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Copy of Copy of Kindertransport - Presentation of Eva

The presentation of Eva in Act 1 Scene 1, pg16 - 21.

zoe cross

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Kindertransport - Presentation of Eva

Diane Samuels
Brave- She leaves home at a young age and manages to cope without her parents.
Intelligent- Managed to pick up English very quickly and is fluent at 17 years old.
Curious- Wants to explore England and when she is in the cinema she wants to find out about the Liberation.
Anxious- She jumps off the train because she does not want to be abandoned again by her family.
Resourceful- She takes her mouth organ with her to England although she was told not to.
Greedy- Takes a lot of food and fills her pockets when shes on the boat.
Formal- Tries to be formal and polite but is restricted becuase of the language barrier at first.

How Eva gets along with other characters
~ Lil- She gets on well and trusts Lil. At the beginning, when she first meets Lil, there is a slight barrier between them, as they can not speak each others language. However Lil's love and affection helps Eva to settle into life in England. "I didn't want you to go. More than Margaret and Nora. Don't know why"

Helga- At the beginning of the pllay, Eva get son well with Helga. She trusts that Helga will meet her in England, however when Helga fails to show up her bond with her breaks. This is then shown again at the end of the play when Helga refuses to go to America with her. "We've not been together for too long."

Ratcatcher- Eva is terrified of the Ratcatcher. His idea surrounds her throughout the play, and takes the form of some characters throughout the play. Helga is the Ratcatcher trying to lead her away from her new family in England. "Don't look at the razor eyes."
How her background affects her.
Eva moves from Germany to England because of the discrimination of the Jews. From a young age, Eva has been bought up in a Jewish household, and in an anti Semitic society. To suddenly be put into an entirely new society where there is no Jewish influence but therefore at the same time does not discriminate against them this does not appear to be a huge challenge for Helga. This new life however conflicts with the way she has grown up- everything is new. With this in mind, it is fair to say that she has started from nothing and her upbringing eventually becomes of a hindrance to her new life in England.
presentation of Eva Schlesinger
~Eva talks to herself during the first and last
parts of her journey - nobody to talk to.
her naivety is shown in the way she
thinks that "In England, all men ... look
like Sherlock Holmes"
Interaction with the Nazi Officer
~Eva is bodysearched.
~Her identity as a person is taken away from her - the Officer calls her a number; if she doesn't know it "[she] might forget who [she is]"
~She is questioned because she is a Jew - the officer "draws a huge star of David" on her label. This is now her 'identity'.
Despite the officer's racism, Eva is shown
as a strong character - she speaks out against
the Nazis "Stuff your stupid Hitler." and rejoices
when she crosses the border.
Her sentences flow from one thought to another, showing her excitement.
made by Katya Moskvina
Some feelings expressed
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