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Endangered Species

No description

carrie sayphraraj

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Endangered Species

Endangered Species
list of endangered species
ristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis polemistes)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis polychrus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis prolatus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis proserpens)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis pteridophilus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis pugnax)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis pycnodermis)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis pyrrhomerus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis quantus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis quinquagesimus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis renjiforum)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis repens)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis rhodoplichus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis rhodostichus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis riveti)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis rosadoi)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis roseus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis rubicundus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis ruedai)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis ruthveni)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis sanctaemartae)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis sanguineus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis satagius)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis savagei)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis schultei)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis scoloblepharus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis scolodiscus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis serendipitus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis shrevei)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis signifer)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis silverstonei)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis simonbolivari)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis simonsii)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis simoteriscus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis simoterus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis siopelus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis sobetes)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis spilogaster)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis spinosus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis suetus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis sulculus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis supernatis)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis surdus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis tamsitti)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis tayrona)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis tenebrionis)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis thymalopsoides)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis torrenticola)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis tribulosus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis truebae)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis turpinorum)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis turumiquirensis)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis urichi)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis vanadise)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis veletis)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis ventriguttatus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis verecundus)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis versicolor)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis vertebralis)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis vicarius)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis vidua)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis viridicans)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis viridis)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis xylochobates)
Pristimantis Rain Frog (Pristimantis zophus)
Pristine Crayfish
Pritchard's Snake-necked Turtle
Pritchardiopsis jeanneneyi
Pro-Mata Oval Frog
Proasellus parvulus
Proasellus slovenicus
Proboscis Monkey
Probreviceps durirostris
Probreviceps rungwensis
Procambarus latipleurum
Procambarus plumimanus
Procambarus rathbunae
Procambarus reimeri
Procarid Shrimp
Prognathochromis sp. nov. 'long snout'
Pronged Clubtail
Proserpine Rock Wallaby
Proserpine Shiner
Prostherapis dunni
Protea curvata
Protea laetans
Protea lanceolata
Protemblemaria punctata
Protium connarifolium
Protium correae
Protium inconforme
Protium pittieri
Protocobitis typhlops
Protomelas virgatus
Protomognathus americanus
Prototrachia sedula
Providence Petrel
Prunus adenopoda
Prunus africana
Prunus carolinae
Prunus ceylanica
Prunus ernestii
Prunus geniculata
Prunus laxinervis
Prunus mirabilis
Prunus pulgarensis
Prunus ramburii
Prunus rubiginosa
Prunus subglabra
Prunus tadzhikistanica
Prunus taiwaniana
Prunus turfosa
Prunus villegasiana
Prunus walkeri
Przewalski's Gazelle
Przewalski's Horse
Psacadonotus insulanus
Psammocora contigua
Psammocora digitata
Psammocora obtusangula
Psammocora stellata
Psammocora vaughani
Pseudagrion arabicum
Pseudagrion bicoerulans
Pseudagrion guichardi
Pseudagrion inopinatum
Pseudagrion kaffinum
Pseudagrion newtoni
Pseudagrion vumbaense
Pseudagrostistachys africana
Pseudamnicola anteisensis
Pseudamnicola klemmi
Pseuderanthemum dispersum
Pseuderanthemum subauriculatum
Pseudoacanthocereus brasiliensis
Pseudoatta argentina
Pseudocandona cavicola
Pseudocandona pretneri
Pseudocandona trigonelia
Pseudocarapa championii
Pseudochazara euxina
Pseudochondrostoma duriense
Pseudochondrostoma willkommii
Pseudoeugenia tenuifolia
Pseudoeurycea cephalica
Pseudoglochidion anamalayanum
Pseudogynoxys engleri
Pseudogynoxys sodiroi
Pseudolaingia hancockii
Pseudolmedia hirtula
Pseudolmedia manabiensis
Pseudomoraria triglavensis
Pseudomulleria dalyi
Pseudomyrmex leptosus
Pseudopanax scopoliae
Pseudophoenix ekmanii
Pseudophoenix lediniana
Pseudophoxinus anatolicus
Pseudophoxinus battalgili
Pseudophoxinus crassus
Pseudophoxinus drusensis
Pseudophoxinus egridiri
Pseudophoxinus fahirae
Pseudophoxinus kervillei
Pseudophoxinus syriacus
Pseudophoxinus zeregi
Pseudosabicea batesii
Pseudosabicea medusula
Pseudosabicea pedicellata
Pseudosalacia streyi
Pseudosamanea cubana
Pseudotropheus ater
Pseudotropheus cyaneus
Pseudotropheus demasoni
Pseudotropheus elongatus
Pseudotropheus flavus
Pseudotropheus galanos
Pseudotropheus longior
Pseudotropheus modestus
Pseudotropheus purpuratus
Pseudotropheus saulosi
Pseudotropheus tursiops
Pseudoxandra williamsii
Pseuduvaria cerina
Pseuduvaria nervosa
Pseuduvaria prainii
Psiadia cataractae
Psidium havanense
Psidium pedicellatum
Psidium rostratum
Psidium sintenisii
Psilanthele eggersii
Psilotrichum aphyllum
Psittacanthus barlowii
Psychotria alsophila
Psychotria angustata
Psychotria beddomei
Psychotria bimbiensis
Psychotria bryonicola
Psychotria camerunensis
Psychotria cathetoneura
Psychotria chimboracensis
Psychotria clarendonensis
Psychotria clusioides
Psychotria crassipetala
Psychotria cyathicalyx
Psychotria danceri
Psychotria dasyophthalma
Psychotria densinervia
Psychotria deverdiana
Psychotria domatiata
Psychotria dubia
Psychotria elachistantha
Psychotria foetens
Psychotria fusiformis
Psychotria gardneri
Psychotria glandulifera
Psychotria globicephala
Psychotria grandiflora
Psychotria grantii
Psychotria greenwelliae
Psychotria guerkeana
Psychotria hanoverensis
Psychotria hierniana
Psychotria hobdyi
Psychotria lanceifolia
Psychotria lepiniana
Psychotria longipetiolata
Psychotria macrocarpa
Psychotria madida
Psychotria megalopus
Psychotria megistantha
Psychotria minimicalyx
Psychotria moliwensis
Psychotria moseskemei
Psychotria peteri
Psychotria petitii
Psychotria plicata
Psychotria plurivenia
Psychotria podocarpa
Psychotria pseudoplatyphylla
Psychotria rimbachii
Psychotria siphonophora
Psychotria sodiroi
Psychotria sordida
Psychotria speciosa
Psychotria stenophylla
Psychotria tahitensis
Psychotria taitensis
Psychotria trichocalyx
Psychotria waasii
Psychotria woytkowskii
Psychrophrynella adenopleura
Psychrophrynella boettgeri
Psychrophrynella iatamasi
Psychrophrynella pinguis
Psydrax bridsoniana
Psydrax faulknerae
Psydrax kibuwae
Psydrax micans
Psydrax paradoxa
Pteleopsis habeensis
Pterandra isthmica
Pteris adscensionis
Pteris lidgatei
Pteromonnina fosbergii
Pterospermum kingtungense
Pterospermum menglunense
Pterospermum reticulatum
Pterospermum yunnanense
Pterygota bequaertii
Pterygota macrocarpa
Ptilochaeta nudipes
Ptychalaea dedecora
Ptychochromis inornatus
Ptychochromis sp. nov. 'Garaka'
Ptychochromis sp. nov. 'Green Garaka'
Ptychochromis sp. nov. 'Joba mena'
Ptychochromoides betsileanus
Ptychochromoides katria
Ptychochromoides vondrozo
Ptychodon schuppi
Ptychohyla dendrophasma
Ptychophallus tristani
Ptychopyxis triradiata
Ptychosperma gracile
Ptychosperma hentyi
Ptyochromis sp. nov. 'rainbow sheller'
Ptyochromis sp. nov. 'Rusinga oral sheller'
Puebla Deer Mouse
Puebla Frog
Puebla Treefrog
Puerto Cabello Robber Frog
Puerto Rican Boa
Puerto Rican Broad-winged Hawk
Puerto Rican Crested Toad
Puerto Rican Nightjar
Puerto Rican Parrot
Puerto Rican Robber Frog
Puerto Rican Sharp-shinned Hawk
Puerto Rican Wetland Frog
Puerto Rico Helmet Orchid
Puff-backed Bulbul
Pulicaria aromatica
Pulicaria dioscorides
Pulicaria vieraeoides
Pulitzer's Longbill
Pulmonate Limpet
Pulo Tioman Stream Toad
Puna Flamingo
Puna Mouse
Pundamilia igneopinis
Pundamilia macrocephala
Pundamilia nyerere
Pundt's Tuco-tuco
Puntius hemictenus
Puntius herrei
Puntius manguaoensis
Puntius speleops
Pupamon phrae
Purcell's Hunter Slug
Puritan Tiger Beetle
Purple Bankclimber
Purple Bean
Purple Dollarbird
Purple Eagle Ray
Purple Ghats Frog
Purple Marsh Crab
Purple Skimmer
Purple Threadtail
Purple Yatay Palm
Purple-backed Sunbeam
Purple-faced Langur
Purple-naped Lory
Purple-sided Leaf Frog
Purple-winged Ground Dove
Purpleflower Blacksnakeroot
Purplish-mantled Tanager
Putnam County Cave Crayfish
Putumayo Robber Frog
Puxiong Lazy Toad
Puya angelensis
Puya compacta
Puya exigua
Puya nutans
Puya obconica
Puya parviflora
Puya pichinchae
Puya pygmaea
Puya roseana
Puya sodiroana
Puyo Giant Glass Frog
Pycnandra kaalaensis
Pycnocoma littoralis
Pycnocoma macrantha
Pycroft's Petrel
Pygmy Alligator Lizard
Pygmy Chimpanzee
Pygmy Copperhead
Pygmy Devilray
Pygmy Hippopotamus
Pygmy Hog
Pygmy Hog Sucking Louse
Pygmy Madtom
Pygmy Mouse Lemur
Pygmy Pebblesnail
Pygmy Rabbit
Pygmy Raccoon
Pygmy Sculpin
Pygmy Siltsnail
Pygmy Slow Loris
Pygmy Spotted Skunk
Pygmy Three-toed Sloth
Pygmy White-tailed Rat
Pygmy Wrinkled Ground Frog
Pyrenacantha cordicula
Pyrenaearia daanidentata
Pyrenaearia molae
Pyrenean Brook Salamander
Pyrenean Desman
Pyrenean Frog
Pyrenean Ibex
Pyrenean Rock Lizard
Pyrostria socotrana
Pyrus cajon
Pyrus korshinskyi
Pyrus serikensis
Pyrus tadshikistanica
Pyxichromis orthostoma

Qiaojia Pine
Qinghai Lake Toad
Quadrate Pebblesnail
Qualea calantha
Qualea impexa
Quararibea aurantiocalyx
Quararibea dolichopoda
Quararibea dolichosiphon
Quararibea gomeziana
Quararibea jefensis
Quararibea pendula
Quararibea platyphylla
Quararibea pterocalyx
Quararibea sanblasensis
Quararibea santaritensis
Quararibea velutina
Quararibea yunckeri
Quarry Worm Salamander
Quassia sanguinea
Quebrada Valverde Salamander
Quechuan Hocicudo
Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Butterfly
Queen Malachite
Queen Triggerfish
Queensland Rat-kangaroo
Quercus acerifolia
Quercus arkansana
Quercus basaseachicensis
Quercus benthamii
Quercus boyntonii
Quercus brandegeei
Quercus buckleyi
Quercus bumelioides
Quercus cedrosensis
Quercus costaricensis
Quercus deliquescens
Quercus devia
Quercus dumosa
Quercus engelmannii
Quercus flagellifera
Quercus galeanensis
Quercus georgiana
Quercus germana
Quercus graciliformis
Quercus hinckleyi
Quercus hintonii
Quercus hintoniorum
Quercus macdonaldii
Quercus macdougallii
Quercus miquihuanensis
Quercus oglethorpensis
Quercus purulhana
Quercus rapurahuensis
Quercus skinneri
Quercus subspathulata
Quercus tardifolia
Quercus tomentella
Quercus uxoris
Quercus vincentensis
Quercus xalapensis
Queretaran Desert Lizard
Quick Step Robber Frog
Quiina colonensis
Quiina schippii
Quillwort (Isoetes ecuadoriensis)
Quillwort (Isoetes louisianensis)
Quillwort (Isoetes melanospora)
Quillwort (Isoetes sinensis)
Quillwort (Isoetes taiwanensis)
Quillwort (Isoetes tegetiformans)
Quindio Glass Frog
Quino Checkerspot Butterfly

Rabbit Bandicoot
Rabor's Wrinkled Ground Frog
Racinaea blassii
Racinaea euryelytra
Racinaea hauggiae
Racinaea inconspicua
Racinaea pseudotetrantha
Racinaea quadripinnata
Racinaea sinuosa
Racinaea tandapiana
Racinaea tripinnata
Raddaus mertensi
Radiator Plant (Peperomia abnormis)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia albovittata)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia arenillasensis)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia choritana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia clivigaudens)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia cordilimba)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia crispa)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia dauleana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia disjunctiflora)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia espinosae)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia fagerlindii)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia glandulosa)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia graveolens)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia guayaquilensis)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia guttulata)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia inconspicua)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia kamerunana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia lehmannii)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia leucanthera)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia leucorrhachis)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia litana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia micromerioides)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia millei)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia mitchelioides)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia pachystachya)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia paradoxa)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia parvilimba)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia peploides)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia persuculenta)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia persulcata)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia petraea)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia pichinchae)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia porphyridea)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia pululaguana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia rubropunctulata)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia rupicola)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia salangonis)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia scutellariifolia)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia stenostachya)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia subdiscoidea)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia tablahuasiana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia thienii)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia tuberculata)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia udimontana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia valladolidana)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia wheeleri)
Radiator Plant (Peperomia wibomii)
Radioconus goeldi
Radioconus riochcoensis
Radiodiscus amdenus
Radiodiscus compactus
Radula jonesii
Raetzer's Ringlet
Rafflesia magnifica
Rahm's Brush-furred Rat
Railroad Valley Springfish
Rainbow Goodeid
Rainbow Parrotfish
Rainforest Running Frog
Rajah Spiny Rat
Ramajana Bambootail
Rameshwaram Ornamental
Ramsay's Python
Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frog
Rancho Grande Harlequin Frog
Randia carlosiana
Randrianasoli's Sportive Lemur
Ranjini's Field Rat
Ranongga White-eye
Rapa Fruit-dove
Rapanea ceylanica
Rapanea coclensis
Rapanea gilliana
Rapanea seychellarum
Rapanea striata
Raphia Palm
Rapid River Freshwater Snail
Rarotonga Monarch
Rarotonga Starling
Rasbora baliensis
Rasbora tawarensis
Rasbora wilpita
Raso Lark
Rattling Frog
Rattus satarae
Rauvolfia sachetiae
Ravelobe Mouse Lemur
Ravenia swartziana
Rawsonia burtt-davyi
Razor-billed Curassow
Razorback Sucker
Recchia simplicifolia
Reclusive Ringtail
Recurve-billed Bushbird
Red And Yellow Mountain Frog
Red Bird-of-paradise
Red Chaser
Red Deer
Red Fruit Bat
Red Goral
Red Goshawk
Red Grouper
Red Hills Salamander
Red Jungle-skimmer
Red Kite
Red Lark
Red Lemur Palm
Red Myotis
Red Panda
Red Peeping Frog
Red Porgy
Red Rain Frog
Red Rainbowfish
Red Ruffed Lemur
Red Serow
Red Siskin
Red Slate Ornamental
Red Slender Loris
Red Spotted Argentina Frog
Red Stingray
Red Tree Vole
Red Wolf
Red-and-black Thrush
Red-and-blue Lory
Red-and-gray Mouse Lemur
Red-backed Squirrel Monkey
Red-backed Thrush
Red-bellied Earth Runner
Red-bellied Grackle
Red-bellied Lemur
Red-bellied Myzomela
Red-bellied Racer
Red-billed Curassow
Red-billed Hanging-parrot
Red-black Crayfish
Red-breasted Goose
Red-breasted Plover
Red-browed Parrot
Red-capped Parrot
Red-cheeked Salamander
Red-cockaded Woodpecker
Red-collared Mountain-babbler
Red-collared Woodpecker
Red-crowned Barbet
Red-crowned Parrot
Red-crowned Toadlet
Red-eared Nose-spotted Monkey
Red-eared Parrotfinch
Red-faced Barbet
Red-faced Malkoha
Red-faced Parrot
Red-finned Blue-eye
Red-footed Climbing Salamander
Red-footed Falcon
Red-fronted Antpecker
Red-fronted Brown Lemur
Red-fronted Gazelle
Red-fronted Macaw
Red-fronted Parakeet
Red-fronted Parrotlet
Red-handed Howler Monkey
Red-handed Howling Monkey
Red-headed Amazon River Turtle
Red-headed Flying Frog
Red-headed Vulture
Red-headed Water Frog
Red-headed Woodpecker
Red-knobbed Imperial-pigeon
Red-legged Cormorant
Red-legged Horn Frog
Red-legged Kittiwake
Red-legged Robber Frog
Red-legged Salamander
Red-legged Threadtail
Red-lored Whistler
Red-masked Parakeet
Red-naped Fruit-dove
Red-naped Trogon
Red-necked Parrot
Red-necked Pond Turtle
Red-nosed Tree Rat
Red-shouldered Spinetail
Red-shouldered Vanga
Red-spectacled Parrot
Red-spotted Chirping Frog
Red-spotted Lazy Toad
Red-spotted Toad
Red-tailed Knobby Newt
Red-tailed Parrot
Red-tailed Phascogale
Red-tailed Sharkminnow
Red-tailed Sportive Lemur
Red-throated Barbet
Red-throated Lorikeet
Red-throated Sunbird
Redback Bright-eyed Frog
Redbelly Egg Frog
Redclaw Crayfish
Reddell's Cave Amphipod
Reddish Scops-owl
Rednose Robber Frog
Rednose Stubfoot Toad
Reed Frog
Reed Parrotbill
Reeves's Pheasant
Reevesia rotundifolia
Regent Honeyeater
Reiche's Squeaker
Reig's Aepeomys
Reig's Opossum
Reig's Tuco-tuco
Reldia calcarata
Reldia multiflora
Relict Dace
Relict Darter
Relict Gull
Relict Himalayan Dragonfly
Relict Leopard Frog
Relict Trillium
Remote Conehead Katydid
Remy's Sandmat
Renauldia lycopodioides
Renea bourguignatiana
Renea gormonti
Renea moutoni
Renea paillona
Renea singularis
Renealmia dolichocalyx
Renealmia oligotricha
Renealmia sessilifolia
Rennell Flying Fox
Resowska Shemaja
Resplendent Pygmy Angelfish
Resplendent Quetzal
Restinga Antwren
Restinga Tyrannulet
Reticulate Bubble-nest Frog
Reticulate Collared Lizard
Reticulate Leaf Frog
Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander
Reticulated Toadfish
Retinella stabilei
Retrophyllum rospigliosii
Reunion Cuckoo-shrike
Reunion Harrier
Reventazon Shadowdamsel
Reymondia tanganyicensis
Reynosia jamaicensis
Rhabdalestes leleupi
Rhabdotosperma ledermannii
Rhacophorus zhaojuensis
Rhadinaea fulvivittis
Rhaebo caeruleostictus
Rhagada gibbensis
Rhagada harti
Rhamdia zongolicensis
Rhamnella gilgitica
Rhamnidium dictyophyllum
Rhamnus integrifolia
Rhantus alutaceus
Rhaphidophora pusilla
Rhaphithamnus venustus
Rhaptopetalum belingense
Rhaptopetalum geophylax
Rhaptopetalum sindarense
Rheocles alaotrensis
Rheocles derhami
Rheocles vatosoa
Rheocles wrightae
Rhinella amabilis
Rhinella chavin
Rhinella manu
Rhinella sclerocephala
Rhinobatos jimbaranensis
Rhinoceros Hornbill
Rhinoceros Iguana
Rhinocypha hageni
Rhinocypha latimacula
Rhinocypha ogasawarensis
Rhinocypha uenoi
Rhipidantha chlorantha
Rhipidolestes okinawanus
Rhithrodytes agnus
Rhode's Robber Frog
Rhododendron album
Rhododendron chapmanii
Rhododendron cyanocarpum
Rhododendron jucundum
Rhododendron kanehirai
Rhododendron loerzingii
Rhododendron subansiriense
Rhododendron wattii
Rhododendron wilhelminae
Rhodognaphalon breviscupe
Rhombophryne coronata
Rhombophryne guentherpetersi
Rhoptromyrmex mayri
Rhoptromyrmex schmitzi
Rhus brenanii
Rhus coriaria
Rhus michauxii
Rhus sp. nov. A
Rhynchocalyx lawsonioides
Rhynchochydorus australiensis
Rhysoconcha atanuiensis
Rhysoconcha variumbilicata
Rhytida clarki
Rhytida oconnori
Ribbon-tailed Astrapia
Ribeirao Button Frog
Ribes austroecuadorense
Ribes lehmannii
Ribes malvifolium
Ribes sardoum
Riccia alatospora
Riccia atlantica
Rich Mountain Salamander
Richard's Moss Salamander
Richella hainanensis
Richmond Range Mountain Frog
Richmond's Robber Frog
Richmond's Squirrel
Rickett's Big-footed Bat
Ricordi's Robber Frog
Ridge Marsupial Frog
Ridged Pteralyxia
Ridgway's Hawk
Ridley's Myotis
Riggenbach's Reed Frog
Rilett's Climbing Salamander
Rim Rock Crowned Snake
Rimatara Reed-warbler
Rimitara Lorikeet
Ring-necked Francolin
Ring-tailed Lemur
Ring-tailed Pigeon
Ringed Boghaunter
Ringed Hornsnail
Ringed River Frog
Ringed Sawback
Ringstraked Guitarfish
Rinorea antioquiensis
Rinorea bicornuta
Rinorea brachythrix
Rinorea cordata
Rinorea deflexa
Rinorea fausteana
Rinorea haughtii
Rinorea hymenosepala
Rinorea laurifolia
Rinorea longistipulata
Rinorea marginata
Rinorea maximiliani
Rinorea oraria
Rinorea pectino-squamata
Rinorea ramiziana
Rinorea thomasii
Rinorea thomensis
Rinorea ulmifolia
Rinorea uxpanapana
Rinorea villosiflora
Rio Branco Antbird
Rio Calima Marsupial Frog
Rio Calles Robber Frog
Rio Carauta Stubfoot Toad
Rio Chingual Valley Treefrog
Rio Chipillico Frog
Rio De Janeiro Antbird
Rio De Janeiro Antwren
Rio De Janeiro Arboreal Rat
Rio Faisanes Stubfoot Toad
Rio Grande Darter
Rio Grande Monkeyface
Rio Grande Silvery Minnow
Rio Luisito Treefrog
Rio Magdalena River Turtle
Rio Mutum Frog
Rio Pescado Stubfoot Toad
Rio Pitzara Robber Frog
Rio Quiri Salamander
Rio Sananja Spikethumb Frog
Rio Skate
Rio Suno Robber Frog
Rio Viejo Toad
Riobamba Marsupial Frog
Riparian Brush Rabbit
Riparian Woodrat
Ris's Sanddragon
Risiocnemis seidenschwarzi
River Pipefish
River Terrapin
Rivera Redbelly Toad
Riverine Rabbit
Rivero's Cochran Frog
Rivulet Tiger (Dragonfly)
Roach's Mouse-tailed Dormouse
Roan Mountain Bluet
Roanoke Bass
Roanoke Logperch
Roatan Island Agouti
Roatan Spiny-tailed Iguana
Robber Baron Cave Meshweaver
Roberto's Spiny Rat
Roberts' False Brook Salamander
Roberts' Treefrog
Robinsonella brevituba
Robinsonella mirandae
Robinsonella samaricarpa
Robust Cottontail
Robust Golden Mole
Robust Skink
Robust Spineflower
Robynsia glabrata
Rochefortia acrantha
Rock Gnome Lichen
Rockefeller's Sunbird
Rockface Starviolet
Rocky Mountain Capshell
Rocky River Frog
Rodeck's Whiptail
Rodrigues Day Gecko
Rodrigues Fody
Rodrigues Fruit Bat
Rodrigues Warbler
Rodriguezus trujillensis
Roe's Cypress Pine
Roig's Tuco-tuco
Rolling Pebblesnail
Rollinia amazonica
Rollinia bahiensis
Rollinia boliviana
Rollinia calcarata
Rollinia chrysocarpa
Rollinia dolichopetala
Rollinia ecuadorensis
Rollinia ferruginea
Rollinia helosioides
Rollinia hispida
Rollinia occidentalis
Rollinia pachyantha
Rollinia pickelii
Romanian Hamster
Romanian Loach
Romanogobio benacensis
Romer's Treefrog
Romeroa verticillata
Ronald's Robber Frog
Rondeletia adamsii
Rondeletia amplexicaulis
Rondeletia brachyphylla
Rondeletia cincta
Rondeletia clarendonensis
Rondeletia dolphinensis
Rondeletia elegans
Rondeletia galeottii
Rondeletia hirsuta
Rondeletia hirta
Rondeletia pallida
Rondeletia peruviana
Rondeletia portlandensis
Rondeletia racemosa
Rondeletia subsessilifolia
Rondo Bushbaby
Rondonia Bushbird
Rondonia Marmoset
Ronnbergia campanulata
Roque Chico de Salmor Giant Lizard
Roraima Bush Toad
Roraima Mouse
Rosalia Longicorn
Rose's Mountain Toad
Rose-bellied Bunting
Roseate Tern
Rosewood (Dalbergia abrahamii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia acariiantha)
Rosewood (Dalbergia andapensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia annamensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia aurea)
Rosewood (Dalbergia balansae)
Rosewood (Dalbergia bariensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia baronii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia bathiei)
Rosewood (Dalbergia bojeri)
Rosewood (Dalbergia brachystachya)
Rosewood (Dalbergia cambodiana)
Rosewood (Dalbergia capuronii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia catipenonii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia chapelieri)
Rosewood (Dalbergia chlorocarpa)
Rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia davidii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia delphinensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia erubescens)
Rosewood (Dalbergia glaberrima)
Rosewood (Dalbergia glaucocarpa)
Rosewood (Dalbergia glomerata)
Rosewood (Dalbergia hildebrandtii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia hirticalyx)
Rosewood (Dalbergia humbertii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia hutibertii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia intibucana)
Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)
Rosewood (Dalbergia lemurica)
Rosewood (Dalbergia louvelii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia madagascariensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia mammosa)
Rosewood (Dalbergia maritima)
Rosewood (Dalbergia mollis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia monticola)
Rosewood (Dalbergia neoperrieri)
Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra)
Rosewood (Dalbergia normandii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia odorifera)
Rosewood (Dalbergia oligophylla)
Rosewood (Dalbergia oliveri)
Rosewood (Dalbergia orientalis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia pseudobaronii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia purpurascens)
Rosewood (Dalbergia retusa)
Rosewood (Dalbergia setifera)
Rosewood (Dalbergia simpsonii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia suaresensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia tonkinensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia tricolor)
Rosewood (Dalbergia tsaratananensis)
Rosewood (Dalbergia tsiandalana)
Rosewood (Dalbergia urschii)
Rosewood (Dalbergia vacciniifolia)
Rosewood (Dalbergia viguieri)
Rosewood (Dalbergia xerophila)
Rosselia bracteata
Rossomyrmex minuchae
Rossomyrmex proformicarum
Roswell Springsnail
Rosy Ground Frog
Rota Bridled White-eye
Rothmannia annae
Rothmannia ebamutensis
Rothmannia macrosiphon
Rothschild's Birdwing
Rothschild's Starling
Rothschild's Swift
Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle
Rotuma Myzomela
Rouget's Rail
Rough Cactus Coral
Rough Horned Frog
Rough Hornsnail
Rough Pigtoe
Rough Popcornflower
Rough Rabbitsfoot
Rough Rockshell
Rough Sculpin
Rough-haired Golden Mole
Rough-leaved Loosestrife
Rough-skinned Bubble-nest Frog
Roughneck Alligator Lizard
Roughnose Wedgefish
Roughskin Skate
Round Ebonyshell
Round Island Burrowing Boa
Round Island Casarea Boa
Round Island Day Gecko
Round Island Skink
Round Rocksnail
Round-leaved Chaff-flower
Round-rib Elimia
Roupala brachybotrys
Roupala loxensis
Roupala pinnata
Roupala sphenophyllum
Roviana Rail
Roving Coralgrouper
Rovuma Topminnow
Rowley's Palm Pit Viper
Royal Cinclodes
Royal False Brook Salamander
Royal Hala Pepe
Royal Marstonia Snail
Royal Palmetto
Royal Parrotfinch
Royal Penguin
Royal Sunangel
Royal Yarrow's Spiny Lizard
Royle's Mountain Vole
Roystonea dunlapiana
Roystonea lenis
Roystonea stellata
Ruagea membranacea
Ruagea microphylla
Ruagea ovalis
Ruaha Lampeye
Ruatara koarana
Ruatara oparica
Rubberlip Hap
Rubeho Akalat
Rubus azuayensis
Rubus laegaardii
Ruby-legged Black Millipede
Rudd's Lark
Rudgea crassifolia
Rudgea microcarpa
Rudgea obesiflora
Rudgea stenophylla
Rueck's Blue-flycatcher
Ruellia kuriensis
Ruellia paulayana
Rueppel's Big-eyed Treefrog
Rueppell's Vulture
Rufous Coucal
Rufous Fishing-owl
Rufous Flycatcher
Rufous Hornbill
Rufous Scrub-bird
Rufous-backed Bunting
Rufous-bellied Saltator
Rufous-breasted Laughingthrush
Rufous-breasted Warbling-finch
Rufous-browed Hemispingus
Rufous-cheeked Hummingbird
Rufous-chested Flycatcher
Rufous-collared Kingfisher
Rufous-crowned Antpitta
Rufous-crowned Babbler
Rufous-eared Brush-finch
Rufous-faced Crake
Rufous-fronted Antthrush
Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush
Rufous-fronted Parakeet
Rufous-headed Chachalaca
Rufous-headed Ground-roller
Rufous-headed Hornbill
Rufous-headed Robin
Rufous-lored Kingfisher
Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner
Rufous-necked Hornbill
Rufous-rumped Grassbird
Rufous-rumped Seedeater
Rufous-sided Pygmy-tyrant
Rufous-tailed Antbird
Rufous-tailed Hawk
Rufous-tailed Shama
Rufous-throated Dipper
Rufous-throated Flycatcher
Rufous-throated White-eye
Rufous-throated Wren-babbler
Rufous-vented Prinia
Rufous-winged Illadopsis
Rufous-winged Sunbird
Rugegewald River Frog
Rugel's Pawpaw
Rugged Hornsnail
Rughidia milleri
Ruiz's Marsupial Frog
Ruiz's Robber Frog
Ruiz's Rocket Frog
Rumex andinus
Rumpi Mouse Shrew
Running Buffalo Clover
Rupirana cardosoi
Rus Bubble-nest Frog
Ruschianthus falcatus
Rushfoil (Croton alienus)
Rushfoil (Croton aubrevillei)
Rushfoil (Croton cordatulus)
Rushfoil (Croton coriaceus)
Rushfoil (Croton dictyophlebodes)
Rushfoil (Croton eggersii)
Rushfoil (Croton elegans)
Rushfoil (Croton fraseri)
Rushfoil (Croton jatrophoides)
Rushfoil (Croton kelantanicus)
Rushfoil (Croton lawianus)
Rushfoil (Croton lehmannii)
Rushfoil (Croton lucidus)
Rushfoil (Croton macrocarpus)
Rushfoil (Croton menthodorus)
Rushfoil (Croton pavonis)
Rushfoil (Croton phuquocensis)
Rushfoil (Croton pycnanthus)
Rushfoil (Croton rivinifolius)
Rushfoil (Croton sarcocarpus)
Rushfoil (Croton sordidus)
Rushfoil (Croton stellulifer)
Rushfoil (Croton sulcifructus)
Rushfoil (Croton touranensis)
Rushfoil (Croton vaughanii)
Rushfoil (Croton wagneri)
Russet Hawk-owl
Russet-bellied Spinetail
Russet-crowned Quail-dove
Russet-mantled Softtail
Russet-winged Spadebill
Russian Desman
Russian Sturgeon
Rustia alba
Rustia bilsana
Rustia viridiflora
Rusty Blackbird
Rusty Grave Digger
Rusty-barred Owl
Rusty-bellied Shortwing
Rusty-faced Babbler
Rusty-faced Parrot
Rusty-flanked Crake
Rusty-gray Lesser Bamboo Lemur
Rusty-headed Spinetail
Rusty-necked Piculet
Rusty-spotted Cat
Rusty-throated Parrotbill
Rusty-throated Wren-babbler
Rusty-winged Starling
Rutenberg's Reed Frog
Ruth's Golden Aster
Ruth's Robber Frog
Ruthvens Kingsnake
Rutidea nigerica
Rutilus meidingeri
Rutilus panosi
Rutilus prespensis
Rutilus rubilio
Rutilus ylikiensis
Ruwenzori Horseshoe Bat
Ruwenzori Shrew
Rwanda River Frog
Rwenzori Otter Shrew
Rye Cove Cave Isopod
Ryparosa fasciculata
Rytigynia binata
Rytigynia caudatissima
Rytigynia eickii
Rytigynia hirsutiflora
Rytigynia induta
Rytigynia longipedicellata
Rytigynia nodulosa
Rytigynia pseudolongicaudata
Ryukyu Black-breasted Leaf Turtle
Ryukyu Brown Frog
Ryukyu Flying Fox
Ryukyu Rabbit
Ryukyu Robin
Ryukyu Shrew
Ryukyu Spiny Rat
Ryukyu Tip-nosed Frog
Ryukyu Tube-nosed Bat
Ryukyu Woodcock
Ryukyus Islands Tree Rat
Rzedowski's Pine

Saavedra Andes Frog
Sabah Rice Frog
Sabahphrynus anotis
Sabal gretheriae
Sabicea pyramidalis
Sabicea xanthotricha
Sabino Dancer
Saccogaster melanomycter
Saccoloma laxum
Saccoloma squamosum
Saccopetalum prolificum
Sachs's Stream Crab
Sacramento Anthicid Beetle
Sacramento Orcutt Grass
Sacramento Prickly Poppy
Sacramento Splittail
Sacred Swamp Wrinkled Frog
Saddled Galaxias
Sadleriana pannonica
Sado Mole
Saffron Siskin
Saffron Toucanet
Saffron-breasted Redstart
Saffron-cowled Blackbird
Saffron-headed Parrot
Sagalla Caecilian
Sage (Salvia austromelissodora)
Sage (Salvia curticalyx)
Sage (Salvia ecuadorensis)
Sage (Salvia flocculosa)
Sage (Salvia humboltiana)
Sage (Salvia leucocephala)
Sage (Salvia loxensis)
Sage (Salvia peregrina)
Sage (Salvia trachyphylla)
Sage (Salvia unguella)
Sage (Salvia veneris)
Sageraea grandiflora
Sageraea thwaitesii
Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur
Saharan Cypress
Saiga Antelope
Saimaa Ringed Seal
Saint Andrew's Cross Toadlet
Saint Helena Earwig
Saint Lucia Mullet
Sakalava Rail
Saker Falcon
Sakhalin Sturgeon
Sakhalin Vole
Sakoanala madagascariensis
Salacia fimbrisepala
Salacia mamba
Salacia miegei
Salangathelphusa anophrys
Salaria economidisi
Salgir Gudgeon
Salim Ali's Fruit Bat
Salina Mucket
Salinas Monjita
Saline Burrowing Crayfish
Salix floridana
Salix kusanoi
Salix magnifica
Salix tarraconensis
Salmo ohridanus
Salmo peristericus
Salmon River Freshwater Snail
Salmon-crested Cockatoo
Salt Creek Tiger Beetle
Salt Marsh Bird's-beak
Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse
Salta Marsupial Frog
Salta Toad
Salta Water Frog
Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow
Saltwater Crocodile
Salvadori's Antwren
Salvadori's Fig-parrot
Salvadori's Nightjar
Salvadori's Pheasant
Salvadori's Serin
Salvadori's Teal
Salvelinus colii
Salvelinus confluentus
Salvelinus evasus
Salvelinus fimbriatus
Salvelinus gracillimus
Salvelinus grayi
Salvelinus japonicus
Salvelinus killinensis
Salvelinus lonsdalii
Salvelinus mallochi
Salvelinus maxillaris
Salvelinus obtusus
Salvelinus perisii
Salvelinus sp. nov. 'Fjellfrosvatn'
Salvelinus struanensis
Salvelinus willoughbii
Salvelinus youngeri
Salvin's Albatross
Salvin's Salamander
Sambar Deer
Sambirano Mouse Lemur
Sambirano Palmyra Palm
Sambucus tigranii
Samoan Flycatcher
Samoan Flying Fox
Samoan Moorhen
Samoan Palm
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana abbreviata)
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana annectens)
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana attenuata)
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana conica)
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana diaphana)
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana fragilis)
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana solitaria)
Samoan Tree Snail (Samoana thurstoni)
Samoan Triller
Samoan White-eye
Samwell Cave Cricket
Samyda glabrata
Samyda villosa
San Andres Vireo
San Bernardino Bluegrass
San Bernardino Merriam's Kangaroo Rat
San Bernardino Mountains Bladderpod
San Bruno Elfin Butterfly
San Clemente Island Broom
San Clemente Island Bush-mallow
San Clemente Island Indian Paintbrush
San Clemente Island Larkspur
San Clemente Island Woodland-star
San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike
San Cristobal Mockingbird
San Cristobal Shrew
San Diego Ambrosia
San Diego Button-celery
San Diego Fairy Shrimp
San Diego Mesa-mint
San Esteban Deer Mouse
San Esteban Island Chuckwalla
San Francisco Garter Snake
San Francisco Lessingia
San Gabriel Springs Salamander
San Isidro Stubfoot Toad
San Jacinto Valley Crownscale
San Joaquin Dune Beetle
San Joaquin Kit Fox
San Joaquin Wooly-threads
San Jose Brush Rabbit
San Jose Island Kangaroo Rat
San Lorenzo Deer Mouse
San Lucan Leaf-toed Gecko
San Lucas Marsupial Frog
San Marcos Gambusia
San Marcos Salamander
San Martin False Brook Salamander
San Martin Fringe-limbed Treefrog
San Martin Minute Salamander
San Martin Redbelly Toad
San Mateo Thornmint
San Mateo Woolly Sunflower
San Pedro Martir Side-blotched Lizard
San Pedro Martir Whiptail
San Quintin Kangaroo Rat
San Rafael Cactus
Sanborn's Flying Fox
Sanborn's Grass Mouse
Sanborn's Water Frog
Sanchezia lampra
Sand Cat
Sand Sturgeon
Sander's Alocasia
Sandhill Crane
Sandhills Crayfish
Sandoricum vidalii
Sandplain Gerardia
Sandstone Night Lizard
Sandstone Pseudantechinus
Sandwort (Arenaria bolosii)
Sandwort (Arenaria cumberlandensis)
Sandwort (Arenaria nevadensis)
Sandwort (Arenaria paludicola)
Sandwort (Arenaria radians)
Sandy Mole Rat
Sanford's Brown Lemur
Sanford's Sea-eagle
Sanford's White-eye
Sangihe Hanging-parrot
Sangihe Island Tarsier
Sangihe Shrike-thrush
Sangihe White-eye
Sanja Pampa Andes Frog
Sanje Crested Mangabey
Santa Ana River Woolly-star
Santa Ana Sucker
Santa Barbara Bromeliad Salamander
Santa Barbara Island Liveforever
Santa Barbara Moss Salamander
Santa Catalina Island Manzanita
Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake
Santa Catalina Island Whiptail
Santa Catarina Leaf Frog
Santa Catarina Sabrefin
Santa Catarina's Guinea Pig
Santa Clara Valley Dudleya
Santa Cruz Cypress
Santa Cruz Dwarf Frog
Santa Cruz Ground Dove
Santa Cruz Island Bush-mallow
Santa Cruz Island Fringepod
Santa Cruz Island Malacothrix
Santa Cruz Island Rock-cress
Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander
Santa Cruz Mouse
Santa Cruz Shrikebill
Santa Fe Cave Crayfish
Santa Fe White-lipped Frog
Santa Marta Antpitta
Santa Marta Bush-tyrant
Santa Marta Parakeet
Santa Marta Poison Arrow Frog
Santa Marta Sabrewing
Santa Marta Warbler
Santa Marta Wren
Santa Monica Mountains Grasshopper
Santa Monica Shieldback Katydid
Santa Rita Beaked Toad
Santa Rita Rocket Frog
Santa Rosa Island Manzanita
Santa Rosa Island Pine
Santalum macgregorii
Santander Poison Frog
Santiago Galapagos Mouse
Santiago Rocket Frog
Santiria dacryodifolia
Santiria impressinervis
Santiria kalkmaniana
Santiria nigricans
Santiria sarawakana
Santo Starling
Sao Francisco Sparrow
Sao Miguel Bullfinch
Sao Paulo Tyrannulet
Sao Tome Collared Fruit Bat
Sao Tome Fiscal Shrike
Sao Tome Free-tailed Bat
Sao Tome Giant Sunbird
Sao Tome Grosbeak
Sao Tome Oriole
Sao Tome Reed Frog
Sao Tome Scops-owl
Sao Tome Short-tail
Sao Tome Shrew
Sao Tome Thrush
Sao Tome White-eye
Sapindus oahuensis
Sapium aubrevillei
Sapium bourgeaui
Sapium luzonicum
Sapium saltense
Sapium triloculare
Saponaria jagelii
Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird
Saprosma fragrans
Saprosma scabridum
Sarasin Bubble-nest Frog
Sarasin's Goby
Sarasins Minnow
Sarawak Grainy Frog
Sarawak Kauri
Sarawakodendron filamentosum
Sarcaulus inflexus
Sarcaulus oblatus
Sarcaulus vestitus
Sarcaulus wurdackii
Sarcolaena codonochlamys
Sarcolaena delphinensis
Sarcolaena grandiflora
Sarcolaena humbertiana
Sarcolaena isaloensis
Sarcomelicope glauca
Sarcomphalus havanensis
Sarcophrynium villosum
Sarcotheca ochracea
Sardinata Treefrog
Sardinian Brook Salamander
Sardinian Long-eared Bat
Sardinilla Cuatro Cienegas
Sardinita Bocagrande
Sardinita De Rio Verde
Sardinita De Santa Maria
Sardinita De Tepelmene
Sardinita Del Pilon
Sardinita Quijarrona
Sarrabus Cave Salamander
Sarus Crane
Sassafras randaiense
Satsukimasu Salmon
Satyr Tragopan
Saunders's Gull
Saurauia adenodonta
Saurauia aguaricana
Saurauia bogoriensis
Saurauia bracteosa
Saurauia cauliflora
Saurauia erythrocarpa
Saurauia harlingii
Saurauia lanceolata
Saurauia latipetala
Saurauia laxiflora
Saurauia lehmannii
Saurauia leucocarpa
Saurauia magnifica
Saurauia mexiae
Saurauia microphylla
Saurauia oreophila
Saurauia punduana
Saurauia rubrisepala
Saurauia schultzeorum
Saurauia seibertii
Saurauia serrata
Saurauia striata
Saurauia tambensis
Saurauia villosa
Sauropus assimilis
Sauropus elegantissimus
Sauter's Brown Frog
Sauvagesia brevipetala
Savage River Freshwater Snail
Savage's Brook Frog
Savage's Cochran Frog
Savigny's Agama
Savigny's Fringe-fingered Lizard
Saw-billed Hermit
Sawback Angelshark
Sawtail Grouper
Saxicolella marginalis
Say's Spiketail
Sayamia maehongsonensis
Sayamia melanodactylus
Scaevola chanii
Scaevola coriacea
Scaevola muluensis
Scaevola socotraensis
Scaevola verticillata
Scaled Ground-cuckoo
Scaleshell Mussel
Scalesia aspera
Scalesia atractyloides
Scalesia baurii
Scalesia cordata
Scalesia crockeri
Scalesia divisa
Scalesia gordilloi
Scalesia helleri
Scalesia incisa
Scalesia microcephala
Scalesia pedunculata
Scalesia retroflexa
Scalesia stewartii
Scalesia villosa
Scallop-breasted Antpitta
Scalloped Antbird
Scaly Ground-roller
Scaly-breasted Bulbul
Scaly-sided Merganser
Scaly-tailed Possum
Scanty Frog
Scapania sphaerifera
Scaphium longiflorum
Scaphopetalum parvifolium
Scaphophyllum speciosum
Scardinius acarnanicus
Scardinius dergle
Scardinius graecus
Scardinius racovitzai
Scardinius scardafa
Scarlet Bluet
Scarlet Harlequin Toad
Scarlet-banded Barbet
Scarlet-breasted Dacnis
Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker
Scarlet-breasted Robin
Scarlet-chested Parakeet
Scarlet-collared Flowerpecker
Scarlet-rumped Trogon
Schauinsland's Bush Cricket
Schaus Swallowtail
Schayer's Grasshopper
Schelkovnikov's Pine Vole
Schiedea adamantis
Schiedea apokremnos
Schiedea haleakalensis
Schiedea helleri
Schiedea hookeri
Schiedea kaalae
Schiedea kauaiensis
Schiedea kealiae
Schiedea lydgatei
Schiedea membranacea
Schiedea nuttallii
Schiedea sarmentosa
Schiedea spergulina var. leiopoda
Schiedea stellarioides
Schiedea verticillata
Schilf's Madagascar Frog
Schinopsis haenkeana
Schinus venturi
Schiotz's Reed Frog
Schistochila macrodonta
Schistochila undulatifolia
Schistura jarutanini
Schistura oedipus
Schistura sijuensis
Schizothorax lepidothorax
Schizymenia ecuadoreana
Schlegel's Asity
Schlumbergera opuntioides
Schmacker's Bubble-nest Frog
Schmarda Bubble-nest Frog
Schmardaea microphylla
Schmidly's Deer Mouse
Schmidt's Lazy Toad
Schmidt's Marsupial Frog
Schmidt's Minute Salamander
Schmidt's Mountain Brook Frog
Schmidt's Robber Frog
Schmidt's Spinythumb Frog
Schmidt's Stubfoot Toad
Schneider's Pitta
Schneider's Surprise
Schoepfia arenaria
Schoepfia harrisii
Schouteden's Swift
Schoutenia cornerii
Schoutenia kunstleri
Schradera campii
Schreiber's Fringe-fingered Lizard
Schubert's Stefania Treefrog
Schultze's Stream Frog
Schumacheria alnifolia
Schumanniophyton problematicum
Schwantesia constanceae
Schwartz's Myotis
Schwartz's Robber Frog
Schweinitz's Sunflower
Sciadocephala asplundii
Sciaromiopsis sinensis
Scimitar-horned Oryx
Scimitar-winged Piha
Scinax alcatraz
Scinax faivovichi
Scinax oreites
Scinax peixotoi
Scinax trapicheiroi
Scioto Madtom
Scissor-tailed Hummingbird
Sclater's Lark
Sclater's Monal Pheasant
Sclater's Monkey
Sclater's Shrew
Sclater's Tiny Mouse Shrew
Scleria afroreflexa
Sclerocarya gillettii
Sclerochiton preussii
Sclerolobium beaureipairei
Sclerolobium pilgerianum
Sclerolobium striatum
Scolopia steenisiana
Scolosanthus howardii
Scortecci's Toad
Scott's Mouse-eared Bat
Scottbar Salamander
Scotts Valley Polygonum
Scottsdale Freshwater Snail
Scree Skink
Scrub Blazingstar
Scrub Lupine
Scrub Mint
Sculpin Snail
Sculptiferussacia clausiliaeformis
Scutellaria alborosea
Scutellaria sarmentosa
Scutiger chintingensis
Scutiger gongshanensis
Scutiger liupanensis
Scutiger maculatus
Scutiger muliensis
Scutiger nepalensis
Scutiger ningshanensis
Scutiger pingwuensis
Scutiger ruginosus
Scutiger tuberculatus
Sea Marigold
Sea Otter
Sebastiania alpina
Sebastiania crenulata
Sebastiania fasciculata
Sebastiania howardiana
Sebastiania huallagensis
Sebastiania spicata
Sebastopol Meadowfoam
Sebucan (Leptocereus grantianus)
Sebucan (Leptocereus quadricostatus)
Secamone cuneifolia
Secamone racemosa
Sechura Desert Fox
Securidaca leiocarpa
Securinega flexuosa
Seddera fastigiata
Seddera semhahensis
Seddera spinosa
Seed Shrimp
Seep Frog
Seepage Salamander
Sehuencas Water Frog
Sei Whale
Selaginella carinata
Selaginella sericea
Selva Cacique
Semecarpus acuminata
Semecarpus coriacea
Semecarpus gardneri
Semecarpus marginata
Semecarpus moonii
Semecarpus nigro-viridis
Semecarpus obovata
Semecarpus ochracea
Semecarpus parvifolia
Semecarpus paucinervius
Semecarpus pseudo-emarginata
Semecarpus pubescens
Semecarpus riparia
Semecarpus subpeltata
Semecarpus walkeri
Semi-collared Flycatcher
Semiaquatic Treefrog
Semicollared Hawk
Seminole Siltsnail
Semirechensk Salamander
Semotrachia euzyga
Semper's Warbler
Senecio alboranicus
Senecio lamarckianus
Senecio leucopeplus
Senna caudata
Senna domingensis
Senna scandens
Senna trolliiflora
Sentani Rainbowfish
Sentry Milk-vetch
Seoul Pond Frog
Sepia Stingray
Seram Bandicoot
Seram Flying Fox
Seram Island Mountain Rat
Seram Thrush
Serasan Borneo Frog
Serbian Spruce
Serendib Scops-owl
Seri's Tree Kangaroo
Serianthes calycina
Serianthes margaretae
Serianthes nelsonii
Serianthes rurutensis
Serianthes vitiensis
Seriatopora aculeata
Seriatopora dendritica
Seriatopora stellata
Sericanthe toupetou
Serjania brevipes
Serpent Island Centipede
Serpent Island Gecko
Serra Do Mar Tyrannulet
Serrastruma inquilina
Sessea sodiroi
Setaro's Dwarf Chameleon
Seven-colored Tanager
Seven-son Flower
Sewardiella tuberifera
Seychelles Crow
Seychelles Fineliner
Seychelles Fody
Seychelles Frog
Seychelles House Snake
Seychelles Kestrel
Seychelles Lesser Vasa Parrot
Seychelles Magpie-robin
Seychelles Palm Frog
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher
Seychelles Scops Owl
Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat
Seychelles Swiftlet
Seychelles Turtle Dove
Seychelles Warbler
Seychelles White-eye
Seychelles Wolf Snake
Shadowy Web-footed Salamander
Shale Barren Rock-cress
Shangcheng Stout Salamander
Shanghai Soft-shell Turtle
Shark Bay Mouse
Sharman's Rock Wallaby
Sharp Bubble-nest Frog
Sharp Snouted Day Frog
Sharp-ribbed Salamander
Sharp-tailed Grass Tyrant
Sharpe's Longclaw
Sharpfin Houndshark
Sharpnose Guitarfish
Sharpnose Stingray
Sharpsnout Reed Frog
Sharpsnout Stingray
Sharptooth Lemon Shark
Shasta Crayfish
Shasta Salamander
She Cabbage Tree
Shea Butter Tree
Sheldonia puzeyi
Shelley's Crimson-wing
Shelley's Eagle-owl
Shenandoah Mountain Salamander
Shenandoah Salamander
Shield-nosed Leaf-nosed Bat
Shillong Bubble-nest Frog
Shimaakane Dragonfly
Shimba Hills Reed Frog
Shiny Pigtoe
Shinyrayed Pocketbook
Shipton's Mountain Cavy
Shivwits Milk-vetch
Shoa Forest Treefrog
Shorea acuminata
Shorea acuminatissima
Shorea acuta
Shorea affinis
Shorea agami
Shorea albida
Shorea almon
Shorea alutacea
Shorea andulensis
Shorea argentifolia
Shorea asahii
Shorea astylosa
Shorea bakoensis
Shorea balangeran
Shorea balanocarpoides
Shorea bentongensis
Shorea biawak
Shorea blumutensis
Shorea bracteolata
Shorea brunnescens
Shorea bullata
Shorea carapae
Shorea chaiana
Shorea ciliata
Shorea collina
Shorea congestiflora
Shorea conica
Shorea contorta
Shorea cordata
Shorea cordifolia
Shorea dasyphylla
Shorea dealbata
Shorea dispar
Shorea disticha
Shorea domatiosa
Shorea dyeri
Shorea elliptica
Shorea faguetiana
Shorea falcata
Shorea falcifera
Shorea falciferoides
Shorea farinosa
Shorea flaviflora
Shorea flemmichii
Shorea foraminifera
Shorea foxworthyi
Shorea gardneri
Shorea geniculata
Shorea gibbosa
Shorea glauca
Shorea gratissima
Shorea guiso
Shorea henryana
Shorea hopeifolia
Shorea hypochra
Shorea hypoleuca
Shorea iliasii
Shorea inaequilateralis
Shorea inappendiculata
Shorea induplicata
Shorea isoptera
Shorea johorensis
Shorea kuantanensis
Shorea kudatensis
Shorea kunstleri
Shorea ladiana
Shorea lamellata
Shorea laxa
Shorea lepidota
Shorea leprosula
Shorea leptoderma
Shorea lissophylla
Shorea longiflora
Shorea longisperma
Shorea lumutensis
Shorea lunduensis
Shorea macrantha
Shorea macrobalanos
Shorea macrophylla
Shorea malibato
Shorea materialis
Shorea maxima
Shorea maxwelliana
Shorea megistophylla
Shorea micans
Shorea montigena
Shorea mujongensis
Shorea myrionerva
Shorea negrosensis
Shorea oblongifolia
Shorea obovoidea
Shorea obscura
Shorea ochrophloia
Shorea ovalifolia
Shorea ovata
Shorea pachyphylla
Shorea palembanica
Shorea pallescens
Shorea pallidifolia
Shorea palosapis
Shorea pauciflora
Shorea peltata
Shorea platycarpa
Shorea platyclados
Shorea polyandra
Shorea polysperma
Shorea praestans
Shorea pubistyla
Shorea quadrinervis
Shorea resinosa
Shorea revoluta
Shorea richetia
Shorea rotundifolia
Shorea roxburghii
Shorea rubella
Shorea rugosa
Shorea sagittata
Shorea selanica
Shorea seminis
Shorea singkawang
Shorea slootenii
Shorea smithiana
Shorea splendida
Shorea stenoptera
Shorea stipularis
Shorea subcylindrica
Shorea submontana
Shorea sumatrana
Shorea superba
Shorea symingtonii
Shorea tenuiramulosa
Shorea teysmanniana
Shorea thorelii
Shorea trapezifolia
Shorea uliginosa
Shorea waltoni
Shorea worthingtonii
Shorea xanthophylla
Shorea zeylanica
Short's Goldenrod
Short-billed Black Cockatoo
Short-crested Blue Monarch
Short-crested Coquette
Short-eared Dog
Short-leaved Rosemary
Short-legged Ground-roller
Short-legged Horned Toad
Short-legged Stream Frog
Short-necked Turtle
Short-nosed Green Frog
Short-tailed Albatross
Short-tailed Babbler
Short-tailed Brush-furred Rat
Short-tailed Chinchilla
Short-tailed Frogmouth
Short-tailed Mosaic-tailed Rat
Short-tailed Roundleaf Bat
Short-tailed Scimitar-babbler
Short-tailed Snake
Short-toed Coucal
Shortjaw Cisco
Shortjawed Kokopu
Shortlip Electric Ray
Shortnose Cisco
Shortnose Guitarfish
Shortnose Sturgeon
Shortnose Sucker
Shortridge's Langur
Shortridge's Native Mouse
Shortsnout Water Frog
Shortspine Thornyhead
Shortspire Hornsnail
Shorttail Nurse Shark
Shoshone Sculpin
Showy Indian Clover
Showy Stickseed
Shrew-faced Squirrel
Shrubby Buckwheat
Shrubby Reed-mustard
Shuicheng Salamander
Shy Albatross
Shy Ground-dove
Siam Narrowmouth Toad
Siamese Crocodile
Siamese Fireback
Siamese Stream Toad
Siamthelphusa holthuisi
Siau Scops-owl
Sibangea pleioneura
Sibayi Goby
Siberian Grouse
Siberian Musk Deer
Siberian Sturgeon
Siberian White Crane
Siberut Flying Squirrel
Siberut Macaque
Sibiraea tianschanica
Sibree's Dwarf Lemur
Sichuan Gray Jay
Sichuan Lazy Toad
Sichuan Partridge
Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey
Sichuan Thuja
Sichuan Treecreeper
Sicilian Fir
Sickle-winged Nightjar
Sicyopus axilimentus
Sidamo Lark
Siderastrea glynni
Sierra Juarez Alligator Lizard
Sierra Juarez Brook Frog
Sierra Juarez Salamander
Sierra Juarez Treefrog
Sierra Leone Grassland Frog
Sierra Leone Reed Frog
Sierra Leone Water Frog
Sierra Madre Ground Squirrel
Sierra Madre Occidental Frog
Sierra Madre Sparrow
Sierra Madre Wrinkled Ground Frog
Sierra Maestra Blotched Frog
Sierra Nevada Blue
Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog
Sierra Pygmy Grasshopper
Sika Deer
Silene alexandri
Silene biafrae
Silene diclinis
Silene fernandezii
Silene gazulensis
Silene hicesiae
Silene lanceolata
Silene perlmanii
Silene polypetala
Silene sennenii
Silent Grass Mouse
Silent Valley Torrent Toad
Silky Sifaka
Silky Snail
Silt Elimia
Silver Glen Springs Cave Crayfish
Silver Marsupial Frog
Silver Oriole
Silver Perch
Silver Pika
Silver Rice Rat
Silver Shark
Silver tree
Silver-eyed Barred Frog
Silverstone's Climbing Salamander
Silvery Buttercup
Silvery Gibbon
Silvery Kingfisher
Silvery Lutung
Silvery White Fish
Silvery Wood-pigeon
Silvery-brown Bare-face Tamarin
Simalur Archipelago Rat
Simba Bubble-nest Frog
Simeulue Scops-owl
Similar Frog
Simira standleyi
Simira wurdackii
Simmon's Mouse Lemur
Simmons' Treefrog
Simochromis margaretae
Simochromis marginatus
Sinadoxa corydalifolia
Sinai Hooktail
Sinaloan Hesper Palm
Sindora inermis
Sindora javanica
Sindora supa
Singapore Roundleaf Horseshoe Bat
Sinhalestes orientalis
Sinogastromyzon puliensis
Sinojackia dolichocarpa
Sinojackia xylocarpa
Sinopanax formosanus
Sinopotamon ebianense
Sinopotamon hanyangense
Sinopteris albofusca
Sinopteris grevilleoides
Sinoradlkofera minor
Sinployea pitcairnensis
Siparuna campii
Siparuna cascada
Siparuna croatii
Siparuna eggersii
Siparuna guajalitensis
Siparuna multiflora
Siparuna palenquensis
Siparuna piloso-lepidota
Siphocampylus affinis
Siphocampylus asplundii
Siphocampylus ecuadoriensis
Siphocampylus fruticosus
Siphocampylus furax
Siphocampylus humboldtianus
Siphocampylus loxensis
Siphocampylus lucidus
Siphocampylus rostratus
Siphocampylus rupestris
Siphocampylus uncipes
Siphoneugenia densiflora
Siphoneugenia occidentalis
Siphoneugenia widgreniana
Sipora Flying Squirrel
Sir David's Long-beaked Echidna
Sira Poison Frog
Sira Tanager
Siraz Baligi
Siraz Baliginin Capoeta
Siskiyou Chloealtis Grasshopper
Siskiyou Mountains Salamander
Six-tubercled Amazon River Turtle
Sixgill Sawshark
Skadar Gudgeon
Skadar Shad
Skirted Hornsnail
Skistodiaptomus carolinensis
Skottsbergia paradoxa
Sky-blue Poison Frog
Skyros Wall Lizard
Slackwater Darter
Slaty Becard
Slaty Bristlefront
Slaty Cuckoo-dove
Slaty Egret
Slaty-backed Hemispingus
Slaty-backed Jungle-flycatcher
Slaty-backed Thrush
Slaty-mantled Sparrowhawk
Slave Raiding Ant
Slender Antbird
Slender Campeloma
Slender Chub
Slender Hammerhead
Slender Oldfield Mouse
Slender Redfin
Slender Rush-pea
Slender Worm Salamander
Slender-billed Babbler
Slender-billed Curlew
Slender-billed Finch
Slender-billed Flufftail
Slender-billed Grackle
Slender-billed Vulture
Slender-billed White-eye
Slender-horned Gazelle
Slender-horned Spineflower
Slender-petaled Mustard
Slender-tailed Deer Mouse
Slenderwrist Burrowing Crayfish
Sloanea acutiflora
Sloanea gracilis
Sloanea lepida
Sloanea shankii
Sloanea suaveolens
Sloth Bear
Slowwater Elimia
Small Amu-dar Shovelnose Sturgeon
Small Bellflower
Small Dorcopsis
Small Epaulette Tree
Small Eye Golden-line Fish
Small Fanwinged Katydid
Small Grainy Frog
Small Iron-gray Dwarf Lemur
Small Kauai Thrush
Small Lappet Moth
Small Red Brocket
Small Sparrowhawk
Small Sulawesi Cuscus
Small Three-toed Skink
Small Woolly Bat
Small Wrinkled Frog
Small's Milkpea
Small-anthered Bittercress
Small-eared Toad
Small-eared Treefrog
Small-headed Frog
Small-scaled Skink
Small-toothed Fruit Bat
Small-toothed Harvest Mouse
Small-toothed Sportive Lemur
Small-webbed Bell Toad
Smalleye Shiner
Smallscale Redfin
Smallscaled Grouper
Smalltooth Sawfish
Smith's Blue Butterfly
Smith's Dwarf Chamaeleon
Smith's False Brook Salamander
Smith's Minute Salamander
Smith's Shrew
Smithorchis calceoliformis
Smokey Bat
Smoky Flying Squirrel
Smoky Madtom
Smoky Mouse
Smoky White-toothed Shrew
Smoky-winged Threadtail
Smooth Bum Coral
Smooth Cauliflower Coral
Smooth Coneflower
Smooth Rocksnail
Smooth Skate
Smooth-coated Otter
Smoothback Angel Shark
Smoothnose Wedgefish
Smoothtooth Blacktip
Snail Darter
Snake River Physa Snail
Snake Skin Hunter Slug
Snares Crested Penguin
Snoring Rail
Snow Leopard
Snow Mountain Quail
Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush
Snowy-throated Babbler
Soccarrell Bord
Sociable Lapwing
Social Sprite
Social Tuco-tuco
Sockeye Salmon
Socorro Dove
Socorro Isopod
Socorro Mockingbird
Socorro Parakeet
Socorro Springsnail
Socorro Wren
Socotra Bunting
Socotra Cormorant
Socotrella dolichocnema
Soemmerring's Gazelle
Soft Bird's-Beak
Soft-leaved Paintbrush
Sokoke Bushy-tailed Mongoose
Sokoke Pipit
Solano Grass
Solanopteris tuberosum
Solanum albornozii
Solanum asteropilodes
Solanum bellum
Solanum carchiense
Solanum chilliasense
Solanum chimborazense
Solanum dolichorhachis
Solanum drymophilum
Solanum exiguum
Solanum fortunense
Solanum hypermegethes
Solanum hypocalycosarcum
Solanum imbaburense
Solanum incompletum
Solanum interandinum
Solanum lanuginosum
Solanum leiophyllum
Solanum ovum-fringillae
Solanum paralum
Solanum regularifolium
Solanum roseum
Solanum sandwicense
Solanum semicoalitum
Solanum sibundoyense
Solanum sycocarpum
Solenanthus reverchonii
Solenopsis daguerrei
Solenopsis solenopsidis
Solitary Black Millipede
Solitary Fruit-eating Bat
Solitary Palm
Solitary Tinamou
Solo Goodeido
Solomon Island Palm Frog
Solomon Islands Cuckooshrike
Solomons Flying Fox
Somali Grosbeak
Somali Thrush
Somalian Blind Barb
Somalian Cavefish
Somanniathelphusa zanklon
Somatochlora borisi
Sombre Kingfisher
Sombre Leaf-warbler
Somersiella sterreri
Sonan's Salamander
Songpan Slow Frog
Sonoma Alopecurus
Sonoma Spineflower
Sonoma Sunshine
Sonora Mud Turtle
Sonora Palmetto
Sonora Tiger Salamander
Sonoran Woodrat
Sonson Stubfoot Toad
Sooty Albatross
Sooty Ant-tanager
Sooty Babbler
Sooty Crayfish
Sooty Falcon
Sooty Mangabey
Sooty Shearwater
Sooty-capped Babbler
Sooty-capped Puffbird
Sophora fernandeziana
Sophora mangarevaensis
Sophora masafuerana
Sophora raivavaeensis
Sophora saxicola
Sophora toromiro
Sophora wightii
Sorata Andes Frog
Sorbus amabilis
Sorbus anglica
Sorbus arranensis
Sorbus badensis
Sorbus bristoliensis
Sorbus decipiens
Sorbus eminens
Sorbus franconica
Sorbus heilingensis
Sorbus leptophylla
Sorbus leyana
Sorbus maderensis
Sorbus multicrenata
Sorbus parumlobata
Sorbus pseudofennica
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca
Sorbus subcordata
Sorbus subcuneata
Sorbus vexans
Sorbus wilmottiana
Sordid Bubble-nest Frog
Sorensen's Leaf-nosed Bat
Sorindeia calantha
Sorocea guilleminiana
Sorocea sarcocarpa
Souari Tree (Caryocar amygdaliforme)
Souari Tree (Caryocar coriaceum)
Souari Tree (Caryocar costaricense)
Soulamea terminalioides
South American Red-lined Turtle
South American Rocket Frog
South American Tapir
South American True Toad
South Andean Huemul
South Asian Box Turtle
South Australia Crab
South Brazilian Skate
South Georgia Pipit
South Island Wren
South Mountain Gray-cheeked Salamander
South Nicobar Serpent-eagle
South Sierra Nevada Springsnail
South Texas Ambrosia
Southeast Asian Long-fingered Bat
Southern Acornshell
Southern Bald Ibis
Southern Banded Snake-eagle
Southern Beech (Nothofagus alessandri)
Southern Beech (Nothofagus discoidea)
Southern Beech (Nothofagus glauca)
Southern Beech (Nothofagus nuda)
Southern Beech (Nothofagus stylosa)
Southern Beech (Nothofagus womersleyi)
Southern Black Millipede
Southern Bluefin Tuna
Southern Bristle-tyrant
Southern Brown Kiwi
Southern Cassowary
Southern Cavefish
Southern Clubshell
Southern Combshell
Southern Crowned-pigeon
Southern Damselfly
Southern Flat-tailed Dwarf Lemur
Southern Giant Clam
Southern Giant-petrel
Southern Highland Treefrog
Southern Hog-nosed Snake
Southern Hutia
Southern Kidneyshell
Southern Long-nosed Armadillo
Southern Luzon Phloeomys
Southern Marbled Newt
Southern Mountain Frog
Southern New Guinea Snapping Turtle
Southern Pig-tailed Macaque
Southern Pigtoe
Southern Planigale
Southern Pudu
Southern Right Whale
Southern River Otter
Southern Rockhopper Penguin
Southern Round-gland Toad
Southern Royal Albatross
Southern Sawtail Catshark
Southern Sierra Madre Treefrog
Southern Snaketail
Southern Three-banded Armadillo
Southern Tuco-tuco
Southern Water Vole
Southern Whipping Frog
Southwestern Toad
Southwestern Willow Flycatcher
Sowbug Rice Rat
Soyauxia talbotii
Spachea correae
Spaldings Robber Frog
Spanish Algyroides
Spanish Imperial Eagle
Spanish Lynx
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia acosta-solisii)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia aequatorialis)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia brenneri)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia cernua)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia cucullata)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia cyanea)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia demissa)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia dyeriana)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia emergens)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia hirtzii)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia indigofera)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia marnieri-lapostollei)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia nervisepala)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia pachyaxon)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia polyantha)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia portillae)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia pretiosa)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia raackii)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia rhodosticta)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia rubroviolacea)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia sceptriformis)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia sodiroi)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia spathacea)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia umbellata)
Spanish Moss (Tillandsia zarumensis)
Spanish Painted Frog
Spartan Crow
Spathandra barteri
Spathelia coccinea
Spatoglossum schmittii
Spatula-toothed Snake
Spea hammondii
Speartooth Shark
Speckle-chested Piculet
Speckled Burrowing Crayfish
Speckled Dace
Speckled Egg Frog
Speckled Ground Squirrel
Speckled Pocketbook
Speckled Smoothhound
Spectacled Duck
Spectacled Petrel
Spectral Bat
Spectral Tarsier
Speke's Gazelle
Spekia coheni
Spelaeodiscus tatricus
Spelaeoecia bermudensis
Speleoithona bermudensis
Speleophria bivexilla
Speleophria scottodicarloi
Spencer's River Tree Frog
Spengler's Freshwater Mussel
Speocirolana thermydromis
Sperm Whale
Sphaeradenia brachiolata
Sphaeradenia sanctae-barbarae
Sphaeradenia versicolor
Sphaerocarpos drewei
Sphaerolana affinis
Sphaerolana interstitialis
Sphaerolana karenae
Sphaerolejeunea umbilicata
Sphaerophysa dianchiensis
Sphagnum Frog
Sphagnum leucobryoides
Sphagnum novo-caledoniae
Spider Tortoise
Spindle Elimia
Spinefinger Treefrog
Spineless Forest Lizard
Spiniluma discolor
Spinomantis massi
Spiny Angel Shark
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus armatus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus bindal)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus bispinosus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus crassus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus diversus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus eungella)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus fleckeri)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus hystricosus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus jagara)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus maidae)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus monteithorum)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus neodiversus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus robertsi)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus setosus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus urospinosus)
Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus yigara)
Spiny Eye-lid Ground Frog
Spiny Frog
Spiny Indonesian Treefrog
Spiny River Snail
Spiny Seram Island Rat
Spiny Terrapin
Spiny-breasted Frog
Spiny-faced Antshrike
Spiny-flanked Frog
Spiny-tail Crayfish
Spinycheek Grouper
Spiraeanthemum graeffei
Spiraeanthemum serratum
Spiraeanthus schrenkianus
Spiral Hornsnail
Spiralothelphusa fernandoi
Spiralothelphusa parvula
Spirorbula latens
Spirorbula squalida
Spirotecoma apiculata
Spirotecoma holguinensis
Spix's Red-handed Howler Monkey
Splendid Pearlfish
Splendid Poison Frog
Splendid Toadfish
Splendid White-eye
Spoon-billed Sandpiper
Sporobolus caespitosus
Spot-billed Pelican
Spot-breasted Antvireo
Spot-breasted White-eye
Spot-necked Bulbul
Spot-tailed Earless Lizard
Spot-tailed Warty Newt
Spot-winged Parrotlet
Spot-winged Thrush
Spotback Skate
Spotfin Gambusia
Spotted Bamboowren
Spotted Cochran Frog
Spotted Crocias
Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Ground-thrush
Spotted Handfish
Spotted Houndshark
Spotted Imperial-pigeon
Spotted Linsang
Spotted Loach
Spotted Minute Salamander
Spotted Owl
Spotted Pond Turtle
Spotted Rocksnail
Spotted Shovelnose Ray
Spotted Snout-burrower
Spotted Spiny Lizard
Spotted Turtle
Spotted Wobbegong
Spotted-tailed Quoll
Sprague's Pipit
Spreading Avens
Spring Cave Amphipod
Spring Creek Bladderpod
Spruce-fir Moss Spider
Spruceanthus theobromae
Squalius anatolicus
Squalius aradensis
Squalius illyricus
Squalius keadicus
Squalius lucumonis
Squalius malacitanus
Squalius microlepis
Squalius moreoticus
Squalius pyrenaicus
Squalius sp. nov. 'Aoos'
Squalius sp. nov. 'Evia'
Squalius svallize
Squalius tenellus
Squalius torgalensis
Squalius valentinus
Squalius zrmanjae
Sri Lanka Blue Magpie
Sri Lanka Bush-warbler
Sri Lanka Dot Frog
Sri Lanka Forktail
Sri Lanka Grappletail
Sri Lanka Hill Myna
Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush
Sri Lanka Whistling-thrush
Sri Lanka Wood-pigeon
Sri Lankan Highland Tree Mouse
Sri Lankan Long-tailed Shrew
Sri Lankan Mountain Rat
Sri Lankan Relict Ant
Sri Lankan Rice Frog
Sri Lankan True Toad
St Helena Dragonet
St. Croix Ground Lizard
St. Helena Chromis
St. Helena Ebony
St. Helena Gumwood
St. Helena Lobelia
St. Helena Plover
St. Helena Rosemary
St. Helena Tea
St. John's-wort (Hypericum acostanum)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum asplundii)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum balfourii)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum cumulicola)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum fieriense)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum gnidiifolium)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum hartwegii)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum maguirei)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum matangense)
St. John's-wort (Hypericum prietoi)
St. Lucia Black Finch
St. Lucia Oriole
St. Lucia Parrot
St. Nicholas Robber Frog
St. Patricks River Freshwater Snail
St. Pauls River Freshwater Snail
St. Vincent Blacksnake
St. Vincent Parrot
Stachys debilis
Stachys sprucei
Stachytarpheta steyermarkii
Stachytarpheta svensonii
Stanleya neritinoides
Star Cactus
Star Finch
Star Sturgeon
Star Thistle
Starlet Sea Anemone
Starrett's Treefrog
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea bowerbanki)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea brevis)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea faviaformis)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea hemprichii)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea hillae)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea ishigakiensis)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea lordhowensis)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea maxima)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea regularis)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea rotundoflora)
Starry Cup Coral (Acanthastrea subechinata)
Staudtia pterocarpa
Staurogyne bicolor
Staurogyne sichuanica
Stebbins' Morning-glory
Stegastes sanctaehelenae
Stegastes sanctipauli
Steindachner's River Frog
Steiner's Bubble-nest Frog
Stejneger's Paddy Frog
Stejneger's Petrel
Stelechantha arcuata
Steller Sea-lion
Steller's Eider
Steller's Sea-eagle
Stellmack's Cave Amphipod
Stelomon erawanense
Stelomon kanchanaburiense
Stemmadenia pauli
Stemonoporus acuminatus
Stemonoporus affinis
Stemonoporus angustisepalus
Stemonoporus bullatus
Stemonoporus canaliculatus
Stemonoporus cordifolius
Stemonoporus elegans
Stemonoporus gardneri
Stemonoporus gilimalensis
Stemonoporus gracilis
Stemonoporus kanneliyensis
Stemonoporus laevifolius
Stemonoporus lanceolatus
Stemonoporus lancifolius
Stemonoporus latisepalus
Stemonoporus marginalis
Stemonoporus moonii
Stemonoporus nitidus
Stemonoporus oblongifolius
Stemonoporus petiolaris
Stemonoporus reticulatus
Stemonoporus revolutus
Stemonoporus rigidus
Stemonoporus scaphifolius
Stenandrium harlingii
Stenanona panamensis
Stenobothrus eurasius
Stenocarpus heterophyllus
Stenocarpus villosus
Stenochlaena hainanensis
Stenopadus andicola
Stenospermation arborescens
Stenospermation gracile
Stenospermation hilligii
Stenostephanus asplundii
Stenostephanus harlingii
Stenostephanus laxus
Stenostephanus lugonis
Stenostephanus luteynii
Stephan's Water Frog
Stephanopodium longipedicellatum
Stephanopodium magnifolium
Stephen's Island Gecko
Stephen's Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys cascus)
Stephen's Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys stephensi)
Stephens Island Weta
Stephensoniella brevipedunculata
Sterculia schliebenii
Steriphoma urbani
Stevart's Egg Frog
Stevia anisostemma
Stevia bertholdii
Stevia crenata
Stewart Island Shag
Stierling's Woodpecker
Stigmaphyllon ecudorense
Stigmaphyllon eggersii
Stigmaphyllon nudiflorum
Stilpnophyllum grandifolium
Stipa tulcanensis
Stiphodon surrufus
Stocky Pebblesnail
Stoliczia bella
Stoliczia changmanae
Stoliczia chaseni
Stoliczia cognata
Stoliczia goal
Stoliczia karenae
Stoliczia kedahensis
Stoliczia leoi
Stoliczia pahangensis
Stoliczia panhai
Stoliczia perlensis
Stoliczia tweedei
Stone Crayfish
Stone-leaf Coral
Storckiella vitiensis
Storm's Stork
Strabomantis necopinus
Straight-billed Reedhaunter
Strandzha Minnow
Strange-tailed Tyrant
Strauch's Spotted Newt
Straw-coloured Fruit Bat
Straw-headed Bulbul
Streak-breasted Bulbul
Streaked Bulbul
Streaked Reed-warbler
Streaky-breasted Jungle-flycatcher
Stream Reed Frog
Stream Salamander
Streamside Salamander
Streblus sclerophyllus
Strempeliopsis arborea
Strengeriana antioquensis
Streptocephalus dendrophorus
Streptocephalus dendyi
Streptocephalus gracilis
Streptocephalus guzmani
Streptocephalus moorei
Streptocephalus woottoni
Streptocephalus zuluensis
Stresemann's Bristlefront
Striated Caracara
Striated Darter
Striated Lorikeet
Striated Softtail
String Sargassum
Stripe-faced Fruit Bat
Striped Dogfish
Striped Goodeid
Striped Hyena
Striped Legless Lizard
Striped Mogurnda
Striped Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle
Striped Newt
Striped Rice Rat
Striped Roundleaf Bat
Striped Skink
Striped Tailed Delma
Striped Wren-babbler
Stromanthe ramosissima
Strong Black Millipede
Strong-tailed Oldfield Mouse
Strongylognathus afer
Strongylognathus alboini
Strongylognathus alpinus
Strongylognathus arnoldii
Strongylognathus caeciliae
Strongylognathus cecconii
Strongylognathus chelifer
Strongylognathus christophi
Strongylognathus dalmaticus
Strongylognathus destefanii
Strongylognathus emeryi
Strongylognathus foreli
Strongylognathus huberi
Strongylognathus insularis
Strongylognathus italicus
Strongylognathus karawajevi
Strongylognathus kervillei
Strongylognathus koreanus
Strongylognathus kratochvilli
Strongylognathus minutus
Strongylognathus palaestinensis
Strongylognathus pisarskii
Strongylognathus rehbinderi
Strongylognathus ruzskyi
Strongylognathus silvestrii
Strumigenys xenos
Struthanthus lojae
Strychnos benthami
Strychnos elaeocarpa
Strychnos mellodora
Strychnos millepunctata
Strychnos staudtii
Strychnos tetragona
Stryphnodendron harbesonii
Stuart's Bubble-nest Frog
Stubfoot Toad
Stuhlmannia moavi
Stump-tailed Macaque
Stupidogobius flavipinnis
Sturgeon Chub
Stygicola dentata
Stygodiaptomus kieferi
Stygodiaptomus petkovskii
Stygothelphusa bidiensis
Styloceras kunthianum
Stylophora wellsi
Styrax argyrophyllus
Styrax crotonoides
Styrax ferax
Styrax foveolaria
Styrax fraserensis
Styrax litseoides
Styrax mathewsii
Styrax peruvianum
Styrax portoricensis
Styrax socialis
Styrax tafelbergensis
Styrax texanus
Suarez Baobab
Suavocallia splendens
Subdesert Mesite
Suboestophora jeresae
Subtle Cave Amphipod
Subuliniscus arambourgi
Succinea piratarum
Succinea quadrasi
Succisella andreae-molinae
Sucre Water Frog
Sud Robber Frog
Sudeten Ringlet
Sugarfoot Moth Fly
Suisun Thistle
Sula Archipelago Rat
Sula Pitta
Sula Scrubfowl
Sulawesi Babirusa
Sulawesi Bear Cuscus
Sulawesi Coelacanth
Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher
Sulawesi Eared-nightjar
Sulawesi Forest Turtle
Sulawesi Giant Squirrel
Sulawesi Golden Owl
Sulawesi Harpy Fruit Bat
Sulawesi Soft-furred Rat
Sulawesi Spiny Rat
Sulawesi Wart Frog
Sulawesi Warty Pig
Sulawesi Woodcock
Sulu Bleeding-heart
Sulu Hornbill
Sulu Woodpecker
Sumatra Toad
Sumatran Babbler
Sumatran Cochoa
Sumatran Drongo
Sumatran Green-pigeon
Sumatran Ground Cuckoo
Sumatran Laughingthrush
Sumatran Orangutan
Sumatran Rhinoceros
Sumatran Serow
Sumatran Striped Rabbit
Sumba Boobook
Sumba Brown Flycatcher
Sumba Buttonquail
Sumba Green-pigeon
Sumba Hornbill
Sumbawa Tiger
Sumichrast's Wren
Sun Parakeet
Sun-tailed Monkey
Sunda Clouded Leopard
Sunda Coucal
Sunda Fruit Bat
Sunda Nightjar
Sunda Pangolin
Sundathelphusa minahassae
Sundathelphusa rubra
Sundathelphusa sottoae
Sundoreonectes tiomanensis
Sunkha Palm
Sunset Frog
Superagui Lion Tamarin
Superb Parrot
Superb Pitta
Superb Spharagemon Grasshopper
Supramonte Cave Salamander
Suregada lithoxyla
Surge Grouper
Susana's Forest Treefrog
Suwannee Moccasinshell
Svynnerton's Bush Squirrel
Swallow-tailed Cotinga
Swamp Deer
Swamp Francolin
Swampforest Clermontia
Swan Galaxias
Swan Goose
Swartzia aureosericea
Swartzia fistuloides
Swartzia haughtii
Swartzia littlei
Swartzia nuda
Swartzia oraria
Swartzia rediviva
Swartzia robiniifolia
Swartzia santanderensis
Swida darvasica
Swierstra's Francolin
Swift Parrot
Swinhoe's Pheasant
Swinhoe's Rail
Swollen-nosed Side-blotched Lizard
Sword-tailed Newt
Swynnerton's Forest Robin
Syagrus glaucescens
Syagrus macrocarpa
Syagrus stratincola
Sydney Hawk Dragonfly
Symbiezidium madagascariensis
Symington's Robber Frog
Sympetalandra schmutzii
Sympetrum nigrifemur
Symphyllia hassi
Symplocos anamallayana
Symplocos badia
Symplocos baehnii
Symplocos barberi
Symplocos blancae
Symplocos bractealis
Symplocos breedlovei
Symplocos calycodactylos
Symplocos canescens
Symplocos carmencitae
Symplocos chloroleuca
Symplocos clethrifolia
Symplocos coccinea
Symplocos cordifolia
Symplocos costata
Symplocos fuscata
Symplocos globosa
Symplocos hispidula
Symplocos junghuhnii
Symplocos lugubris
Symplocos mezii
Symplocos molinae
Symplocos nairii
Symplocos nivea
Symplocos oligandra
Symplocos peruviana
Symplocos pluribracteata
Symplocos rimbachii
Symplocos shilanensis
Symplocos subandina
Symplocos tacanensis
Symplocos trichoclada
Symplocos truncata
Symplocos tubulifera
Symplocos verrucisurcula
Symplocos versicolor
Synapsis ilicifolia
Syncarid Shrimp
Syngonanthus yacuambensis
Syngonium dodsonianum
Syngonium harlingianum
Syngonium sparreorum
Synodontis macrops
Synodontis ruandae
Synodontis victoriae
Synsepalum aubrevillei
Synsepalum brenanii
Synsepalum glycydora
Synsepalum kassneri
Synsepalum subverticillatum
Synsepalum tsounkpe
Syr-darya Shovelnose Sturgeon
Syrian Serin
Syzygium ampliflorum
Syzygium amplifolium
Syzygium andamanicum
Syzygium beddomei
Syzygium benthamianum
Syzygium bourdillonii
Syzygium caryophyllatum
Syzygium chavaran
Syzygium courtallense
Syzygium cyclophyllum
Syzygium densiflorum
Syzygium discophorum
Syzygium fergusoni
Syzygium firmum
Syzygium guehoi
Syzygium makul
Syzygium manii
Syzygium micranthum
Syzygium microphyllum
Syzygium minus
Syzygium myhendrae
Syzygium neesianum
Syzygium occidentale
Syzygium oliganthum
Syzygium palghatense
Syzygium parameswaranii
Syzygium phaeophyllum
Syzygium phyllyraeoides
Syzygium pondoense
Syzygium ramavarma
Syzygium rotundifolium
Syzygium spathulatum
Syzygium spissum
Syzygium stocksii
Syzygium sylvestre
Syzygium travancoricum
Syzygium turbinatum
Syzygium umbrosum
Syzygium wolfii
Syzygium wrightii

Tabebuia anafensis
Tabebuia arimaoensis
Tabebuia bibracteolata
Tabebuia dubia
Tabebuia elongata
Tabebuia furfuracea
Tabebuia hypoleuca
Tabebuia jackiana
Tabebuia lapacho
Tabebuia oligolepis
Tabebuia polymorpha
Tabebuia shaferi
Tabebuia striata
Tablas Wrinkled Ground Frog
Table Cape Freshwater Snail
Table Mountain Ghost Frog
Tacarcuna Tapaculo
Tacarcuna Wood-quail
Tacheocampylaea tacheoides
Tachira Antpitta
Tacinga braunii
Tacinga werneri
Taczanowski's Tinamou
Tadapi Treefrog
Tagibo Wart Frog
Tahiti Flycatcher
Tahiti Petrel
Tahiti Reed Warbler
Tahiti Swiftlet
Tai Forest Treefrog
Tai River Frog
Taipei Flying Frog
Taita Apalis
Taita Falcon
Taita Shrew
Taita Thrush
Taiwan Beech
Taiwan Bulbul
Taiwan Cowtail Pine
Taiwan Guitarfish
Taiwan Gulper Shark
Taiwan Hwamei
Taiwan Incense-cedar
Taiwan Long-eared Bat
Taiwan Partridge
Taiwan Salamander
Taiwan Vole
Taiwan Waist Crab
Taiwan's South China Sea River Crab
Taiwanese Tube-nosed Bat
Takakia ceratophylla
Takhtajania perrieri
Talamancalia fosbergii
Talamancalia putcalensis
Talamancan Small Eared Shrew
Talamancan Yellow-shouldered Bat
Talaud Bear Cuscus
Talaud Black Birdwing
Talaud Bush-hen
Talaud Fruit Bat
Talaud Kingfisher
Talaud Rail
Talauma dixonii
Talauma neilii
Talbotiella eketensis
Talbotiella gentii
Taliabu Masked-owl
Taliang Knobby Newt
Talipot Palm
Talisia bullata
Talisia setigera
Tam Dao Salamander
Tama Harlequin Frog
Tamarugo Conebill
Tamaulipan Blindcat
Tamaulipan False Brook Salamander
Tamaulipan Montane Garter Snake
Tamaulipan Woodrat
Tamaulipas Living Rock Cactus
Tambourissa cocottensis
Tambourissa pedicellata
Tampico Pearlymussel
Tana Labeo
Tana River Mangabey
Tana River Red Colobus Monkey
Tanager Finch
Tanah Rata Wart Frog
Tancitaran Dusky Rattlesnake
Tandapi Giant Glass Frog
Tandroka Madagascar Frog
Tandy's Smalltongue Toad
Tanganyicia rufofilosa
Tanganyika Clown
Tanganyika Lates
Tanimbar Bush-warbler
Tanimbar Cockatoo
Tanimbar Megapode
Tanimbar Starling
Tanna Fruit-dove
Tanner's Black Camel Cricket
Tanners' Reed Frog
Tannodia swynnertonii
Tantalophis discolor
Tanzania Screeching Frog
Tanzanian Shrew
Tanzanian Vlei Rat
Tanzanian Woolly Bat
Taosze Spiny Toad
Tapanti Giant Salamander
Tapanti Moss Salamander
Tapeinosperma campanula
Tapinanthus letouzeyi
Tapinanthus preussii
Tapiphyllum schliebenii
Tapirira bethanniana
Tapirira chimalapana
Tapirira rubrinervis
Tapping Nursery-frog
Tapura arachnoidea
Tapura carinata
Tapura ivorensis
Tapura letestui
Tapura magnifolia
Tapura neglecta
Tapura orbicularis
Tar River Spinymussel
Tarabundi Vole
Tarahumara Frog
Tarai Gray Langur
Tarella Shrew
Tarenna agumbensis
Tarenna drummondii
Tarenna luhomeroensis
Tarenna monosperma
Tarenna nilagirica
Tarenna quadrangularis
Tarndale Bully
Taroko Crab
Tasan Eastern Frog
Tasmanian Anaspid Crustacean
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Forester Kangaroo
Tasmanian Tiger
Tasmanian Torrent Midge
Tasmanipatus anophthalmus
Tasmanoplectron isolatum
Tasselled Wobbegong
Tatama Climbing Salamander
Tate's Triok
Taverniera sericophylla
Tawau Wart Frog
Tawitawi Brown-dove
Tawny Nurse Shark
Tawny Piculet
Tawny Tit-spinetail
Tawny-breasted Wren-babbler
Tawny-chested Flycatcher
Taxitheliella richardsii
Taxus fuana
Taylor's Caecilian
Taylor's Minute Salamander
Taylor's Salamander
Taylor's Wrinkled Ground Frog
Tayrona Blenny
Teclea carpopunctifera
Tectaria estremerana
Tectiphiala ferox
Tehachapi Slender Salamander
Tehuana lamothei
Tehuana poglayenorum
Tehuana veracruzana
Tehuantepec Jackrabbit
Telefomin Cuscus
Telescope Hornsnail
Telescopus hoogstraali
Telestes beoticus
Telestes croaticus
Telestes fontinalis
Telestes metohiensis
Telestes polylepis
Telestes turskyi
Teleutomyrmex kutteri
Teleutomyrmex schneideri
Telford's Shrew
Telmatherina abendanoni
Telmatherina antoniae
Telmatherina celebensis
Telmatherina ladigesi
Telmatherina obscura
Telmatherina opudi
Telmatherina prognatha
Telmatherina sarasinorum
Telmatherina wahjui
Telmatobius carrillae
Telmatobius degener
Telmatobius edaphonastes
Telmatobius hintoni
Temminck's Flying Fox
Temminck's Flying Squirrel
Temminck's Seedeater
Temnick's Ground Pangolin
Temnocalyx nodulosus
Temotu Flying Fox
Tenchall's False Brook Salamander
Tenerife Speckled Lizard
Tennessee Cave Salamander
Tennessee Clubshell
Tennessee Clubtail
Tennessee Pebblesnail
Tennessee Purple Coneflower
Tennessee Yellow-eyed Grass
Teotepec Salamander
Tepehuan Shiner
Tephrocactus bonnieae
Tephrosia pondoensis
Tephrosia socotrana
Tepui Bannerwing
Teramulus waterloti
Terlingua Creek Cat's-eye
Terminalia acuminata
Terminalia arbuscula
Terminalia archipelagi
Terminalia bucidoides
Terminalia cherrieri
Terminalia eddowesii
Terminalia eriostachya
Terminalia hecistocarpa
Terminalia intermedia
Terminalia ivorensis
Terminalia januariensis
Terminalia kangeanensis
Terminalia kuhlmannii
Terminalia nitens
Terminalia novocaledonica
Terminalia parviflora
Terminalia pellucida
Terminalia reitzii
Terminalia rerei
Ternstroemia bullata
Ternstroemia calycina
Ternstroemia cleistogama
Ternstroemia corneri
Ternstroemia glomerata
Ternstroemia granulata
Ternstroemia howardiana
Ternstroemia landae
Ternstroemia luquillensis
Ternstroemia penangiana
Ternstroemia polypetala
Ternstroemia subsessilis
Ternstroemia wallichiana
Terrathelphusa kuchingensis
Terrestrial Arboreal Alligator Lizard
Terrestrial Splayfoot Salamander
Terrys Creek Freshwater Snail
Terua vallicola
Tessmannia densiflora
Tessmannianthus carinatus
Tessmannianthus gordonii
Tessmannianthus quadridomius
Testulea gabonensis
Tetradoxa omeiensis
Tetragastris tomentosa
Tetrameranthus globuliferus
Tetramorium microgyna
Tetramorium parasiticum
Tetrapanax tibetanus
Tetrasiphon jamaicensis
Tetrataxis salicifolia
Tetrathemis denticauda
Tetrathemis ruwensoriensis
Tetrathemis yerburii
Tetrathyrium subcordatum
Tetrazygia albicans
Tetrazygia elegans
Tetrorchidium brevifolium
Tetrorchidium microphyllum
Tetrorchidium ulugurense
Teucrium balthazaris
Tevoro Clam
Texas Ayenia
Texas Blind Salamander
Texas Emerald
Texas Heelsplitter
Texas Hornshell
Texas Kangaroo Rat
Texas Poppy-mallow
Texas Prairie Dawn-flower
Texas Salamander
Texas Trailing Phlox
Texas Wild-rice
Thailand Giant Catfish
Thailand Leaf-nosed Bat
Thaksinthelphusa yongchindaratae
Thalassoma ascensionis
Thalassothemis marchali
Thalia pavonii
Thamnobryum angustifolium
Thamnobryum fernandesii
Thamnophis scaliger
Thamnosma socotrana
Thapsia buraensis
Thapsia snelli
Thaumatodon hystricelloides
The Magou
Theba arinagae
Thecacoris annobonae
Thelocactus hastifer
Theloderma rhododiscus
Thermochoria jeanneli
Thermodiaptomus galeboides
Thermosphaeroma cavicauda
Thermosphaeroma dugesi
Thermosphaeroma macrura
Thermosphaeroma milleri
Thermosphaeroma smithi
Theskelomensor creon
Thessaly Gudgeon
Thestor compassbergae
Thestor dryburghi
Thestor kaplani
Thestor pringlei
Thestor rossouwi
Thestor stepheni
Thestor strutti
Thestor swanepoeli
Thestor tempe
Thestor yildizae
Thick-billed Parrot
Thick-lipped Spikethumb Frog
Thicklip Pupfish
Thickshell Pondsnail
Thin Leaf Lettuce Coral
Thin-spined Porcupine
Thismia melanomitra
Thomas' Robber Frog
Thomas's Big-eared Bat
Thomas's Big-eared Brown Bat
Thomas's Giant Deer Mouse
Thomas's Langur
Thomas's Oldfield Mouse
Thomas's Sac-winged Bat
Thomas's Water Mouse
Thomas's Yellow-shouldered Bat
Thomasset's Seychelles Frog
Thompson's Water Frog
Thomson's Gazelle
Thorn Coral
Thorny Spikethumb Frog
Thousand Palms Desert Snail
Thread-Leaved Loosestrife
Three Nerved Alsinidendron
Three-banded Butterflyfish
Three-coloured Harlequin Toad
Three-keeled Asian Turtle
Three-striped Roof Turtle
Three-toed Guanabara Frog
Three-toed Jacamar
Three-wattled Bellbird
Throscodectes xederoides
Throscodectes xiphos
Thylacine Darner
Thyolo Alethe
Thyrsodium herrerense
Tibetan Antelope
Tibetan Babax
Tibetan Bubble-nest Frog
Tibetan Bunting
Tibetan Eared-pheasant
Tibetan Gazelle
Tibetan Sugar Palm
Tibouchina anderssonii
Tibouchina campii
Tibouchina gleasoniana
Tibouchina oroensis
Tiburon Jewelflower
Tiburon Paintbrush
Tickell's Brown Hornbill
Tico Salamander
Ticodendron incognitum
Tidewater Goby
Tidewater Interstitial Amphipod
Tidewater Stygonectid Amphipod
Tieghemella africana
Tieghemella heckelii
Tientai Rough-skinned Frog
Tiger Chameleon
Tiger Cod
Tiger Tail Seahorse
Tight Coin
Tigoni Reed Frog
Tilapia bakossiorum
Tilapia bemini
Tilapia bythobathes
Tilapia deckerti
Tilapia flava
Tilapia guinasana
Tilapia gutturosa
Tilapia imbriferna
Tilapia kottae
Tilapia snyderae
Tilapia sp. nov. 'jewel'
Tilapia sp. nov. 'little black'
Tilapia sp. nov. 'yellow-green'
Tilapia spongotroktis
Tilapia thysi
Tiliacora lehmbachii
Timavo Sculpin
Timonius jambosella
Timor Bush-warbler
Timor Green-pigeon
Timor Imperial Pigeon
Timor Sparrow
Timor Yellow Tiger
Tinian Monarch
Tinkling Froglet
Tiny Reed Frog
Tiny Stream Toad
Tiny Yellow Bat
Tirunvelveli's Hill Frog
Titicaca Grebe
Titicaca Water Frog
Tiwaripotamon edostilus
Tlahcuiloh Salamander
Tlaloc's Leopard Frog
Tobusch Fishhook Cactus
Tocoyena pittieri
Todos Santos Island Kingsnake
Todsen's Pennyroyal
Togian Hawk-owl
Togian Islands Babirusa
Togo Slippery Frog
Togo Toad
Tokyo Salamander
Toliara Rain Frog
Tolima Dove
Tolima Poison Frog
Tomas' Worm Salamander
Tomato Frog
Tombigbee Riverlet Crayfish
Tomicha cawstoni
Tomicha natalensis
Tomicha rogersi
Tomichia cawstoni
Tomichia differens
Tomichia natalensis
Tomichia rogersi
Tomichia tristis
Tomichia ventricosa
Tomichia zwellendamensis
Tominanga aurea
Tominanga sanguicauda
Tondanichthys kottelati
Tongaland Cannibal Snail
Tongan Whistler
Tongue Coral
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum actinolepis)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum angamarcanum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum antisanae)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum bifurcatum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum bonapartii)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum bryogenes)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum chodatii)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum christii)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum cladotrichium)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum corazonense)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum corderoanum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum dimorphum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum ecuadorense)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum engleri)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum gossypinum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum gracilipes)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum heliconiaefolium)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum herpestes)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum hieronymi)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum inciens)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum isophyllum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum jamesonii)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum longissimum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum molle)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum muriculatum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum nervosum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum oleandropsis)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum pellucidum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum polytrichum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum pteropodum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum serpens)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum sodiroi)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum spectabile)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum sprucei)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum trichophorum)
Tonguefern (Elaphoglossum yatesii)
Tonkean Black Macaque
Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey
Tonkin Toad
Tontelea hondurensis
Tooth Cave Ground Beetle
Tooth Cave Pseudoscorpion
Tooth Cave Spider
Tooth-billed Pigeon
Toothless Blindcat
Toothy Splayfoot Salamander
Topeka Shiner
Topobea asplundii
Topobea brevibractea
Topobea cutucuensis
Topobea eplingii
Topobea macbrydei
Topobea maguirei
Topobea pascoensis
Topobea toachiensis
Topobea verrucosa
Toque Macaque
Tor yunnanensis
Torrent Paa Frog
Torrent Sucker Frog
Torrent Tree Frog
Torres Redbelly Toad
Torres's Crimson-nosed Rat
Torresitrachia thedana
Torreya jackii
Torreya Pygmy Grasshopper
Torrington Bubble-nest Frog
Tortoise Durian
Totoaba Seatrout
Toucan Barbet
Tournefortia obtusiflora
Tournefortia ramosissima
Tournefortia rufo-sericea
Toussaintia orientalis
Tovomita aequatoriensis
Tovomita chachapoyasensis
Tovomita microcarpa
Tovomita weberbaueri
Towne's Clubtail
Townsend's Big-eared Bat
Townsend's Dwarf Salamander
Townsend's Ground Squirrel
Townsend's Shearwater
Toxicodendron calcicolum
Toxopeus' Yellow Tiger
Trachyandra erythrorrhiza
Trachyandra peculiaris
Trachycystis clifdeni
Trachycystis haygarthi
Trachycystis placenta
Tradou Redfin
Tramlap Flying Frog
Transitional Colilargo
Transverse Grand Pyrg
Transverse Volcanic Leopard Frog
Travancore Flying Squirrel
Travancore Tortoise
Tree Hole Crab
Tree Shrew Tenrec
Tree Toad
Trelawny Parish Robber Frog
Tres Marias Cottontail
Tres Marias Deer Mouse
Trianaea naeka
Triangular Kidneyshell
Tributary Wart Frog
Tricalysia acidophylla
Tricalysia africana
Tricalysia atherura
Tricalysia concolor
Tricalysia erythrospora
Tricalysia lejolyana
Tricalysia obstetrix
Tricalysia pedicellata
Tricalysia schliebenii
Tricalysia talbotii
Trichadenia zeylanica
Trichilia acuminata
Trichilia areolata
Trichilia blanchetii
Trichilia breviflora
Trichilia bullata
Trichilia casaretti
Trichilia chirriactensis
Trichilia discolor
Trichilia elsae
Trichilia emarginata
Trichilia fasciculata
Trichilia florbranca
Trichilia gamopetala
Trichilia hispida
Trichilia lovettii
Trichilia magnifoliola
Trichilia micropetala
Trichilia ornithothera
Trichilia pittieri
Trichilia primogenita
Trichilia pungens
Trichilia ramalhoi
Trichilia silvatica
Trichilia solitudinis
Trichilia surumuensis
Trichilia tetrapetala
Trichilia trachyantha
Trichilia triacantha
Trichilia ulei
Trichocladus goetzei
Trichodactylus crassus
Trichodesma scotti
Trichomanes paucisorum
Trichomycterus chungarensis
Trichoscypha bijuga
Trichoscypha cavalliensis
Trichoscypha mannii
Trichostachys interrupta
Triclisia lanceolata
Triclisia macrophylla
Tricolored Blackbird
Tricula montana
Tridacna rosewateri
Trigonobalanus excelsa
Trigonostemon arboreus
Trigonostemon cherrieri
Trigonostemon fragilis
Trigynaea triplinervis
Trilepisium gymnandrum
Trimeresurus mangshanensis
Trindade Petrel
Trinidad Flathead Frog
Trinidad Groin-spot Frog
Trinidad Heart-tongued Frog
Trinidad White-headed Curassow
Trinity Bristle Snail
Triolena asplundii
Triolena campii
Triolena pedemontana
Triple-ribbed Milk-vetch
Triplophysa xiangxensis
Trispot Darter
Tristam's Woodpecker
Tristan Albatross
Tristan Bunting
Tristan Thrush
Tristania decorticata
Tristania littoralis
Tristania pontianensis
Tristaniopsis macphersonii
Tristaniopsis minutiflora
Tristaniopsis polyandra
Tristaniopsis reticulata
Tristaniopsis vieillardii
Tristaniopsis yateensis
Tristram's Storm-petrel
Tristramella sacra
Trithemis nigra
Trochidrobia inflata
Trochidrobia minuta
Trochidrobia smithi
Trochochlamys ogasawarana
Trochoidea gharlapsi
Trochoidea molinae
Trochoidea pseudojacosta
Trochoidea zaharensis
Trochomorpha apia
Troglocaris anophthalmus
Troodos Rockcress
Tropaeolum asplundii
Tropaeolum brideanum
Tropaeolum carchense
Tropaeolum huigrense
Tropaeolum leonis
Tropaeolum magnificum
Tropaeolum papillosum
Tropaeolum umbellatum
Tropheops gracilior
Tropheops microstoma
Tropheops tropheops
Tropheus duboisi
Tropheus polli
Tropical Acidweed
Tropical Forest Snake (Calamodontophis paucidens)
Tropical Forest Snake (Calamodontophis sp. nov.)
Tropical Lilythorn
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes argentii)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes aristolochioides)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes bellii)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes bicalcarata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes bongso)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes boschiana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes burbidgeae)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes clipeata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes danseri)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes distillatoria)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes dubia)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes edwardsiana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes ephippiata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes eymae)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes faizaliana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes fallax)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes fusca)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes glabrata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes gracillima)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes hamata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes inermis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes insignis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes klossii)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes lavicola)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes lowii)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes macfarlanei)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes macrophylla)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes macrovulgaris)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes madagascariensis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes masoalensis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes merrilliana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes mikei)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes muluensis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes murudensis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes northiana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes ovata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes paniculata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes pervillei)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes pilosa)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes rajah)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes ramispina)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes rhombicaulis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes sibuyanensis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes singalana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes spathulata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes spectabilis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes talangensis)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes tomoriana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes treubiana)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes truncata)
Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes villosa)
Tropical Pocket Gopher
Tropidophora articulata
Tropidophora deburghiae
Tropidophoxinellus spartiaticus
Tropidoptera heliciformis
Tropocyclops federensis
Tropocyclops nananae
Tropodiaptomus burundensis
Tropodiaptomus kilimensis
Tropodiaptomus kissi
Tropodiaptomus neumanni
Tropodiaptomus simplex
Tropodiaptomus stuhlmanni
Trout Cod
Trueb's Madagascar Treefrog
Trueb's Water Frog
Truncatellina arcyensis
Tsaiorchis neottianthoides
Tsangpo River Cypress
Tsaratanana Bright-eyed Frog
Tsaratanana Giant Treefrog
Tschudi's Yellow-shouldered Bat
Tsingy Madagascar Frog
Tsinpa Salamander
Tsuga forrestii
Tuamotu Kingfisher
Tuamotu Sandpiper
Tube Robber Frog
Tubercled Blossom Pearlymussel
Tubuaia fosbergi
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis acuticarpa)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis bullata)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis euneura)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis glabra)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis globosa)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis mouana)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis napaensis)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis phanerophleibia)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis rosea)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis rotundifolia)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis squamosa)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis strigosa)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis subfalcata)
Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis tontoutensis)
Tuco-tuco Of The Dunes
Tucuman Amazon
Tucuman Mountain-finch
Tucuman Water Frog
Tufted Deer
Tufted Gray Langur
Tufted Ground Squirrel
Tufted Jay
Tulotoma Snail
Tumbala Climbing Rat
Tumbes Tyrant
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria bifrons)
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria heronensis)
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria mesenterina)
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria patula)
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria peltata)
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria radicalis)
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria reniformis)
Turbinaria Coral (Turbinaria stellulata)
Turbinicarpus alonsoi
Turbinicarpus bonatzii
Turbinicarpus booleanus
Turbinicarpus gielsdorfianus
Turbinicarpus hoferi
Turbinicarpus horripilus
Turbinicarpus jauernigii
Turbinicarpus knuthianus
Turbinicarpus laui
Turbinicarpus lophophoroides
Turbinicarpus mandragora
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele
Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus
Turbinicarpus rioverdensis
Turbinicarpus saueri
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus
Turbinicarpus subterraneus
Turbinicarpus swobodae
Turbinicarpus valdezianus
Turbinicarpus viereckii
Turbinicarpus ysabelae
Turbinicarpus zaragosae
Turgenitubulus aslini
Turgenitubulus costus
Turgenitubulus depressus
Turgenitubulus foramenus
Turgenitubulus opiranus
Turgenitubulus pagodula
Turgenitubulus tanmurrana
Turgid Blossom Pearlymussel
Turk's Cap Cactus
Turkana Mud Turtle
Turkish Frog
Turkish Red Damsel
Turner's Eremomela
Turnera hindsiana
Turpinia stipulacea
Turquino Fern Frog
Turquino Red-armed Frog
Turquino Robber Frog
Turquino White-footed Frog
Turquoise Cotinga
Turquoise Dacnis
Turquoise Parakeet
Turquoise-throated Puffleg
Turraea adjanohounii
Turraea kimbozensis
Turraea socotrana
Turraeanthus africanus
Tuscumbia Darter
Tusked Frog
Tuxtla Knobtail
Tuxtla Quail-dove
Tuxtlan Earth Snake
Tweedie's Wart Frog
Twin-spotted Tolucan Ground Snake
Twin-striped Clubtail
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium angulosum)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium avitaguense)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium chimboanum)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium divisissimum)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium hieronymi)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium leptogrammoides)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium melanosorum)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium mildei)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium molokaiense)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium navarretei)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium oellgaardii)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium palaviense)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium pulicosum)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium rivale)
Twinsorus Fern (Diplazium vesiculosum)
Two-fingered Skink
Twocleft Stenogyne
Tylecodon aridimontanus
Tylecodon aurusbergensis
Tylophora urceolata
Typhleotris madgascarensis
Typhleotris pauliani
Typhlopseudothelphusa mocinoi
Tyrrheniellina josephi
Tytler's Leaf-warbler
Tzunantza Giant Glass Frog

Ubatuba Dwarf Frog
Ucucha Thomasomys
Udzungwa Forest-partridge
Udzungwa Red Colobus
Uebelmannia buiningii
Uebelmannia gummifera
Uegitglanis zammaranoi
Ukami Reed Frog
Ultramarine Lorikeet
Uluguru Banana Frog
Uluguru Big-fingered Frog
Uluguru Blue-bellied Frog
Uluguru Bush-shrike
Uluguru Tree Frog
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera agamae)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera albido-bracteata)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera apioidea)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera beccariana)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera bourdillonii)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera brenesii)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera capitulifera)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera cephalotes)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera chapana)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera costata)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera curranii)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera diplodactyla)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera dolichostyla)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera euryphylla)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera fastigiata)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera gleasonii)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera hierniana)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera insignis)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera kontumensis)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera kuchingensis)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera lukwangulensis)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera mannii)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera marlipoensis)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera multifoliolata)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera multinervia)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera nervosa)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera palawanensis)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera palmiformis)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera parvifoliolata)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera procumbens)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera rubriflora)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera sp. nov. 'nanocephala')
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera stearnii)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera troyana)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera urbaniana)
Umbrella Tree (Schefflera veitchii)
Umma femina
Umtiza listeriana
Unarmored Threespine Stickleback
Uncaria thwaitesii
Uncinia ecuadorensis
Uncinia lacustris
Uncinia subsacculata
Uncinia tenuifolia
Uncompahgre Fritillary Butterfly
Unexpected Cotton Rat
Unicolored Oldfield Mouse
Unicolored Tree Rat
Unicoloured Antwren
Unicoloured Thrush
Uniola condensata
Unonopsis magnifolia
Upland Burrowing Treefrog
Upland Combshell
Upland Hornsnail
Upland Horseshoe Bat
Upper Amazon Stubfoot Toad
Upper Castra Freshwater Snail
Upper Castra River Freshwater Snail
Upper Cerro Minute Salamander
Upper Magdalena Tapaculo
Upright Wild Ginger
Upuna borneensis
Uramphisopus pearsoni
Urandra apicalis
Urbanodendron bahiense
Urbanodendron macrophyllum
Urbanodendron verrucosum
Urich's Tyrannulet
Uromastyx alfredschmidti
Urophyllum ellipticum
Urosaurus auriculatus
Urosaurus clarionensis
Urothemis thomasi
Urrao Cochran Frog
Ursula's Mouse-coloured Sunbird
Usambara Akalat
Usambara Banana Frog
Usambara Big-fingered Frog
Usambara Blue-bellied Frog
Usambara Eagle-owl
Usambara Forest Toad
Usambara Hyliota
Usambara Shrew
Usambara Torrent Frog
Usambara Weaver
Usangu Lampeye
Utah Physa
Utah Prairie Dog
Utah Valvata Snail
Utila Spiny-tailed Iguana
Uvaria kweichowensis
Uvariastrum zenkeri
Uvariodendron anisatum
Uvariodendron giganteum
Uvariodendron gorgonis
Uvariodendron kirkii
Uvariodendron occidentale
Uvariodendron oligocarpum
Uvariodendron pycnophyllum
Uvariodendron usambarense
Uvariopsis bisexualis
Uvariopsis submontana
Uvariopsis tripetala
Uvariopsis vanderystii
Uvea Parakeet
Uzungwe River Frog
Uzungwe Toad

Vaccinium bissei
Vaccinium whitmorei
Valdivia Ground Frog
Valencia Toothcarp
Valeriana asterothrix
Valeriana buxifolia
Valeriana cernua
Valeriana coleophylla
Valeriana secunda
Valle del Cauca Rocket Frog
Valle Santiago Beaked Toad
Vallea ecuadorensis
Valley Flame Crayfish
Van Dam's Vanga
Van der Decken's Sifaka
Van Deusen's Rat
Van Gelder's Bat
Van Zyl's Golden Mole
Vanauatu Flying Fox
Vancouver Island Marmot
Vanda javierae
Vanda scandens
Vandiemenia ratkowskiana
Vangueria bicolor
Vangueriopsis longiflora
Vanikoro Flying Fox
Vanikoro Monarch
Vanilla somai
Vantanea depleta
Vantanea magdalenensis
Vantanea peruviana
Vantanea spichigeri
Vanuatu Imperial-pigeon
Vanuatu Megapode
Varaldi's Spadefoot Toad
Variable Cross Frog
Variagated Pygmy Perch
Varicorhinus leleupanus
Varicorhinus nelspruitensis
Varicorhinus platystoma
Varicorhinus ruandae
Varicorhinus ruwenzori
Varicose Rocksnail
Variegated Electric Ray
Variegated Mogurnda
Variegated Spider Monkey
Variegated Treefrog
Varna Gudgeon
Vateria copallifera
Vateria indica
Vateria macrocarpa
Vateriopsis seychellarum
Vatica affinis
Vatica badiifolia
Vatica bantamensis
Vatica bella
Vatica brevipes
Vatica brunigii
Vatica cauliflora
Vatica chartacea
Vatica chinensis
Vatica cinerea
Vatica compressa
Vatica congesta
Vatica coriacea
Vatica cuspidata
Vatica diospyroides
Vatica elliptica
Vatica flavida
Vatica flavovirens
Vatica globosa
Vatica guangxiensis
Vatica havilandii
Vatica heteroptera
Vatica hullettii
Vatica lanceaefolia
Vatica lobata
Vatica lowii
Vatica maingayi
Vatica mangachapoi
Vatica maritima
Vatica nitens
Vatica obovata
Vatica obscura
Vatica pachyphylla
Vatica pallida
Vatica parvifolia
Vatica pauciflora
Vatica pedicellata
Vatica pentandra
Vatica perakensis
Vatica ridleyana
Vatica rotata
Vatica rynchocarpa
Vatica sarawakensis
Vatica scortechinii
Vatica soepadmoi
Vatica stapfiana
Vatica teysmanniana
Vatica venulosa
Vatica xishuangbannaensis
Vaughania cloiselii
Veitch Spruce
Veitchia montgomeryana
Veitchia pedionoma
Veitchia simulans
Vellard's Water Frog
Velvet Worm
Venezuela Round Stingray
Venezuela Skate
Venezuelan Bristle-tyrant
Venezuelan Fish-eating Rat
Venezuelan Flowerpiercer
Venezuelan Herring
Venezuelan Sylph
Venezuelan Wood-quail
Venezuelan Yellow Frog
Ventriloquial Frog
Ventura Marsh Milk-vetch
Venus Fly Trap
Vepris arushensis
Vepris borenensis
Vepris glandulosa
Vepris heterophylla
Vepris mandangoa
Vepris samburuensis
Vepris sansibarensis
Vepris trifoliolata
Veracruz False Brook Salamander
Veracruz Green Salamander
Veracruz Minute Salamander
Veracruz Salamander
Verbena demissa
Vermiculated Tree Frog
Vermilion Darter
Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp
Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp
Vernonia bamendae
Vernonia nonoensis
Vernonia proctorii
Vernonia unicata
Vernonia zollingerianoides
Verreaux's Coua
Verreaux's Sifaka
Vesey-fitzgerald's Burrowing Skink
Viburnum arboreum
Viburnum divaricatum
Viburnum hondurense
Viburnum molinae
Viburnum subpubescens
Viburnum tridentatum
Victodrobia burni
Victodrobia elongata
Victodrobia millerae
Victoria Crowned-pigeon
Victoria Night Frog
Victoria Robber
Victorinia regina
Vidumelon wattii
Vietnam Crocodile Newt
Vietnam Flying Frog
Vietnam Greenfinch
Vietnam Sucker Frog
Vietnamese Bubble-nest Frog
Vietnamese Cutia
Vietnamese Incense-cedar
Vietnamese Pheasant
Vigna o-wahuensis
Viguiera media
Viguiera sodiroi
Vilcabamba Brush-finch
Villa's Grey Shrew
Villalba Robber Frog
Vinaceous-breasted Parrot
Vincent's Bush Squirrel
Vincentella densiflora
Vine Hill Clarkia
Vinogradov's Jerboa
Violaceous Coucal
Violet (Viola chamissoniana ssp. chamissoniana)
Violet (Viola cuicochensis)
Violet (Viola helenae)
Violet (Viola kauaiensis var. wahiawaensis)
Violet (Viola lanaiensis)
Violet (Viola oahuensis)
Violet (Viola ucriana)
Violet-throated Metaltail
Vipera dinniki
Virgin Islands Robber Frog
Virgin Islands Tree Boa
Virgin River Chub
Virginia Fringed Mountain Snail
Virginia Pigtoe
Viridian Dacnis
Virola megacarpa
Virola parvifolia
Virola surinamensis
Visayan Broadbill
Visayan Deer
Visayan Flowerpecker
Visayan Hornbill
Visayan Pygmy Babbler
Visayan Warty Pig
Vismia jefensis
Vismia pauciflora
Vissoke River Frog
Vistonis Shemaja
Vitellariopsis cuneata
Vitellariopsis ferruginea
Vitellariopsis kirkii
Vitelline Warbler
Vitex acunae
Vitex ajugaeflora
Vitex amaniensis
Vitex cooperi
Vitex evoluta
Vitex gaumeri
Vitex keniensis
Vitex kuylenii
Vitex lehmbachii
Vitex parviflora
Vitex urceolata
Vitex yaundensis
Vitex zanzibarensis
Vitrea pseudotrolli
Vochysia aurifera
Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo
Voiceless Treefrog
Volcan Barba Treefrog
Volcan Cacoa Moss Salamander
Volcan Tacana Toad
Volcan Tajumulco Bromeliad Salamander
Volcano Clawed Frog
Volcano Knobtail
Volcano Rabbit
Volcano Shrew
Volcano Swiftlet
Volcanoes Cave Cricket
Volga Shad
Volvi Bleak
Vordermann's Flying Squirrel
Vortex Banded Mountain Snail
Vouacapoua americana
Vriesea andreettae
Vriesea appendiculata
Vriesea arpocalyx
Vriesea boeghii
Vriesea drewii
Vriesea limonensis
Vriesea lutheri
Vriesea penduliscapa
Vriesea petraea
Vriesea strobeliae
Vriesea tillii
Vriesea wuelfinghoffii

Waccamaw Killifish
Waccamaw Silverside
Wager's Stream Frog
Wagner's Viper
Wahiawa Bog Sandmat
Wahnes's Parotia
Waianae Range Alsinidendron
Waianae Range Blacksnakeroot
Waianae Range Hala Pepe
Waianae Range Starviolet
Waianae Range Tetramolopium
Waigeo Spotted Cuscus
Waioli Valley Maidenfern
Wake's Moss Salamander
Walia Ibex
Walker's Manioc
Walker's Salamander
Walker's Sierra Frog
Walker's Stubfoot Toad
Walker's Treefrog
Wallace's Golden Birdwing Butterfly
Wallace's Hawk-eagle
Wallengren's Copper
Wallenia elliptica
Wallenia erythrocarpa
Wallenia fawcettii
Wallenia sylvestris
Wallenia xylosteoides
Walnut Elimia
Walsura gardneri
Wandering Albatross
Wandering Salamander
Wang's Crab
Wanggao Warty Newt
Warburgia elongata
Warburgia salutaris
Warburgia stuhlmannii
Ward's Red-backed Vole
Ward's Trogon
Warneckea memecyloides
Warneckea wildeana
Warner Sucker
Warren's Robber Frog
Warsangli Linnet
Warty Asian Tree Toad
Warty Lazy Toad
Washington Ground Squirrel
Water Flea (Daphnia coronata)
Water Flea (Daphnia jollyi)
Water Flea (Daphnia nivalis)
Water Flea (Daphnia occidentalis)
Water Frog
Water-willow (Justicia alexandri)
Water-willow (Justicia camerunensis)
Water-willow (Justicia cooleyi)
Water-willow (Justicia ianthina)
Water-willow (Justicia leucoxiphos)
Water-willow (Justicia orbicularis)
Water-willow (Justicia riopalenquensis)
Water-willow (Justicia takhinensis)
Watercress Darter
Waterfall Climbing Cave Fish
Waterfall Rocket Frog
Waterfall Swift
Watling Island Iguana
Wattle-necked Softshell Turtle
Wattled Crane
Wattled Curassow
Wattled Guan
Watts's Spiny Rat
Waved Albatross
Wavy-leaf Oxanthera
Wayanad Bubble-nest Frog
Weasel Lemur
Webb's Madagascar Frog
Wedelia oxylepis
Wedge-tailed Hillstar
Wedge-tailed Jery
Weeping Broom
Weining Groove-toed Frog
Weinmannia apurimacensis
Weinmannia costulata
Weinmannia descendens
Weinmannia exigua
Weinmannia jelskii
Weinmannia loxensis
Weinmannia ouaiemensis
Weinmannia portlandiana
Weinmannia stenocarpa
Weinmannia tinctoria
Weinmannia ueli
Weinmannia vitiensis
Wekiwa Hydrobe
Wekiwa Siltsnail
Weller's Salamander
Wellington's Solitary Coral
Wellstedia socotrana
Wendlandia andamanica
Wengeror's Cave Amphipod
Wenxian Knobby Newt
Werauhia diantha
Werauhia haltonii
Werauhia paupera
Wercklea cocleana
Wercklea flavovirens
Wercklea grandiflora
Wercklea intermedia
Werler's False Brook Salamander
Wermuth's Reed Frog
Werneria graminifolia
Werneria iboundji
Werneria submontana
West African Manatee
West African Red Colobus
West Caucasian Tur
West Gawler Freshwater Snail
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora albersii)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora calycina)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora degemensis)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora foliosa)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora johnsonii)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora jucunda)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora lawsoni)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora malabarica)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora nigerica)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora pudica)
West Indian Jasmine (Ixora saulierei)
West Indian Manatee
West Indian Walnut
West Indian Whistling-duck
West Virginia Spring Salamander
Western Barbastelle
Western Bearded Pig
Western Bristlebird
Western Cochran Frog
Western Crowned-pigeon
Western False Pipistrelle
Western Fanshell Mussel
Western Gerbil
Western Giant Eland
Western Hare Wallaby
Western Leopard Toad
Western Lesser Bamboo Lemur
Western Lily
Western Long-beaked Echidna
Western Lowland Gorilla
Western Mouse
Western Nectar Bat
Western Nimba Toad
Western Quoll
Western Ringtail Possum
Western Rufous Bristlebird
Western Spadefoot
Western Tragopan Pheasant
Western Vlei Rat
Western Wattled Cuckooshrike
Western Whipbird
Western Woolly Lemur
Westfall's Clubtail
Westfall's Knobtail
Westland Black Petrel
Westraltrachia alterna
Westraltrachia inopinata
Westraltrachia lievreana
Westraltrachia porcata
Westraltrachia recta
Westraltrachia subtila
Westraltrachia turbinata
Westralunio carteri
Wet Rock Physa
Wetar Figbird
Wetar Ground Dove
Wetmore's Robber Frog
Wettinia aequatorialis
Wettinia hirsuta
Wettinia longipetala
Wettinia minima
Wettstein's Andes Frog
Weygoldt's Treefrog
Weza Forest Treefrog
Whale Shark
Whisker Coral
Whiskered Flowerpecker
Whiskered Flying Squirrel
Whiskered Pitta
Whistling Fruit Dove
Whistling Green-pigeon
Whistling Warbler
Whitaker's Skink
White Abalone
White Afzelia
White Bladderpod
White Cave Velvet Worm
White Cockatoo
White Desert Snail
White Grouper
White Irisette
White Madagascar Frog
White Rhinoceros
White River Spinedace
White Rock Palm
White Saki
White Sands Pupfish
White Spotted Sapphire
White Sturgeon
White Topped Pitcher Plant
White Wartyback Pearlymussel
White-backed Vulture
White-banded Tanager
White-bearded Antshrike
White-bellied Bushchat
White-bellied Cinclodes
White-bellied Frog
White-bellied Goshawk
White-bellied Heron
White-bellied Pitohui
White-bellied Shortwing
White-berry Yew
White-black Treefrog
White-breasted Babbler
White-breasted Guineafowl
White-breasted Mesite
White-breasted Monarch
White-breasted Tapaculo
White-breasted Thrasher
White-browed Antpitta
White-browed Bushchat
White-browed Foliage-gleaner
White-browed Guan
White-browed Jungle-flycatcher
White-browed Nuthatch
White-browed Tit-spinetail
White-browed Woodpecker
White-capped Albatross
White-cheeked Cotinga
White-cheeked Crested Gibbon
White-cheeked Partridge
White-cheeked Spider Monkey
White-chested Babbler
White-chinned Petrel
White-clawed Crayfish
White-collared Brown Lemur
White-collared Fruit Bat
White-collared Kite
White-collared Mangabey
White-crested Guan
White-crowned Hornbill
White-crowned Pigeon
White-eared Marmoset
White-eared Night-heron
White-eared Pheasant
White-eared Pocket Mouse
White-edge Freshwater Whipray
White-eyed Gull
White-eyed Prinia
White-eyed River-martin
White-eyed Starling
White-faced Partridge
White-faced Starling
White-footed Dunnart
White-footed Sportive Lemur
White-fronted Brown Lemur
White-fronted Falconet
White-fronted Langur
White-fronted Redstart
White-fronted Scops-owl
White-fronted Tit
White-fronted Wattle-eye
White-headed Duck
White-headed Fruit-dove
White-headed Langur
White-headed Robin-chat
White-headed Steamerduck
White-headed Vulture
White-lipped Deer
White-lipped Peccary
White-lipped Peeping Frog
White-lored Warbler
White-mantled Barbet
White-masked Antbird
White-naped Crane
White-naped Lory
White-naped Pigeon
White-naped Tit
White-necked Babbler
White-necked Crow
White-necked Hawk
White-necked Parakeet
White-necked Petrel
White-necked Rockfowl
White-necklaced Partridge
White-nosed Saki
White-rayed Pentachaeta
White-rumped Falconet
White-rumped Vulture
White-shouldered Ibis
White-sided Jackrabbit
White-speckled Laughingthrush
White-spotted Dogfish
White-spotted Guitarfish
White-spotted Madagascar Frog
White-spotted Salamander
White-striped Flathead Toad
White-striped Forest-rail
White-striped Reed Frog
White-tailed Deer
White-tailed Hummingbird
White-tailed Laurel Pigeon
White-tailed Monarch
White-tailed Mouse
White-tailed Sabrewing
White-tailed Shrike-tyrant
White-tailed Swallow
White-tailed Warbler
White-tailed Wattled Pheasant
White-thighed Colobus
White-thighed Surili
White-throated Barbtail
White-throated Bushchat
White-throated Flowerpecker
White-throated Grasswren
White-throated Ground-dove
White-throated Guenon
White-throated Jay
White-throated Jungle Flycatcher
White-throated Mountain-babbler
White-throated Storm-petrel
White-tipped Monarch
White-tipped Tuft-tailed Rat
White-winged Apalis
White-winged Collared-dove
White-winged Cotinga
White-winged Cuckooshrike
White-winged Fantail
White-winged Flufftail
White-winged Guan
White-winged Nightjar
White-winged Warbler
White-winged Wood Duck
Whitebark Pine
Whitebelly Egg Frog
Whitebelly Stream Toad
Whitecheek Shark
Whitedotted Skate
Whitefin Tope Shark
Whitehead's Borneo Frog
Whitehead's Spiny Rat
Whitehead's Trogon
Whitelined Toadfish
Whitespotted Toadfish
Whitfieldia preussii
Whitish Catshark
Whooping Crane
Wide-leaf Warea
Widemouth Blindcat
Widenose Guitarfish
Wiebke's Beggarticks
Wied's Black-tufted-ear Marmoset
Wied's Tyrant-manakin
Wiegmann's Tree Lizard
Wiens' Water Frog
Wight's Sago Palm
Wightman's Robber Frog
Wijaya's Scissortail Clubtail
Wild Apricot
Wild Asian Buffalo
Wild Common Carp
Wild Goat
Wild Yak
Wild's Egg Frog
Wilken's Stenasellid
Williams Bright-eyed Frog
Williamson Creek Freshwater Snail
Willowmore Cedar
Willowy Monardella
Willughbeia cirrhifera
Wilmot Freshwater Snail
Wilson's Bird-of-paradise
Wimmer's Shrew
Wimmeria acuminata
Wimmeria chiapensis
Wimmeria montana
Windbalea viride
Winged Mapleleaf
Winter Climbing Salamander
Wisconsin Well Amphipod
Wissadula diffusa
Wissadula divergens
Wissel Lakes Treefrog
Witch Hazel
Wollemi Pine
Wolterstorffina chirioi
Wonderfully Bristled Turk's-Head Cactus
Wondiwoi Tree-kangaroo
Wood River Sculpin
Wood Snipe
Wood Sprite Gracile Mouse Opossum
Wood Stork
Wood Turtle
Wood-sorrel (Oxalis chachahuensis)
Wood-sorrel (Oxalis ecuadorensis)
Wood-sorrel (Oxalis norlindiana)
Wood-sorrel (Oxalis pennelliana)
Wood-sorrel (Oxalis rufescens)
Woodbush Legless Skink
Woodford's Rail
Woodland Caribou
Woodland Ma'oloa
Woodland Oldfield Mouse
Woodlark Cuscus
Woodsia indusiosa
Woodville Cave Crayfish
Woolly Meadowfoam
Woolly Spider Monkey
Woolly Waxy-Stemmed Turks-Cap Cactus
Wooly Jelly Palm
Worcester's Bubble-nest Frog
Worthen's Sparrow
Wreathed Cactus Snail
Wright Fishhook Cactus
Wright's Skink
Wrightia lanceolata
Wrightia lecomtei
Wrightia viridiflora
Wrinkle Coral
Wrinkled Hornbill
Wrinkled Madagascar Frog
Writhed Hornbill
Wuchuan Odorous Frog
Wushan Salamander
Wutai Crab
Wuzhi Shan Odorous Frog
Wynaad Bubble-nest Frog
Wyoming Toad

Xanthocercis madagascariensis
Xanthocercis rabiensis
Xanthophyllum bullatum
Xanthophyllum sulphureum
Xanthosoma eggersii
Xanthosoma weeksii
Xanthostemon glaucus
Xanthostemon oppositifolius
Xanthostemon sulfureus
Xanthostemon verdugonianus
Xantus's Murrelet
Xenophyllum acerosum
Xenophyllum rigidum
Xenophyllum roseum
Xenosaurus grandis
Xenotilapia burtoni
Xerosecta giustii
Ximenia roigii
Xinjiang Ground-jay
Xiphopteris ascensionense
Xolocalca Bromeliad Salamander
Xolocotzia asperifolia
Xylopia africana
Xylopia amplexicaulis
Xylopia ekmanii
Xylopia elliotii
Xylopia lamarckii
Xylopia latipetala
Xylopia longifolia
Xylopia pierrei
Xylopia richardii
Xylopia talbotii
Xyrichtys virens
Xyris andina
Xystichromis sp. nov. 'Kyoga flameback'

Yadon's Piperia
Yakushima White Pine
Yalden's Desmomys
Yalobusha Riverlet Crayfish
Yamur Lake Grunter
Yanachaga Toad
Yanbaru Whiskered Bat
Yang's Salamander
Yangmingshan Crab
Yaoshan Flying Frog
Yaounde Reed Frog
Yap Flying Fox
Yap Monarch
Yap Olive White-eye
Yapen Rat
Yapo River Frog
Yaqui Chub
Yaqui Slider
Yaqui Sucker
Yarey Robber Frog
Yarkand Hare
Yarra Pygmy Perch
Yarrow's Blue-spotted Spiny Lizard
Yelkouan Shearwater
Yellow Blossom Pearlymussel
Yellow Blotched Sawback
Yellow Bromeliad Frog
Yellow Cardinal
Yellow Cave Frog
Yellow Isthmus Rat
Yellow Kite Swallowtail
Yellow Lampmussel
Yellow Larkspur
Yellow Mantella
Yellow Monitor
Yellow Presba
Yellow River Frog
Yellow Spotted Newt
Yellow Sterculia
Yellow Tit
Yellow Weaver
Yellow-bearded Greenbul
Yellow-bellied Sunbird-asity
Yellow-belly Climbing Salamander
Yellow-billed Amazon
Yellow-billed Cotinga
Yellow-billed Nuthatch
Yellow-Blotched Palm Pit Viper
Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise
Yellow-breasted Bunting
Yellow-breasted Pipit
Yellow-breasted Tailorbird
Yellow-browed Toucanet
Yellow-casqued Wattled Hornbill
Yellow-cheeked Gibbon
Yellow-crested Cockatoo
Yellow-crested Helmet-shrike
Yellow-crowned Barbet
Yellow-crowned Butterflyfish
Yellow-crowned Parakeet
Yellow-eared Bulbul
Yellow-eared Parrot
Yellow-eyed Penguin
Yellow-eyed Starling
Yellow-faced Amazon
Yellow-faced Parrotlet
Yellow-faced Siskin
Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby
Yellow-green Bush-tanager
Yellow-green Finch
Yellow-headed Box Turtle
Yellow-headed Brush-finch
Yellow-headed Manakin
Yellow-headed Parrot
Yellow-headed Temple Turtle
Yellow-knobbed Curassow
Yellow-legged Climbing Salamander
Yellow-legged Pigeon
Yellow-legged Tinamou
Yellow-legged Weaver
Yellow-Lined Centipede Snake
Yellow-margined Box Turtle
Yellow-rumped Antwren
Yellow-rumped Honeyguide
Yellow-shouldered Amazon
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird
Yellow-sided Clubtail
Yellow-spotted Andes Frog
Yellow-spotted Salamander
Yellow-spotted Tree Frog
Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey
Yellow-throated Apalis
Yellow-throated Bulbul
Yellow-throated Hanging-parrot
Yellow-throated Seedeater
Yellowback Spiny-tailed Iguana
Yellowback Stingaree
Yellowbelly Voiceless Treefrog
Yellowcheek Darter
Yellowfin Grouper
Yellowfin Hind
Yellowfin Madtom
Yellowish Imperial-pigeon
Yellowish-breasted Racquet-tail
Yellowtail Flounder
Yemen Accentor
Yemen Thrush
Yemen Warbler
Yenyuan Stream Salamander
Yetla False Brook Salamander
Yinggeling Flying Frog
Yinnietharra Rock Dragon
Yiwu Salamander
Yonenaga's Atlantic Spiny-rat
Yoro Salamander
Yosemite Toad
Yreka Phlox
Yssichromis sp. nov. 'argens'
Yucatan Brown Brocket Deer
Yucatan Spiny-tailed Iguana
Yucatan Wren
Yuma Robber Frog
Yuman Desert Fringe-toed Lizard
Yunnan Asian Frog
Yunnan Flying Frog
Yunnan Lazy Toad
Yunnan Nuthatch
Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey
Yunnan Spiny Frog
Yunnanfu Frog
Yunnanilus discoloris
Yunnanilus macrogaster
Yunnanilus niger
Yunnanilus nigromaculatus
Yuruani-tepui Treefrog

Zacate Blanco Treefrog
Zambian Barbet
Zambian Mole Rat
Zamboanga Bulbul
Zamia acuminata
Zamia amazonum
Zamia amblyphyllidia
Zamia amplifolia
Zamia boliviana
Zamia chigua
Zamia cremnophila
Zamia cunaria
Zamia disodon
Zamia dressleri
Zamia encephalartoides
Zamia fairchildiana
Zamia fischeri
Zamia furfuracea
Zamia gentryi
Zamia herrerae
Zamia hymenophyllidia
Zamia inermis
Zamia integrifolia
Zamia ipetiensis
Zamia lacandona
Zamia lecointei
Zamia loddigesii
Zamia lucayana
Zamia macrochiera
Zamia manicata
Zamia melanorrhachis
Zamia montana
Zamia monticola
Zamia muricata
Zamia neurophyllidia
Zamia obliqua
Zamia paucijuga
Zamia picta
Zamia poeppigiana
Zamia polymorpha
Zamia portoricensis
Zamia prasina
Zamia pseudomonticola
Zamia pseudoparasitica
Zamia pumila
Zamia purpurea
Zamia roezlii
Zamia skinneri
Zamia soconuscensis
Zamia spartea
Zamia standleyi
Zamia tuerckheimii
Zamia ulei
Zamia urep
Zamia variegata
Zamia vazquezii
Zamia verschaffeltii
Zamia wallisii
Zanthoxylum albuquerquei
Zanthoxylum atchoum
Zanthoxylum belizense
Zanthoxylum chevalieri
Zanthoxylum deremense
Zanthoxylum dipetalum var. tomentosum
Zanthoxylum ferrugineum
Zanthoxylum flavum
Zanthoxylum gentlei
Zanthoxylum harrisii
Zanthoxylum hartii
Zanthoxylum hawaiiense
Zanthoxylum heterophyllum
Zanthoxylum holtzianum
Zanthoxylum lindense
Zanthoxylum negrilense
Zanthoxylum oahuense
Zanthoxylum panamense
Zanthoxylum procerum
Zanthoxylum psammophilum
Zanthoxylum thomasianum
Zanzibar Guitarfish
Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey
Zanzibar Suni
Zapahuira Water Frog
Zapata Bladderpod
Zapata Rail
Zapata Wren
Zapoteca aculeata
Zaprochilus ninae
Zarciadero Web-footed Salamander
Zayante Band-winged Grasshopper
Ze Concept Of Crab
Zebra Duiker
Zebra Forest Treefrog
Zebrawood (Microberlinia bisulcata)
Zebrawood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis)
Zelebor's Nicobar Rat
Zelkova sicula
Zempoaltepec Vole
Zenkerella egregia
Zenkerella perplexa
Zerene Fritillary
Zerynthia caucasica
Zetek's Treefrog
Zetides Swallowtail
Zeus' Robber Frog
Zeyheria tuberculosa
Zhou's Box Turtle
Ziama Horseshoe Bat
Zieria chevalieri
Zilchogyra paulistana
Zimbabwe Big-fingered Frog
Zimmermannia capillipes
Zimmermannia nguruensis
Zimmermannia ovata
Zimmermannia stipularis
Zingel asper
Zingis radiolata
Zinowiewia madsenii
Ziziphus celata
Ziziphus hutchinsonii
Ziziphus robertsoniana
Ziziphus talanai
Zoe Waterfall Damsel
Zollingeria borneensis
Zonetail Butterfly Ray
Zonitoides jaccetanicus
Zonocypretta kalimna
Zornia vaughaniana
Zorro Bubble-nest Frog
Zospeum biscaiense
Zubovskia banatica
Zug's Robber Frog
Zulia Toad Headed Sideneck
Zululand Black Millipede
Zuniga's Dark Rice Rat
Zygia lehmannii
Zygia oriunda
Zygia steyermarkii
Zygogynum cristatum
Zygogynum oligostigma
Zygogynum tanyostigma
Zygophlebia eminens
Zygophyllum bucharicum
Zygophyllum darvasicum
pollute habitats
Illegal poaching
habitat Destruction
Introduction of exotic species
The extinction of fish and other aquatic species is caused by pollution of water by humans.
People illegally poach animals and/or take plants and sell them for profit.
Changes in global climate from the release of greenhouse gases caused by humans result to the destruction of habitats.
Introduction of exotic species can result in ecological imbalance and extinction of native species. Introduced species cause harm to native species by preying on them, outcompeting them for food, and stealing their habitats.
endangered species
How do humans impact the extinction of species?
How can we help?
Protect Their Habitats
We can protect their habitats in nature reserves and national parks, where they are least interrupted by humans. Also, we can reduce and end the pollution of air and water and other habitats.
Replanting native species
By pulling out weeds and replanting native species, the native will gradually grow back and encourage native animals species to return.
Beluga Whale
Sea otter
Asian elephant
Artic fox
pygmy three-toed sloth
polar bear
These are only a few of about 10,800 endangered species in the world, not including plants.
Including plants, there are about 20,130 endangered species in the world.
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