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Daniel Hale's life

No description

madison shendok

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Daniel Hale's life

Daniel Hale's life
Hospital Days
Hale opened Providen Hospitals & training school of nurses
An african american doctor, in 1863 Williams opened Providen Hospital, The 1st medical facility to have an interracial staff
One of the 1st phycians to sucessfully complete perdicardial surgery on a patient
Daniel dies experiencing a stroke in 1926 & died 5 years later on August 4th, 1931 in Idlewild, Michigan
Today Williams works as a pioneering phycian & advocating for an AA presence in Mediciane continues to be honored by institutions world wide
Ocupation: Surgeon
Birthday: January 18th, 1856
Death Date: August 4th, 1931
Education: Chicago Medical College
Place Of Birth: Hollidaysburg Pensylvania
Place of Death: Idelwild, Michigan
Full Name: Daniel Hale William 2
parent information
His parents were, Sarah Price Williams & Daniel Hale Williams
Elder Daniel Williams inhearriting a barber shop business
As elder Williams dies, 10 year old Daniel was sent to Baltimore with family friends
Like his father, he took up the barber shop but then decided to pursue his education
Williams love life
Williams left Freedmans in 1898, he married Alice Johnson
He then moved Chicago and went back to Provident
In 1863, Williams continued to make history by, operating on James Cornish a man with a serve stab to his chest who was brought to provident
Williams succesfully sutured cornishes pericadirum, the membrane sac enclosing the heart, thus becoming the 1st person to do an open heart surgery
He worked as an apprentice with Dr.Henry Palmer, a highly accomplished surgeon. Then completed further training at Chicago Medical College
African Americans were still banned from being admitted to hospitals in 1980
Hale believed that should be changed!!
Basic Facts
Surgery accomplishements
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