists.
*The weeks in between: vocabulary lesson.
* Goal: 2-3 completed essays a month.
*Focus on different modes of writing (Informative, Persuasive, and Narrative).
-Please sign in on the parent sign in sheet.
- Please write a letter to your child.
- Please take a parent survey with you to fill out, or fill it out here. Your input is EXTREMELY important.
Please see me for a class dojo log-in.
Welcome to 5th Grade!

Mrs. Kelly Taylor


Dojo Dollars
It was great meeting you!

I look forward to a great year!
Mastery Learning
*The goal is for your child to master a standard.
*For instance, a standard for science in the
Ecosystem unit is:

"Demonstrates understanding of relationships and components of different ecosystems."

*Throughout the unit, I will be assessing and collecting several assignments (3-5) that the student has completed on the standard.
*Then by looking at their work, I will determine using district created rubrics if a student has mastered it.
*Standards vary per marking period, subject, and unit. Sometimes standards will stay the same in a subject and I will be looking for growth, and sometimes there will be a different standard in the subject that I am assessing.
What will this look like?
Why are we doing this?

*This is a more in-depth view of your child's progress and skill development.
*It will pin-point EXACTLY what your child needs and how we can help your child grow academically.
*It will show what your child is able to understand and is able to do.
* There will be no percentages, letter grades or honor roll given.
E- Exceeds the standard.
M- Meets the standard.
P- Progressing toward the standard.
I- Intensive assistance to meet the standard.
A classroom incentive:
Classroom scoreboard- students vs. teachers. The class will make a goal for the number of tallies they will earn in a day and earn a link every time the class meets the goal. Once the link hits the floor the classroom will vote on a reward.
For positive behavior:
Each student will be given a Dojo character.
Throughout the day as I see a student participating, paying attention, helping others, etc. I will give that student a Dojo point.
The student will earn Dojo points throughout the week and will have the opportunity to cash in those points - Dojo Dollars- for a reward.

For unwanted/distracting behavior:
The student will receive a (one) warning.
The student will get a negative dojo point, this will result in a consequence decided on by the teacher AND the parent.

Behavior will be summarized in several ways:
A student will be able to keep a "Dojo Dollar" transaction register.
Mrs. Taylor will keep track of their dojo points on a weekly basis.
Mrs. Taylor will sign agenda book and circle green, yellow, or red depending on the behavior that was displayed.
8:30 - Morning Bell
8:40- Late Bell
8:40-9:20- Science
9:20-9:34- First Recess
9:34-10:20- Special
10:20(ish)- Snack/Bathroom Break
10:30-12:50- Language Arts Block (spelling, reading, writing, social studies)
12:50-1:20- Lunch
1:20-1:35- Second Recess
1:35-3:15- Math
3:15 - Dismissal

Classroom Jobs:
-Hallway monitor
-Apple of my eye.
Classroom Rules:
1. Follow directions quickly.
2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
4. Make smart choices.
5. Keep your dear teacher happy!
Day 1: Gym
Day 2: Library
Day 3: Gym or Health
Day 4: Art
Day 5: Music
Day 6: Chorus
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