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No description

joshua perez

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of PeaPods

COMFORT SIMPLICITY CONNECTIONS With peapods unique design,
it can be used in many scenarios
Sporting Events
Walking to Class
Chilly Movie Theatres
Relaxing at home
Walking with friends
Cheering on your team
Large banner spaces for advertisement
Much Much More
With the simple snap connections they allow for many different ways to connect. How connected are you? Contact Info:
Nick Young 816-509-1769
James Parker 785-565-3223
socialrenovation@gmail.com As a child, your mother would wrap you up in your blanket as tight as possible.
As a teen, you would pull your arms into your sleeves to keep warm from your core.

IMAGINE PeaPods The need for PeaPods Society has become more and more detached from physical interaction. We want to shake things up a bit
and start offering products which help reconnect people.

Physically, rather than digitally.

The first of these products is the PEAPOD, which is a fleece throw that helps to protect against the elements. Ideal for cold days by yourself, or with your friends.
Wrap yourself up and have two layers of fleece around
your core, or connect with others to generate more body heat.

The overall dimensions of the pod is 8' x 4'. Helping seal the connection on itself and to others is a set of three snaps down either side of the pod.

the possibilities
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