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No description

Drew Newton

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of JFK

The JFK AssassInatIon: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED The Event On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was
riding in his presidential motorcade in downtown
Dallas. In the car with him was his wife, Jackie,
Texas Govenor John Conally, and his wife Nellie
Conally. As they passed through Dealey Plaza
shots were fired at them. According to the Warren
Commission, the first shot missed, the second shot
hit Kennedy and Govenor Conally, and the third
was a fatal wound to Kennedy's head. Controversy Obviously, this event is very controversial. There
are several eye witnesses with different information
as well as a few pieces of visual evidence. However,
the only thing completely agreed upon by witnesses,
theorists, and skeptics is that President Kennedy was
assassinated, and Govenor Conally was shot in the
process. The most debatable subjects are who shot
Kennedy, where did the shots come from, and why
was he shot. Let's Take a Deeper Look to
See WHat Really Happened MAFIA! WAIT WAIT WAIT Before jumping to conclusions, some background
information should be taken into account. The Mafia
formerly supported JFK in the 1960 election by
allegedly rigging the votes of two states in JFK's
favor. However, they were upset when JFK selected
Robert Kennedy as his attorney general. Robert jailed
many mafia members with 12 times as many
prosecutions as the last presidential term. HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN So what really happened was a well organized Mafia hit on JFK.
Several people on the scene were involved: Oswald in the Book
Depository building, another unknown gunman on the grassy knoll,
Louis Wit on the sidewalk, and several suspicious-looking decoys.
Oswald served as the main gunman. Another gunman took position
on the grassy knoll, explaining 32% of the witness accounts. This
also explains how the the shots could have been fired at such speeds.
Louis Wit served as a signalman. In a recording of the assassination,
Wit is seen awkwardly fidgeting with an umbrella. As soon as the
umbrella begins to move, shots are fired. Lastly, several suspicious
decoys were put on the scene. That way, it would be more difficult to
identify which person was the actual threat. A LITTLE RIDICULOUS? So why hasn't anybody come forth? They have. A high ranking
Mafia member, Carlos Marcello confessed in detail about organizing
the assassination. The FBI released this information in 2006
but quickly withdrew the info from the public soon after. On a side
note, Oswald wasn't quite affiliated with the Mafia. He spent a lot of
his time in Jack Ruby's night club, a popular hang out of Mafia members.
Likely, this could have been the place where the assassination was
planned out, explaining why Jack Ruby killed Oswald before he could
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