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Kotlin @ Skills Matter

London, April 2013

Andrey Breslav

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Kotlin @ Skills Matter

Web Demo:
kotlin-demo.jetbrains.com Write Kode Twit It http://kotlin-demo.jetbrains.com by Andrey Breslav Lead Language Designer Timeline 2012 M1 M2 M3 Beta Use at Spec & Release (v. 1.0) Parts of Bootstrap Examples Java Platform Making a Better Place Challenge Home Page: kotlin.jetbrains.org
Web Demo: kotlin-demo.jetbrains.com
Blog: blog.jetbrains .com/kotlin
Forum: Kotlin at devnet.jetbrains.com Twitter:
@abreslav Open Source Kompiler
IntelliJ IDEA Plugin http://github.com/JetBrains/Kotlin Apache 2 License Kontribute Patches
Tools Recently Contributed Collection & IO
utilities by James Strachan Resources Ant & Maven by Evgeny Goldin More Traits (code in interfaces)
First-class delegation
Generics with proper variance
... http://kotlin.jetbrains.org Design Goals 100% Java-compatible
Type-Safe Environment Friendly Productive Concise
Fast Well-Supported by Tools Learnable! http://github.com/jetbrains/kotlin Apache 2 License Open Source http://github.com/jetbrains/kotlin Competition:
Most retweets (minimum of 20)
By next Monday, March 26 Wins IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Prof. Vilayanur S Ramachandran Do you know this man? Haskell Kotlin Class Destroyer Can you guess what his occupation is? Big
Projects Smart
Compiler Right
Abstractions Kotlin Kotlin Cup<Coffee> b
= new Cup<Coffee>(
new Coffee()
); I know I said too much... How to make a cup of coffee? Java is too hard to evolve Groovy Scala Ceylon Kotlin Compatibilty
Tooling Kotlin Class Destroyer Kotlin Island Smart Expressive Safe Boilerplate Repetition Errors Modern language for Industry Cup<Coffee> cup
= new Cup<>(
new Coffee()
); A cup of Java 7
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